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Home and Away

Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera. It was created by Alan Bateman and has been produced in Sydney, New South Wales since July 1987. It commenced broadcast on the Seven Network from 17 January 1988. It is the second-longest-running Australian drama and has endured worldwide success, becoming one of the most popular Australian soap operas to screen internationally and the most popular in its home country. The pilot episode was screened as a ninety-minute television film, with each subsequent episode airing at twenty-two minutes per episode. The series is currently broadcast Mondays through to Thursdays at 7:00 pm.

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Season 30.

ep 86: Episode 6666

Distraught after losing Leah and his family, Zac looks for a fresh start. Scarlett and Justin continue to annoy one another. Nate returns, straight to his rocky relationship with Tori.

ep 85: Episode 6665

Jett encourages John to seek professional help. Will Hunter break the difficult truth to Zac? VJ struggles to come to terms with losing custody of Luc.

ep 84: Episode 6664

A new job offer could be just the new start Zac needs. Johns attempt to raise money for the Burns Unit doesn’t go as planned, but a surprise visitor might perk him up.

ep 83: Episode 6663

ep 82: Episode 6662

ep 81: Episode 6661

ep 80: Episode 6660

Are Roo and her unborn child in danger? Will Leah and Irene’s friendship ever mend? John and Marilyn’s relationship reaches another hurdle.

ep 79: Episode 6659

Zac attempts to reconcile with Leah. Olivia snoops on Hunter’s DNA test results. A stressed out Leah makes a drastic business decision.

ep 78: Episode 6658

The truth about Brody’s addiction devastates the Morgans. Hunter receives the results of his DNA test. Scarlett is pulled further into the lives of Summer Bay’s residents.

ep 77: Episode 6657

Kat’s identification of the vandal perp rattles a family.

ep 76: Episode 6656

Roo deals with the fallout from being legally served by James’ parents.

ep 75: Episode 6655

Nate and Tori’s feud reaches a crescendo, but they ultimately make up.

ep 74: Episode 6654

Will Hunter’s decision ruin his relationship with Zac? Marilyn’s plan to reunite Leah and Irene fails badly. Things heat up between Leah and Zac.

ep 73: Episode 6653

Brody manages to trick his way out of a jam but at what cost? Zac lies to Hunter about his plans to leave the Bay. Marilyn and John paper over the cracks in their relationship.

ep 72: Episode 6652

Without his bank cards Brody desperately searches for a way to make money to fuel his drug addiction. Ash convinces Patrick to seek professional help.

ep 71: Episode 6651

Despite his brother’s support, Patrick is unable to deal with his PTSD. Brian and Justin clash when Ava ends up in hospital—will they be able to come to a truce? VJ considers giving Luc up for good.

ep 70: Episode 6650

Phoebe doesn’t feel she can ask Justin to leave his daughter to go on tour with her. VJ opens up to Olivia about losing Luc and Billie. Ash tries to get Patrick to open up.

ep 69: Episode 6649

Hunter considers doing a DNA test behind Zac’s back. An unexpected visitor could put a spanner in Justin and Phoebe’s travel plans. Kat’s fed up and Patrick gives Ash an ultimatum.

ep 68: Episode 6648

Has Zac’s accident given Leah reason to rethink her decision to divorce? Is Leah and Irene’s friendship over for good? Marilyn avoids John. Nate and Tori’s future looks uncertain.

ep 67: Episode 6647

ep 66: Episode 6646

ep 65: Episode 6645

ep 64: Episode 6644

Zac makes a final attempt. John faces a dangerous situation. Justin has to decide what he wants.

ep 63: Episode 6643

Hunter and Olivia have good intentions, but it doesn’t exactly go to plan.

ep 62: Episode 6642

VJ and Leah face a tough situation. Kat and Patrick attempt to hide their discomfort.

ep 61: Episode 6641

An indecisive Roo doesn’t know how to break her big news to James. Kat pushes down her feelings. Brody demands his family’s trust.

ep 60: Episode 6640

ep 59: Episode 6639

ep 58: Episode 6638

ep 57: Episode 6637

A messy custody battle brings out a lot of truths. Will Justin reveal Brody’s drug problem? Phoebe’s going to America – will Justin follow?

ep 56: Episode 6636

Phoebe returns from the tour, but her romantic reunion with Justin is short-lived. Leah’s thrown by a new entrant to the custody battle for Luc. Marilyn and John must adapt to their new reality.

ep 55: Episode 6635

ep 54: Episode 6634

ep 53: Episode 6633

Seeing the chaos surrounding Luc, Ash decides he’s got to do something about her custody situation. Leah’s unlikely to forgive Zac any time soon. John and Marilyn prepare themselves for John’s trial.

ep 52: Episode 6632

Will Brody’s brush with the cops set him straight? Phoebe worries her potential music career in America will tear her relationship apart. Can Zac and Leah fix their broken marriage?

ep 51: Episode 6631

Tori’s decision to fire Nate has professional and personal repercussions. As his family grow more concerned with Brody’s behaviour, he makes a risky move. Phoebe receives the offer of her dreams.

ep 50: Episode 6630

Phoebe’s friend Donna hasn’t given up on her friend’s music career. Tori can’t bring herself to give Nate bad news. Morag asks James why Roo’s hiding him away.

ep 49: Episode 6629

Phoebe’s friend Donna hasn’t given up on her friend’s music career. Tori can’t bring herself to give Nate bad news. Morag asks James why Roo’s hiding him away.

ep 48: Episode 6628

Morag and Marilyn don’t want John to accept the Prosecutors plea bargain. Morag sniffs out an uneasy Roo’s young, handsome secret.

ep 47: Episode 6627

VJ, Hunter and Zac struggle with Zac’s infidelity. John and Marilyn don’t have a great rapport with their appointed defence lawyer. A blast from the past for Phoebe.

ep 46: Episode 6626

After the break in, will Olivia and Hunter stay in their new house? VJ finds out Zac’s dirty secret. Ash gives Irene and VJ an ultimatum about custody of Luc.

ep 45: Episode 6625

Kat doesn’t feel safe with unstable Patrick in the house, but Ash doesn’t want to lose his brother. Nate’s not comfortable with wedding talk.

ep 44: Episode 6624

Is Kat right to be concerned about Patrick’s state of mind? Hunter and Olivia get a reality check when they lay eyes on their new rental property. Brody lies to Justin and Tori about his drug habit.

ep 43: Episode 6623

Justin learns why Brody’s been acting so strange lately. Leah breaks down and Ash begins to suspect Irene wants to keep Luc more permanently. John and Marilyn’s happiness is cut short by a phone call.

ep 42: Episode 6622

Will VJ and Leah crack under the strain? John wants to help the victims of his bushfire.

ep 41: Episode 6621

Summer Bay’s residents all pitch in to celebrate Evie & Matt’s wedding. Can John really live with himself if he makes Marilyn leave the Bay? Zac drops the truth on Leah.

ep 40: Episode 6620

ep 39: Episode 6619

ep 38: Episode 6618

ep 37: Episode 6617

ep 36: Episode 6616

ep 35: Episode 6615

Phoebe and Justin play matchmaker for Nate and Tori. Justin shocks Phoebe with a big question. Hunter finds a way to spend more time with Olivia. Can Evelyn and Matt convince Ellie to go to Vietnam?

ep 34: Episode 6614

Evelyn and Matt make a life changing decision.

ep 33: Episode 6613

Will Brody be sucked in by Lena’s charms?

ep 32: Episode 6612

John drops a devastating bomb on Marilyn. Mason asks Lena out on a date – uni night at Salt.

ep 31: Episode 6611

Is Ash’s brother Luke still alive? VJ struggles to look after Luc by himself. Will Summer Bay forgive John, and will he be able to forgive himself?

ep 30: Episode 6610

Can Hunter and Olivia’s relationship survive O Week? Someone has a crush on Mason. Ellie throws a spanner into Matt and Evie’s Vietnam dream.

ep 29: Episode 6609

Zac and Leah’s marriage deteriorates further. The start of university worries Olivia. Will Matt go to Vietnam with Evie?

ep 28: Episode 6608

Zac’s guilt eats away at his relationship with Leah. Leah and VJ must decide if they will let Ash and Irene help out with Luc. Marilyn is shocked when John tells her he may not fight the arson charges.

ep 27: Episode 6607

Ash and Leah clash over care of baby Luc. Justin’s plan for Phoebe to move in meets subterfuge and interference.

ep 26: Episode 6606

ep 25: Episode 6605

Tori has to decide whether or not to leave her family behind to move to the city with Riley. Olivia must find the courage to be honest with herself and Mason about any lingering feelings for Hunter.

ep 24: Episode 6604

Zac and Leah’s marriage is in trouble when Zac forsakes their vows. Tori grapples with Riley’s cheating past. Matt is pressured to leave the Bay when Evie gets an amazing opportunity.

ep 23: Episode 6603

Billie’s nearest and dearest come together for a very special send-off. John and Marilyn are devastated as the truth of the Summer Bay firebug explodes.

ep 22: Episode 6602

Hostilities reignite between Ash and VJ, and an explosive secret is revealed. Marilyn buckles as John’s fate hangs in the balance. Justin faces the toughest decision of his life.

ep 21: Episode 6601

Kat discovers that the arsonist is John. Phoebe and Justin finally manage to contact Nina. John’s symptoms worsen until he finally succumbs to his condition.

ep 20: Episode 6600

ep 19: Episode 6599

ep 18: Episode 6598

Zac confides in Sam after recent tragic events.

ep 17: Episode 6597

The residents of Summer Bay rally around Billie and VJ in their time of need.

ep 16: Episode 6596

After passing out, Billie is rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

ep 15: Episode 6595

Leah learns that Zac has been keeping a dangerous secret. Luc’s baby blessing ends in tragedy.

ep 14: Episode 6594

ep 13: Episode 6593

ep 12: Episode 6592

ep 11: Episode 6591

ep 10: Episode 6590

ep 9: Episode 6589

ep 8: Episode 6588

ep 7: Episode 6587

ep 6: Episode 6586

ep 5: Episode 6585

ep 4: Episode 6584

ep 3: Episode 6583

ep 2: Episode 6582

ep 1: Episode 6581

Season 29.
Home and Away - S29

ep 231: Revenge

Sequel to the Home and Away special An Eye for an Eye, Home and Away: Revenge is being pitched to the thousands of fans who watch the weeknight series.

ep 230: Episode 6580

ep 229: Episode 6579

ep 228: Episode 6578

ep 227: Episode 6577

ep 226: Episode 6576

ep 225: Episode 6575

ep 224: Episode 6574

ep 223: Episode 6573

ep 222: Episode 6572

ep 221: Episode 6571

ep 220: Episode 6570

ep 219: Episode 6569

ep 218: Episode 6568

ep 217: Episode 6567

ep 216: Episode 6566

An emergency forces Heath and Bianca to re-evaluate their relationship.

ep 215: Episode 6565

Decker shows up, throwing Justin and Raffy’s lives out of orbit.

ep 214: Episode 6564

Phoebe realises avoiding Justin is harder than she thought.

ep 213: Episode 6563

False alarm for Billie’s labour – but Ash again calls into question the likelihood of VJ sticking around long term. Phoebe realises she’s so caught up in Justin’s drama, shes lost herself.

ep 212: Episode 6562

Matt lays his feelings for Evelyn on the line. Billie and VJ plan to elope, but there’s an unexpected obstacle. Mason attempts to ask Olivia out, but is she still hung up on Hunter?

ep 211: Episode 6561

Cheryl arrives in the Bay to give Bianca and Heath some advice. Bianca makes a decision.

ep 210: Episode 6560

Bianca makes a big decision.

ep 209: Episode 6559

John’s condition is becoming serious as he faints.

ep 208: Episode 6558

VJ finally gives Billie an answer. Evie learns the truth about Josh.

ep 207: Episode 6557

Justin and Phoebe search for Raffy. Kat thinks the Morgans are hiding something. Nate and Tori finally give in to temptation.

ep 206: Episode 6556

Will the Morgans tell Raffy their secret? Irene pushes Bianca for the truth about why Heath and her are fighting. Nate asks Tori out on a date. Raffy goes missing.

ep 205: Episode 6555

Despite Justin’s best efforts, Raffy learns the truth. Matt and Evie can’t connect. What are Heath and Bianca fighting over?

ep 204: Episode 6554


ep 203: Episode 6553


ep 202: Episode 6552


ep 201: Episode 6551


ep 200: Episode 6550

Will Zac tell Leah the truth? Exam pressure has Hunter and Olivia at breaking point.

ep 199: Episode 6549

Will Zac accept Sam’s indecent proposal? Jeannie’s truth is out there. Ash teaches only-child VJ learns a valuable lesson about older brothers. As the HSC finishes, Hunter’s exam woes aren’t over.

ep 198: Episode 6548


ep 197: Episode 6547


ep 196: Episode 6546


ep 195: Episode 6545

Hunter overreacts when Olivia has a pregnancy scare. Duncan goes back to America.

ep 194: Episode 6544

Matt makes a beautiful gesture to help Evie with the pain of her first birthday without Oscar. Jeannie and Brody are on!

ep 193: Episode 6543

Will Hope survive her overdose? Can Brody keep it together with Jeannie? Evie mourns her lost brother on their shared birthday.

ep 192: Episode 6542

Has Ash deleted the photos off Simmo’s laptop in time? Hope is not coping in gaol. Has Sam over-stepped a mark with Leah?

ep 191: Episode 6541

Can Ash sort out his Simmo problem legally? Zac finally comes clean to Leah. VJ intervenes in Hunter and Olivia’s separation.

ep 190: Episode 6540

Brody has another chance at Jeannie after all. Will Leah find out about the other woman?

ep 189: Episode 6539

Marilyn sees Zac and the mysterious Sam together. Hunter is nervous on the eve of his English exam.

ep 188: Episode 6538

Justin has hit a low point. Brody is smitten with a mystery girl. Is Nate planning to leave Summer Bay?

ep 187: Episode 6537

Matt helps Evie organise the charity volleyball match. Hope is arrested.

ep 186: Episode 6536

Hope returns from gaol, but why did she warn Raffy off the Morgans? Ash gets in too deep with Simmo.

ep 185: Episode 6535


ep 184: Episode 6534


ep 183: Episode 6533

Hunter is caught in an exam-cheating scam, despite his intentions to sit them properly. Like father like son, is Zac cheating too? Phoebe and Justin are at odds over his many secrets.

ep 182: Episode 6532

After Hope’s accident, Raffy has the Morgans wondering if she knows their shared family secret. Hunter tries his best to be studious until a tempting offer raises its head.

ep 181: Episode 6531

The truth about Raffy is exposed. Does Evelyn have feelings for Matt? Duncan gets his chance with Tori.

ep 180: Episode 6530

ep 179: Episode 6529

ep 178: Episode 6528

ep 177: Episode 6527

ep 176: Episode 6526

ep 175: Episode 6525

Will Decker’s deteriorating condition divide the Morgans? Can Raffy convince Hope to to stay in Summer Bay

ep 174: Episode 6524

Will Nate blow Billie’s secret? Ellie plays a dangerous game to get Matt off her back.

ep 173: Episode 6523

Can Nate convince Billie to tell the truth? Will Kat and Ash be able to keep their relationship a secret? What is Zac hiding from Leah?

ep 172: Episode 6522

Can Caroline tell Duncan the truth? The Morgans dark past continues to haunt them. Hunter faces resistance to his gap year plans with Olivia. Will Kat get drawn back to Ash?

ep 171: Episode 6521

Can Justin win Phoebe back? Roo learns Caroline’s terrible secret. Hunter decides on a new path – but will Olivia join him? Brody’s impressive new signature dish could spell trouble for the Morgans.

ep 170: Episode 6520

Leah catches Zac in a lie. Duncan reaches a difficult decision.

ep 169: Episode 6519

Billie pleads with Nate to keep her secret. Caroline’s “medication” gets the better of her.

ep 168: Episode 6518

Billie and her baby’s lives hang in the balance. VJ and Phoebe each struggle with crippling guilt. Nate makes a devastating discovery.

ep 167: Episode 6517

Justin sabotages Phoebe’s date. VJ feels trapped by his life with Billie. Ash’s attempt to fix his mistake has deadly consequences. Mason thinks there’s something happening between Evelyn and Brody.

ep 166: Episode 6516

Kat is forced to arrest Ash. Can Matt and Evelyn ever be friends again? Phoebe can’t believe that Justin would hire Hope.

ep 165: Episode 6515

Tori and Nate clash over Caroline's mystery condition.

ep 164: Episode 6514

Tori's surprised by Nate's reaction to her break-up with Duncan.

ep 163: Episode 6513

Phoebe and Justin are at odds over Hope. Evelyn struggles to deal with the house chaos.

ep 162: Episode 6512

Phoebes jealous of Hopes relationship with Justin. Olivia sees another side of Tabitha. Evelyn warns Matt against falsely protecting his sister.

ep 161: Episode 6511

Can Olivia put her demons in the past for good? Ash helps Kat get a second chance. Hope pushes herself into Justin's orbit.

ep 160: Episode 6510

Olivia finds herself a virtual prisoner in her bedroom when she becomes the victim of a cruel and depraved cyber bully.

ep 159: Episode 6509

Chris makes a big decision. Mason can't hide his feelings for Evelyn any longer.

ep 158: Episode 6508

Zac and Leah each privately struggle being apart. Duncan confronts Caroline about messing with his relationship. Chris's struggle to move on leads to big life change.

ep 157: Episode 6507

The Morgans battle to save the life of the man who holds the key to their past. Tori's relationship with Duncan is threatened by his ex-wife.

ep 156: Episode 6506

Brody struggles to reconcile his memories. Justin stakes out Decker’s mysterious address, meeting Hope and Raffy. Evelyn can’t believe Mason doesn’t want a “No strings” relationship.

ep 155: Episode 6505

Can Matt and Evelyn’s support help Ellie? Billie solves a baby naming dilemma.

ep 154: Episode 6504

Can Mason and Evelyn handle being “friends with benefits”? Olivia faces another cyberbullying attack.

ep 153: Episode 6503

Justin heads off in search of answers about Decker. Kat and Ash fight their feelings for each other. Olivia’s pushed to the edge by vengeful Tabitha.

ep 152: Episode 6502

Phoebe’s dragged into Decker’s attempts to get to Justin. Kat grows closer to Ash – is he the one for her?

ep 151: Episode 6501

A surprise arrival leaves Tori doubting her relationship with Duncan. Will Justin sacrifice his relationship with Phoebe, rather than be honest?

ep 150: Episode 6500

Matt discovers the root of Ellie’s behavioural issues. Alf and Duncan start a new business venture together.

ep 149: Episode 6499

A crushed Olivia cuts ties with Tabitha and tells Hunter she can’t be with him right now.

ep 148: Episode 6498

Leah and Zac’s experiment is paying off – the romance is heating up. Hunter and Olivia both confess they still love each other. Olivia traps Tabitha into confessing she changed Hunters mark.

ep 147: Episode 6497

Kat gets into trouble on her first shift at Salt. Tori and Duncan’s romance is rekindled. Evelyn is saved by Chris from drowning and finally says goodbye to Oscar.

ep 146: Episode 6496

Evelyn continues to spiral in her grief for Oscar, putting her life in danger. Tori & Justin argue over whether to loosen their own rules about relationships while in witness protection.

ep 145: Episode 6495

Olivia’s shocked to learn of Tabitha’s betrayal. Chris questions his dedication to Hannah.

ep 144: Episode 6494

A match made in heaven quickly turns to the date from hell for Phoebe and Kat.

ep 143: Episode 6493

Hunter is framed for the school system hack by Tabitha. Kat and Phoebe set themselves up on a blind date.

ep 142: Episode 6492

Justin confronts Decker over his betrayal.

ep 141: Episode 6491

Matt fights for Ellie.

ep 140: Episode 6490

Roo fears for Alf’s wellbeing. Alf writes a letter to Duncan finally telling him how he feels.

ep 139: Episode 6489

Matt comes face to face with an intruder. Will Olivia and Hunter finally see through Tabitha’s lies?

ep 138: Episode 6488

Hunter and Olivia grow closer, despite Tabitha’s best efforts to keep them apart. Justin sets out on a dangerous solo rescue mission. Alf crumbles, fearing he’s lost Duncan for good.

ep 137: Episode 6487

Desperate for news, the Summer Bay residents struggle to keep it

ep 136: Episode 6486

As a CO2 leak fills the cabin, our beloved Summer Bay passengers pass out and the plane crashes. Alf, Roo, VJ and Zac hear the news and all worry for their loved ones.

ep 135: Episode 6485

Leah decides to go on the flight without Zac. Tori’s birthday flight takes off, but are they all in danger?

ep 134: Episode 6484

Justin and Phoebe make a breakthrough. Tabitha tries to keep Hunter and Olivia apart.

ep 133: Episode 6483

Evelyn and Mason decide to be friends – with benefits. Leah struggles to accept her impending grandmotherhood. Alf and Duncan clash over Duncan’s new plans.

ep 132: Episode 6482

Evelyn’s partying is out of control, but she pushes away anyone who tries to help. Chris gets ever more ridiculous in his vendetta against Brody’s cooking. Kat is adamant she and Ash have no future together.

ep 131: Episode 6481

Threatened by Spike, Justin and Phoebe unite to find the elusive “book”. Kat can’t escape the fallout from her association with Ash. Chris accuses Brody of stealing customers and a war begins.

ep 130: Episode 6480

Olivia falls for Tabitha’s manipulations, pushing Hunter awa

ep 129: Episode 6479

Tori and Duncan go on a date while Nate stews. Brody warns Phoebe and Justin away from each other.

ep 128: Episode 6478

Kat questions her relationship with Ash. Do they have a future? Has Nate missed his chance with Tori? Duncan realises there’s still a long way to go with Alf.

ep 127: Episode 6477

Kat pushes Ash further away, as her world comes crashing down. John and Marilyn grapple with a shock change of heart. Evie shows Mason her wild side, and lands in hot water with Zac.

ep 126: Episode 6476

Kat hands in her police badge – did she confess about the dirty cash? Aaron denies having robbed Marilyn and John. Evelyn goes hard at a Uni party – much to Matt’s concer

ep 125: Episode 6475

Is this the end for Hunter and Olivia? Mason is positive he’s ruined things with Evelyn for good.

ep 124: Episode 6474

Marilyn and John fear losing Jordan. Duncan comes clean to Alf. Mason and Evelyn re-connect.

ep 123: Episode 6473

Ash tells Kat the truth about Justin’s investment in the garage. Duncan’s rift with Alf gets wider when he reveals a secret. Tori doesn’t see how she can trust Justin ever again.

ep 122: Episode 6472

A mysterious stranger returns to the Bay. The Morgans implode yet further. Ash is presented with a difficult solution to the Garage. Chris attempts to help Nate sort out his messy love life.

ep 121: Episode 6471

Nate is torn between Danika and Tori. Billie and VJ get back together. Justin’s family refuse to forgive him.

ep 120: Episode 6470

Evelyn finds a positive way to use her inheritance.

ep 119: Episode 6469

Marilyn and Johns skills as foster parents are seriously tested.

ep 118: Episode 6468

The Morgan family may be fractured forever in the wake of Brody’s injury.

ep 117: Episode 6467

Olivia calls Hunter’s bluff – are they really over? Lonely and confused, Nate accepts the overtures of a new love interest.

ep 116: Episode 6466

Mason makes a dangerous decision. John and Marilyn struggle to connect with Jordan. VJ and Billies relationship reaches breaking point. Olivia starts to doubt her relationship with Hunter.

ep 115: Episode 6465

VJ Is bitterly disappointed when he realises Billie conspired against him with Leah. Olivia is concerned when Hunter conflicts with Jordan – resulting in a punch. John tries too hard to impress Jordan.

ep 114: Episode 6464


ep 113: Episode 6463


ep 112: Episode 6462

Tori’s private feelings for Nate grow. Nate is drugged by the mysterious Spike.

ep 111: Episode 6461

Andy risks it all to put his plan into place for Josh – but will Josh go ahead with it? Josh and Evie share an emotional goodbye. Leah’s devastated by VJ’s decision to move out.

ep 110: Episode 6460

VJ decides to move out of home. Olivia and Zac are worried about Hunter’s apathetic attitude. John tells Marilyn he wants to foster another child. Alf apologises to Roo.

ep 109: Episode 6459

Roo struggles to look after stubborn Alf.

ep 108: Episode 6458

The Morgan family learn of Mason spilling their secret. Irene experiences a traumatic flashback.

ep 107: Episode 6457

The Morgan’s dark secret is finally revealed. Andy risks far more than his own freedom. Is there an attraction between Phoebe and Brody?

ep 106: Episode 6456

Evelyn is shattered when Josh cuts off all contact and Andy vows to protect his younger brother. Kat learns that Ash has put up the garage as security for Andy’s bail. Nate and Mason clash.

ep 105: Episode 6455

The gulf between John and Marilyn widens.

ep 104: Episode 6454

Josh has a plan to save his brother from jail.

ep 103: Episode 6453

The Morgans clash about putting down roots. Roo struggles to deal with an angry and Alf and his handicap.

ep 102: Episode 6452

Irene fights back and learns a terrible truth. Justin convinces Tori to pull back from Nate. John and Marilyn readjust to each others company.

ep 101: Episode 6451

Irene remains at the hands of a madman. Mick delivers an ultimatum to Olivia. Marilyn returns in Alf’s time of need.

ep 100: Episode 6450

Olivia & Chris discover Irene’s been kidnapped.

ep 99: Episode 6449

Evelyn and Josh address the change in their relationship, only for Josh to be arrested. Hunter works through Andy’s betrayal.

ep 98: Episode 6448

Alf’s brought back to life but he may never fully recover. The Morgans clash over Masons love life. Josh’s all-consuming guilt continues. Hunter’s grief for his Mum compels him to take revenge.

ep 97: Episode 6447

The mystery of the Morgan family deepens when Masons ex comes to visit. Alf’s life is on the line despite Justin’s brave rescue attempt. Angelo’s receives help from an unexpected customer.

ep 96: Episode 6446

Alf has a heart attack. Can Justin save him? Nate and Tori face rumours about their relationship. Hunter struggles in the wake of Andy’s apparent confession.

ep 95: Episode 6445

VJ makes it clear to Billie that he wants to start a family with her. Olivia vows to act on her concern for Irene.

ep 94: Episode 6444

Phoebe gets to know the Morgans. Alf forces Roo to admit she needs help.

ep 93: Episode 6443

Andy’s confession changes everything. Phoebe comes to a realisation about her relationship. The Morgan boys make their presence felt in Summer Bay.

ep 92: Episode 6442

Josh goes to confess to Charlotte’s murder, only to find Andy already has. Ricky leaves Summer Bay to start fresh with Brax and baby Casey. The Morgan brothers arrive.

ep 91: Episode 6441

A blast from the past offers Ricky a startling proposition. Evelyn is staggered as Josh confesses his guilt. Ash betrays Kat in his attempts to save Josh’s skin.

ep 90: Episode 6440

Hunter worries about Olivia’s reaction to Skye. Nate tries to drink away his relationship troubles.

ep 89: Episode 6439

Olivia and Hunter are back on track. Leah impulsively invites Billie to move in.

ep 88: Episode 6438

Billie makes a dangerous play to hide her secret forever. Roo struggles to cope with her increasingly fragile state. Phoebe pushes Dom for clarity on their relationship.

ep 87: Episode 6437

Maddy realises Matt belongs in Summer Bay and makes a difficult decision. Roo takes drastic actions to heal the pain of Maddy’s departure.

ep 86: Episode 6436

Ricky and Nate’s relationship continues its downward spiral. Tori is rocked by memories of the past. Matt makes a life-changing decision.

ep 85: Episode 6435


ep 84: Episode 6434


ep 83: Episode 6433

A bombshell is dropped when Leah and VJ learn about Billie’s pregnancy. Roo is flirting with danger when she seeks a cure for her insomnia. Tension builds for Josh.

ep 82: Episode 6432

Nate is troubled to learn that Ricky thinks their marriage is on the rocks. Kat and Phoebe are forced to face each other over an awkward lunch.

ep 81: Episode 6431

Nate and Ricky’s relationship gets back on track, only to be derailed by Nate spying a text. Dom and Phoebe put their differences aside to search for Bella. Olivia finds an unlikely supporter.

ep 80: Episode 6430

Skye is increasingly attracted to Tank.

ep 79: Episode 6429

Leah discovers VJ and Billie are in a relationship.

ep 78: Episode 6428

Zac and Evelyn learn Leah knew about Andy’s involvement in the accident.

ep 77: Episode 6427

Skye and Tank reunite. Evelyn and Josh are shattered to learn the truth about the accident.

ep 76: Episode 6426

Roo and Matt fear the worst as the search for Maddy intensifies. Maddy risks everything for one final goodbye. Nate chases new endeavours while his marriage flounders.

ep 75: Episode 6425

Tori starts to butt heads with those around her. Relationship woes run rampant in Summer Bay.

ep 74: Episode 6424

A couple can’t accept their new reality with a disability.

ep 73: Episode 6423

Dom has another lady in his life.

ep 72: Episode 6422

Andy struggles with his guilt over the accident Summer Bay continues to mourn.

ep 71: Episode 6421

Summer Bay gathers to say goodbye to two of it’s residents.

ep 70: Episode 6420

A hostage situation threatens another life. Skye learns the dark truth from Tank. Olivia is concerned over the whereabouts of Irene. Billie learns a potentially life changing bit of news.

ep 69: Episode 6419

Summer Bay reacts to the news of another death. Andy struggles with his guilt over the part he played in the accident. Roo has to convince Maddy to save herself. Chris breaks down completely. Billie and VJ make a big decision.

ep 68: Episode 6418

Kat finally tracks down Charlotte’s murderer. Evelyn struggles to deal. Maddy’s injury has drastic consequences.

ep 67: Episode 6417

Evelyn and her family are in shock. Ricky suffers a life-changing complication. Andy’s guilt compels him to look after Tank. Hannah battles on at work – is she putting her health at risk?

ep 66: Episode 6416

It’s chaos in the Bay after the explosion – who won’t survive? Has Irene invited a dangerous stranger into her house? Kat finally pieces together who murdered Charlotte King.

ep 65: Episode 6415

Andy’s anger towards Tank leads to an impulsive and reckless decision. Ricky and Nate’s tension simmers. Chris and Hannah agree to move in together. Irene is being watched

ep 64: Episode 6414

Billie cant bring herself to report her attack. Nate reaches breaking point with Ricky’s lack of commitment. Dom gets under Phoebe’s skin. The Hospital Fundraiser is forced to change venue.

ep 63: Episode 6413

Kat and Ash are in denial about their attraction after their kiss. Billie has an horrific encounter at the gym. The honeymoon appears to be over too soon for Ricky and Nate.

ep 62: Episode 6412

Skye and Tank defy the town. Ash and Kat can no longer deny their mutual attraction. Olivia has a secret.

ep 61: Episode 6411

Kat succeeds in getting Dylan suspended. Skye grows closer to Tank. Phoebe struggles with Ash’s presence at the Farm House.

ep 60: Episode 6410

Is Skye falling for Tank’s charms? Olivia faces up to her difficult and confronting choice. Zac and Leah continue to disagree over Tank.

ep 59: Episode 6409

Skye reaches out to a stranger. Olivia makes a decision about her pregnancy. Evie’s surprise announcement is derailed. VJ attacks Tank.

ep 58: Episode 6408

With Ash's help, Kat goes to the police about Dylan's violence. Olivia reveals her secret.

ep 57: Episode 6407

Kat pulls Ash into a dangerous scheme to expose Dylan. Kyle faces his moment of truth in court. Ricky fears her family is about to be ripped apart yet again.

ep 56: Episode 6406

Nate fears he’s been stood up at the altar. Ash warns Dylan to stay away from his sister. Could this be Kyle’s last night of freedom?

ep 55: Episode 6405

Kyle is tempted by a surprising offer from Isla. Ricky realises who she truly loves. Kat’s mistrust of Dylan grows.

ep 54: Episode 6404

A blast from the past causes Ricky to question whether she still wants to marry Nate. Olivia is devastated after some shocking news. Kat’s finding it harder to hide her doubts about Dylan.

ep 53: Episode 6403

Wedding tension between Ricky and Nate escalates. Olivia has trouble confessing a secret to Hunter. Evelyn confronts Tank with an unexpected outcome.

ep 52: Episode 6402

Evie tries to erase her past and Josh makes a surprising gesture. Billie tries to let VJ down gently. Zac blames himself for what happened to Tank.

ep 51: Episode 6401

Zac struggles with whether to help Tank or not. Kat’s relationship with Dylan takes an unsettling turn. Maddy and Matt start to see through the fog of their cyber bullying.

ep 50: Episode 6400

Kat sticks by Dylan, who loses his cool when she is taken off the case. Matt learns about Maddy’s cyber bullies and tries to help.Ricky is devastated to learn there’s no way for Kyle to avoid gaol.

ep 49: Episode 6399

The gang rally to get Matt out of his funk. Maddy is the victim of online abuse. Kat’s affair with Dylan is exposed.

ep 48: Episode 6398

Zac reaches breaking point and admits he needs help. Billie learns VJ has a crush on her. Ash realises Dylan has been playing him.

ep 47: Episode 6397

Zac is haunted by flashbacks from prison. Skye realises VJ has a crush on Billie. Greg finds out Zac was in prison with his son, Wayne. Leah continues to worry over Zac’s mindset.

ep 46: Episode 6396

Lindsay's recklessness with Hunter leads to a showdown with Olivia.

ep 45: Episode 6395

Kyle discovers Isla's plan to pull off a robbery.

ep 44: Episode 6394

Is Ricky having second thoughts about the wedding?

ep 43: Episode 6393

The garage gets trashed and Matt assumes it’s his fault. In a drastic bid to get custody of her daughters, Isla purchases a gun. Kat falls deeper for Dylan, oblivious to his obsession.

ep 42: Episode 6392

A new career option emerges for Matt. Phoebe and Ash make a decision about their relationship. Dylan has a proposition for Kat.

ep 41: Episode 6391

Irene opens up about her sexual abuse to Hannah to help her recovery. Chris and Hannah’s love is strengthened as they plan for the future. Ash confesses to Phoebe that he thinks he cheated.

ep 40: Episode 6390

Ash goes to reconnect with an old friend but makes a big mistake. Isla and Kyle heat things up with an unexpected kiss. Hannah has a confronting outburst at the fundraiser.

ep 39: Episode 6389

Matt is brought in a second time for questioning. Phoebe is busy with the fundraiser, minus the help of a preoccupied Ash. Kyle finally locates Isla.

ep 38: Episode 6388

Zac and Leah finally reconnect. Kat blurs the lines of professionalism with Detective Dylan Carter. Matt becomes the primary murder suspect in Charlotte’s murder investigation.

ep 37: Episode 6387

Zac returns home from prison but is hiding something. Olivia is set up by Lindsay with an incriminating photo. Skye recognises her self-worth despite her unrequited feelings for Oscar.

ep 36: Episode 6386

Hannah returns from hospital and struggles after her mastectomy. Irene comes to terms with the fact that Claire is not her daughter. Olivia and Hunter make amends only for Lindsay to cause chaos once more.

ep 35: Episode 6385

Oscar’s success with ladies makes Skye jealous. Matt makes a life-changing choice.

ep 34: Episode 6384

Dylan’s jealousy over Kat could mean trouble for Ash. Has Morag come up with the breakthrough to clear Zac’s name?

ep 33: Episode 6383

Hannah struggles post-surgery to come to terms with what she’s done. Phoebe and Ash butt heads over how to run the garage. Kat is drawn back into Dylan’s web when he kisses her.

ep 32: Episode 6382

Chris’ devotion to Hannah grows as she undergoes her double mastectomy. Evelyn struggles to deal with Hannah’s surgery. Kyle’s shocked when Isla kidnaps her children.

ep 31: Episode 6381

Hannah struggles to say goodbye to her pre-op body. Phoebe prevents Kat from having a second date with Dylan. Despite Ricky’s warnings, Kyle gets in too deep with Isla.

ep 30: Episode 6380

Olivia’s suspicions about Claire deepen when Claire takes money from Irene.

ep 29: Episode 6379

Summer Bay turns on Leah and her family. Kat lets down her guard with Dylan. Ash and Andy face a devastating setback.

ep 28: Episode 6378

Ricky holds grave fears for a missing Kyle. Dave threatens the lives of Kyle and Isla. The Summer Bay house is vandalised in response to Zac’s charges.

ep 27: Episode 6377

Hannah is faced with a life changing decision. Kyle attempts to protect Isla, with disastrous results. Roo issues Maddy and Matt with an ultimatum.

ep 26: Episode 6376

Hannah tests positive to having the cancer gene. Billie realises Kyle’s planning to burn down Angelo’s. Matt and Maddy make peace.

ep 25: Episode 6375

Olivia fears Irene is being manipulated by Claire.

ep 24: Episode 6374

Kyle’s dark past finally catches up with him. Chris and Hannah navigate the rocky road to love.

ep 23: Episode 6373

Morag suspects Dylan is behind Zac being denied bail. Skye is heartbroken when she sees Oscar kissing another girl. A woman shows up on Irene’s doorstep, claiming to be her long-lost daughter.

ep 22: Episode 6372

Zac is denied bail as Leah momentarily doubts his innocence. Ricky and Nate’s wires are crossed as to why he’s taking multiple shifts at work.

ep 21: Episode 6371

Zac’s troubles go from bad to worse. Ricky struggles with her new living arrangements. Ash and Andy’s plans to open a garage hit a snag.

ep 20: Episode 6370

With new evidence, Kat and Dylan ask Zac in for questioning over Charlotte’s murder.

ep 19: Episode 6369

Olivia whinges about Skye who overhears everything.

ep 18: Episode 6368

Hannah is found by Chris, thankfully only with a concussion. Evelyn and Josh reunite through an awkward date. Kat discovers Charlotte called someone right before her death… it was Kyle.

ep 17: Episode 6367

Nate moves into the Palmer House with Ricky and Casey. Josh and Evie reconnect. Hannah admits to Evie that she still loves Chris.

ep 16: Episode 6366

Evelyn gets her results. Matt and Maddy fight over cleaning at their new place. Ricky is worried that Nate can’t get past Brax. Ricky surprises Nate by setting up plans for them to get married this week!

ep 15: Episode 6365

Skye moves in to the Beach House and Olivia is not happy about it.

ep 14: Episode 6364

Andy and Hannah finally end their romantic connection. Roo, Maddy and Matt juggle moving in together.

ep 13: Episode 6363

Kat proves Ash’s innocence. Andy and Hannah can’t deny their feelings any longer. Phoebe and Ash get back on track.

ep 12: Episode 6362

Brax’s return rocks Ricky and Nate’s relationship. Dylan sets out to prove that Ash killed Charlotte. Have Phoebe’s feelings for Ash changed?

ep 11: Episode 6361

Will Brax win Ricky back?

ep 10: Episode 6360

Roo invites Maddy and Matt to move in with her. Oscar offers to accompany Skye to visit her mum. Josh realises he has to turn his life around. And guess who's back...

ep 9: Episode 6359

Baby Casey's health deteriorates. Josh has a moment of passion with Louisa. But at what cost? Chris is furious with Hannah. Can their relationship be saved?

ep 8: Episode 6358

Dylan grills Irene over Charlotte’s murder. Ash challenges Dylan after finding out that he was abusive to Kat. Chris punches Andy.

ep 7: Episode 6357

Olivia supports Hunter in the aftermath of his confession. Have Kat and Dylan found Charlotte’s real killer? Ash and Phoebe try to get back on track.

ep 6: Episode 6356

Will Hunter admit he framed Billie? Is Phoebe willing to give Ash a second chance?

ep 5: Episode 6355

Can Oscar save Skye from her Mum? Billie prepares to face her charges.

ep 4: Episode 6354

Are Matt and Maddy moving too fast? Hunter grieves for Charlotte – but who is he hiding from Olivia?

ep 3: Episode 6353

Kat shuts Dylan down. Hunter returns and finds out that his mother has been murdered. Josh tells Evie and Andy that he’s leaving Summer Bay.

ep 2: Episode 6352

Ash is interviewed as a murder suspect. Josh finds out that Evie and Andy kissed.

ep 1: Episode 6351

Charlotte’s body is found. Ricky decides to tell Nate that Brax is alive. Detective Dylan Carter comes back into Kat’s life.

Season 28.
Home and Away - S28

ep 230: Episode 6350

In the middle of the night a gun is fired… the night will end in tragedy.

ep 229: Episode 6349

Charlotte threatens to reveal everyone’s secrets at Leah and Zac’s wedding ceremony!

ep 228: Episode 6348

Leah and Zac finally tie the knot!

ep 227: Episode 6347

Charlotte tells Hunter the truth about Denny.

ep 226: Episode 6346

Ash and Billie reunite.

ep 225: Episode 6345

Kat breaks down and tells Ash she thinks Denny’s dead. Olivia tells Hunter about her history.

ep 224: Episode 6344

Phoebe breaks up with Ash. Josh tells Andy that he should have let him die.

ep 223: Episode 6343

The storm uncovers Charlotte’s deadly secret.

ep 222: Episode 6342

Matt and Maddy kiss. Irene reveals her haunting secret.

ep 221: Episode 6341

Nate’s proposal is sabotaged again.

ep 220: Episode 6340

Will Oscar be found? Is Irene heading down a dark path?

ep 219: Episode 6339

Irene’s strong façade begins to crack. Hannah is drawn back into Andy’s orbit.

ep 218: Episode 6338

Kat closes in on Charlotte. Josh struggles to return to life at home.

ep 217: Episode 6337

Ash tells Phoebe that Brax is alive.

ep 216: Episode 6336

Kat obsessively investigates Charlotte, despite her suspension from work. Jett and John take a nervous Skye home.

ep 215: Episode 6335

Can Hannah be honest with Chris?

ep 214: Episode 6334

Can Irene face her awful past? Maddy’s feelings for Matt grow. Will Nate’s proposal be ruined by a game changing Braxton secret?

ep 213: Episode 6333

Matt humiliates Asia, who in turn shows up Maddy and Matt’s bad behaviour. Charlotte taunts a suspended Kat. A devastated Oscar kisses Asia.

ep 212: Episode 6332

Leah persuades Skye to go and see her mother with John and Jett. Nate makes a kind of peace with his father. Charlotte drugs Kat.

ep 211: Episode 6331

Hunter covers for Charlotte. Jett and Skye go to John for help, confessing that she’s run away from her mother. Kat pursues Charlotte, convinced of her guilt.

ep 210: Episode 6330

Can Hannah hide her true feelings for Andy?

ep 209: Episode 6329

Olivia reveals her shocking secret. Jett returns to the Bay – but what’s he keeping from John?

ep 208: Episode 6328

Will Charlotte’s cover story work? Everyone starts to worry about Olivia’s scars. Nate struggles to forgive his father.

ep 207: Episode 6327

Nate learns the truth about his father. Will Kat connect Charlotte to Trystan's death?

ep 206: Episode 6326

Ricky sees Gavin Cooper’s true colours. Evelyn struggles with Josh’s rejection. Andy puts his heart on the line but will Hannah admit her feelings too?

ep 205: Episode 6225

Can Nate give his father a second chance? Alf helps Roo get over James.

ep 204: Episode 6224

Does Maddy have feelings for Matt too? Can Ricky tell Nate shes found his father? Phoebe takes her new job jitters out on Ash.

ep 203: Episode 6323

Kat goes after Charlotte. Phoebe wonders why they haven't heard more from Denny. Oscar accidentally finds out that Matt has feelings for Maddy.

ep 202: Episode 6322

Kat interviews Olivia for the vandalism of Charlotte's apartment. Hunter is kidnapped. Charlotte takes matters into her own hands.

ep 201: Episode 6321

Charlotte is angry with Irene after receiving an eviction notice. Evelyn and Andy struggle with Josh's unresponsiveness. Olivia's taken in for questioning over the vandalism of Charlotte's apartment.

ep 200: Episode 6320

Maddy deals with Matt’s shocking revelation. Will Phoebe’s unique style win her a job?

ep 199: Episode 6319

Will Andy’s recklessness tear Hannah and Chris apart?

ep 198: Episode 6318

Charlotte lures Kyle into her dangerous game. Can Matt hide his true feelings from Maddy? Has an old car brought a fresh start for Ash?

ep 197: Episode 6317

Charlotte’s world continues to unravel. Ricky learns the truth about Nate’s father. Whats behind Olivia’s random behaviour?

ep 196: Episode 6316

A desperate Charlotte crosses the line. Ricky sees a glimpse of her future with Nate – has she finally found the one? Is Olivia more interested in Hunter than VJ?

ep 195: Episode 6315

John gives Marilyn a round-the-world ticket and they renew their vows.

ep 194: Episode 6314

Ricky and Nate decide to stop hiding their relationship. Olivia continues to charm VJ.

ep 193: Episode 6313

VJ finds a mystery girl who seems really into him, until she disappears… Charlotte’s plan to get close to Kyle is going well.

ep 192: Episode 6312

Summer Bay High is evacuated and the bomb squad are called in. Andy is told they should turn off Josh’s life support – he’s not coming back.

ep 191: Episode 6311

Evelyn continues to blame herself for Josh’s condition. Charlotte is fired after Hunter gives away her relationship with Matt. Is there a bomb in the school?!

ep 190: Episode 6310

Will Marilyn learn from Roo’s recent mistakes?

ep 189: Episode 6309

Kyle notices Andy and Hannah getting close. Chris and Hannah make up. Heartbroken Kat leans on Ash as Nate moves on with Ricky.

ep 188: Episode 6308

Ash finds Josh unconscious. Chris tells Hannah that he loves her and she says “thank you”. Ricky feels ready to move on with Nate, despite Ash trying to put doubts in her head.

ep 187: Episode 6307

Can Josh save Evelyn from Tank? Roo faces the reality of her decision.

ep 186: Episode 6306

Evelyn & Tank runaway together – but has she made a huge mistake? Roo struggles to live with her decision to be with James.

ep 185: Episode 6305

. Evie runs away with Tank.

ep 184: Episode 6304

Ash urges Kyle to make things right with Ricky after their kiss.

ep 183: Episode 6303

Alf and Maddy try to persuade Roo that shes making the wrong decision. Kat is worried about Ricky and Nate’s close friendship. Kyle kisses Ricky.

ep 182: Episode 6302

Has Evelyn’s family lost her for good? Will Roo forgive James despite his lies?

ep 181: Episode 6301

Evelyn falls deeper under Tanks spell. Roo tries to deal with James’ deception.

ep 180: Episode 6300

ep 179: Episode 6299

Ricky persuades Kyle not to leave Summer Bay.

ep 178: Episode 6298

Marilyn surprises John with a plan to renew their vows.

ep 177: Episode 6297

Charlotte wants to leave Summer Bay but is stopped by a threatening stranger. Ricky and Nate pose for a sexy photo-shoot. Does Kyle have a crush on Ricky?

ep 176: Episode 6296

Ash and Phoebe butt heads over their living situation. Hannah warns Nate about getting too close to Ricky. Charlotte has a stalker and finds another note – someone knows her secret.

ep 175: Episode 6295

Charlotte’s self-destruction continues – but who is watching her every move? Will Alf accept Roo and James lightning fast engagement? Can a date with John bring Marilyn’s memory back?

ep 174: Episode 6294

John resolves to charm Marilyn into falling in love with him again.

ep 173: Episode 6293

Matt gets caught in Charlotte’s web yet again.

ep 172: Episode 6292

Evelyn falls further into Tank’s grasp by lying to Leah and Zac about their relationship. Oscar puts his foot in it with Maddy. Charlotte is beginning to unravel over memories of Denny’s death.

ep 171: Episode 6291

Are things moving too fast for Evelyn with Tank? Phoebe and Kyle farewell the twins. Can Ricky hide her true feelings for Nate

ep 170: Episode 6290

Is Evelyn's new boyfriend too good to be true?

ep 169: Episode 6289

Will leaving hospital help Marilyn get her memory back?

ep 168: Episode 6288

Maddy's first shift at Angelo's goes awry.

ep 167: Episode 6287

Phoebe’s grief pushes her to tell Kyle a harsh home truth. Has Roo made a big mistake by moving in with James?

ep 166: Episode 2686

Phoebe and Kyle struggle to manage their pregnancy expectations.Has John lost Marilyn forever? Nate's return to work brings him an unwelcome surprise.

ep 165: Episode 6285

John tries to do what's best for Marilyn despite his own heartbreak.

ep 164: Episode 6284

Evie and Tank kiss for the first time.

ep 163: Episode 6283

Marilyn comes back to John - but will things ever be the same again? Will Ricky continue to deny her feelings for Nate? Can Charlotte maintain her web of lies without being caught?

ep 162: Episode 6282

Charlotte's cover up goes haywire. Phoebe struggles with an impossible choice.

ep 161: Episode 6281

Nate's good intentions make things worse with Kat.

ep 160: Episode 6280

Is Roo ready to take the next step with James?

ep 159: Episode 6279

Can Nate & Ricky keep their secret from Kat?

ep 158: Episode 6278

Marilyn's life hangs in the balance. Hunter's mistake forces Charlotte to make a heartbreaking decision. Is Evelyn ready to move on from Josh?

ep 157: Episode 6277

Marilyn has given up on trying to foster another child. Charlotte tells Hunter to keep his mood swings under control.

ep 156: Episode 6276

Marilyns former actions may ruin her and Johns chances of fostering a baby. Hannah and Chris follow their dreams, encouraged by each other.

ep 155: Episode 6275

Hannah openly reveals she's with Chris and they become an official couple.

ep 154: Episode 6274

Marilyn gets a visit from a boy she used to nanny, who turns out to be…. Ed Sheeran!

ep 153: Episode 6273

Matt is mean to Maddy to try and hide his feelings for her. Hunter hurts Leah by telling her that Zac is staying with him and Charlotte. Charlotte tries to kiss Zac.

ep 152: Episode 6272

Hannah hides her new relationship with Chris. Denny hosts a dinner in Casey's memory.

ep 151: Episode 6271

Denny mourns Casey on the anniversary of his death. Ash finds out Phoebe thinks Kyle would make the better baby daddy. Ricky and Nate confess their feelings.

ep 150: Episode 6270

Will Hannah reveal her true feelings to Chris?

ep 149: Episode 6269

Denny makes Hannah realise that she likes Chris, but he’s oblivious.

ep 148: Episode 6268

John and Marilyn have the worst luck with their DOCS meeting. Leah makes a decision about her future with Zac.

ep 147: Episode 6267

Charlotte admits to Andy that she still loves Zac. Leah and Zac’s relationship is at breaking point because of Hunter.

ep 146: Episode 6266

Ricky confesses to Denny that she does have feelings for Nate.

ep 145: Episode 6265

James and Roo say I love you for the first time. Denny finds out Brax is alive.

ep 144: Episode 6264

Ash struggles with the reality of the baby after Phoebe's first ultrasound.

ep 143: Episode 6263

Josh takes his anger out on Andy. Irene's date with Greg ends up being a disaster.

ep 142: Episode 6262

Leah tells Zac that she wants nothing to do with Hunter. Hannah draws an unhappy Chris out of himself. Josh gets expelled from Summer Bay High.

ep 141: Episode 6261

Chris remains upset with John's comments. Evelyn pulls off a peacemaking family lunch, despite VJ and Hunter's issues with each other.

ep 140: Episode 6260

Chris ropes Hannah in to be his "fake date" for the Surf Club sponsor drinks.

ep 139: Episode 6259

Hunters rubbing everyone the wrong way and Zac's oblivious.

ep 138: Episode 6258

Someone is shot during the siege. Zac accidentally misses VJ's tryouts while he spends time with Charlotte and Hunter.

ep 137: Episode 6257

The siege continues between Damo and Josh.

ep 136: Episode 6256

Nate comes clean to Kat about Kyle. Kyle takes a turn for the worse. Evie breaks up with Josh over his drug use.

ep 135: Episode 6255

After seeing how important James is to Roo, Maddy gives him the nod of approval. Josh starts using drugs again and lies to Matt about it.

ep 134: Episode 6254

Zac's struggling to process some new information that has changed his life.

ep 133: Episode 6253

Hannah and Chris both go on Smouldr dates, Marilyn spies on them. Another huge bombshell rocks Leah and Zac. When Hannah misinterprets Chris' intentions, she becomes disappointed in herself.

ep 132: Episode 6252

Marilyn believes Chris and Hannah would make a nice couple, but Hannah disagrees. Ricky urges Kyle to visit the hospital for a check-up. Hannah suggests to Chris that he should start using the dating app, Smouldr.

ep 131: Episode 6251

Ash struggles to come to terms with a huge predicament he's in with Phoebe. Chris and Hannah's budding friendship grows stronger. Kyle overhears a secret and confronts the person about it.

ep 130: Episode 6250

Kyle loses at poker and owes money to the wrong people.

ep 129: Episode 6249

James wants to meet Roo’s nearest and dearest.

ep 128: Episode 6248

Andy questions Zac and Charlotte’s familiarity. Charlotte tries to deal with the intruder’s arrival in Summer Bay. There’s a pregnancy in Summer Bay!

ep 127: Episode 6247

Charlotte lends Zac $20,000. Evie and Josh make up after he promises not to do drugs. VJ chases the intruder and finds their family photo in their backpack.

ep 126: Episode 6246

Zac doesn’t get the principal’s job, forcing him to cancel the loan and borrow from Charlotte. Leah loses her job. Josh is knocked down the stairs by a mysterious intruder and left unconscious.

ep 125: Episode 6245

Josh gives in to temptation and buys drugs to help him study.

ep 124: Episode 6244

Irene reluctantly organises the paperwork for Leah to sell her share of the Diner.

ep 123: Episode 6243

Leah and Zac struggle financially after finding out their house wasn’t insured. Oscar and VJ pitch in to help with the dire finances.

ep 122: Episode 6242

Andy finds a baby photo in Charlotte’s wallet. The search for Billie is on.

ep 121: Episode 6241

Billie threatens to reveal to Ricky that Brax is still alive. Charlotte and Andy decide to make their “fake relationship a real one. Hannah invites Kat and Phoebe to move in with her and Denny.

ep 120: Episode 6240

Ricky has the naming ceremony for Casey. Kyle tries to leave Summer Bay without telling Phoebe.

ep 119: Episode 6239

Phoebe and Ash try to deal with the fallout of their relationship. Roo embarrasses herself teaching her first lecture.

ep 118: Episode 6238

Ash rushes to the hospital to see Billie. Leah and Zac try to support each other after their house has burned down. Kyle struggles with seeing Phoebe and Ash together.

ep 117: Episode 6237

Billie saves Zac, Oscar and Matt from the burning house but suffers a bad injury. Kat tells Leah and Zac that the house fire was deliberately set.

ep 116: Episode 6236

Matt threatens to use the racy photos of Charlotte against her. Billie is not coping with becoming the town pariah. Leah’s house is on fire!

ep 115: Episode 6235

Roo is offered a job lecturing, but will she take it?

ep 114: Episode 6234

Charlotte ends her tryst with Matt, much to his disappointment. Oscar and Evie move in with Zac and Leah to give Hannah a change

ep 113: Episode 6233

Kyle breaks up with Phoebe and she quickly hooks up with Ash. Charlotte threatens Maddy not to reveal her and Matt’s secret liaison. Marilyn and John decide to consider fostering again.

ep 112: Episode 6232

Chris traps Billie by wearing a wire. Ricky admits that she’s relieved Brax is dead and it causes Kyle to lash out. Ash and Phoebe nearly kiss and Denny sees it.

ep 111: Episode 6231

Chris realises Nate is innocent. Kyle, Ash and Phoebe search for Ricky. Marilyn and John look after baby Casey.

ep 110: Episode 6230

Ricky leaves Summer Bay, leaving Casey in the care of Marilyn. Marilyn and John miss Jett, but find a new outlet for their love with baby Casey.

ep 109: Episode 6229

Ricky seems reluctant to spend time with her son. Nate is arrested for attacking Billie.

ep 108: Episode 6228

Jett says his final goodbyes and leaves Summer Bay. Maddy finds out about Matt’s affair with Charlotte. Billie traps Nate with a fake assault claim.

ep 107: Episode 6227

The aftermath of Hannah and Andy’s breakup continues. Jett gets a surprise farewell party. Matt and Charlotte reignite their forbidden liaison

ep 106: Episode 6226

Andy is destroyed after discovering Hannah cheated on him. Evie and Josh’s relationship is on rocky ground. Matt is trying to hide his hook up with the new teacher.

ep 105: Episode 6225

Andy finds out about Hannah’s affair. The new teacher, Charlotte, is hiding a secret from Zac.

ep 104: Episode 6224

Matt sleeps with a mystery woman. John and Marilyn decide to leave Summer Bay to be with Jett. Sean’s wife confronts Hannah over their affair.

ep 103: Episode 6223

The chemistry between Phoebe and Ash grows. Maddy and Oscar discuss taking the next step in their relationship. Marilyn is having trouble letting Jett go.

ep 102: Episode 6222

Denny and Ash try to keep things light. Phoebe can’t admit her feelings to Ash. Billie’s crush on Nate continues to plague Kat.

ep 101: Episode 6221

Ricky comes up with the perfect memorial for Brax. Nate and Kat deal with Billie’s crush on Nate. Denny and Ash make up.

ep 100: Episode 6220

Oscar puts on the cool guy act to impress Maddy, only to embarrass himself. Ricky breaks down.

ep 99: Episode 6219

Hannah is torn between Sean and Andy. Evie finds out about Hannah’s infidelity

ep 98: Episode 6218

Jett is offered a cadet scholarship. Phoebe decides to get back together with Kyle, much to Ash’s disappointment. Hannah cheats on Andy.

ep 97: Episode 6217

Leah overcomes her fears. Billie puts herself in danger. Kyle wants to get back together with Phoebe, unaware she had an intimate moment with Ash.

ep 96: Episode 6216

Phoebe and Kyle are worried about Ricky. Zac proposes to Leah.

ep 95: Episode 6215

Maddy and Oscar discover they both still have feelings for each other.

ep 94: Episode 6214

Complications after Leah's surgery leaves her life on the line.

ep 93: Episode 6213

Billie tries to calm Kyle down. Ricky kicks Phoebe and Kyle out of the share house.

ep 92: Episode 6212

Alf takes charge of the surf carnival. Kat tells Ricky and Kyle that Brax is missing.

ep 91: Episode 6211

Ash and Kyle prepare for Brax's prison break. A stranger starts following Ricky. Hannah admits to Leah she still has feelings for Sean.

ep 90: Episode 6210

Josh storms out of his own birthday party. Alf has a breakthrough in therapy.

ep 89: Episode 6209

Hannah is rattled by Sean's arrival in Summer Bay. Maddy is disappointed because Oscar seems to just want to be friends.

ep 88: Episode 6208

VJ comes to terms with Leah's wishes. Hannah runs into a familiar stranger at the hospital.

ep 87: Episode 6207

Leah is found and agrees to have brain surgery. Ash backs out of helping break Brax out of prison. Leah gives Zac some very serious instructions for her operation.

ep 86: Episode 6206

Brax decides he needs to break out of prison. The search continues for Leah as she begins hallucinating. Ricky has doubts over her parenting abilities.

ep 85: Episode 6205

A disorientated Leah goes missing.

ep 84: Episode 6204

Andy and Hannah work through their issues. Maddy gets good news about her cancer.

ep 83: Episode 6203

Billie makes peace with Phoebe. Kat and Nate realise they cant turn off their professional obligations. Andy punches Oliver and ends his relationship with Hannah.

ep 82: Episode 6202

Ricky and Brax struggle with Brax's incarceration. Alf agrees to more therapy after a successful session. Billie fails to seduce Kyle, then fights with Phoebe.

ep 81: Episode 6201

Matt struggles to come to grips with his crime. Alf rejects his therapy. Ricky returns home with her baby.

ep 80: Episode 6200

Evie and Josh attempt to mend their friendship with Maddy.

ep 79: Episode 6199

Kat charges Matt with theft as Leah and Nate argue over what's best for him. Maddy reveals to Roo she misses her old life without cancer.

ep 78: Episode 6198

Leah's outbursts are getting worse. Hannah lets her hair down and Andy catches her flirting with another guy. Phoebe tells Kyle its truly over between them and he needs to leave her alone.

ep 77: Episode 6197

Ricky introduces her new baby boy. Ash and Denny finally talk and decide to give their relationship another chance. Phoebe and Kyle fight over Billie.

ep 76: Episode 6196

Ricky goes into labour and Brax has no idea. Jett has second thoughts about joining the army after Marilyn's heartfelt plea. Ash and Denny are forced to confront their awkwardness.

ep 75: Episode 6195

Phoebe and the girls throw a surprise baby shower for a reluctant Ricky.

ep 74: Episode 6194

Nate and Kat cross swords, Jett storms out after a failed family discussion about his hopes to join the armed forces

ep 73: Episode 6193

Ash and Denny try to reassure Ricky that she will be a great mother. Hannah isnt coping with Andy moving in. Jett announces to Marilyn that he wants to join the armed forces.

ep 72: Episode 6192

Evie plays matchmaker with Matt and Maddy. Alf is in denial about his PTSD and takes it out on his loved ones. Ash finds out about Billie and Kyle.

ep 71: Episode 6191

Alf wont admit that he has a problem. Evie tries her hardest to get Maddy and Matt together. Billie wants more than Kyle wants to give.

ep 70: Episode 6190

Leah breaks down and Jett reveals that he wants to join the army.

ep 69: Episode 6189

Phoebe tries to cope with Kyle moving on. Matt returns and apologises to Josh and Evelyn. Hannah is unsettled by Andy moving in.

ep 68: Episode 6188

Ash finds a way for Billie to stay in the Bay. Oscar is frustrated with Andy's constant mentoring. Phoebe overhears that Kyle and Billie slept together.

ep 67: Episode 6187

Brax is filled in on Gunno's threats to his family. Denny breaks up with Ash. Andy completes his personal training studies. Ash's sister Billie arrives in the Bay.

ep 66: Episode 6186

Leah makes amends with VJ and Zac, but Irene suspects she is still not herself. Kyle gets injured after the latest deal goes bad. Nate forges medical documents to get Ricky in to visit Brax.

ep 65: Episode 6185

Zac confesses to Leah that he was about to leave when she woke from the coma. Hannah worries about Oscar taking on work at the gym. Chris is lonely and is looking for company.

ep 64: Episode 6184

Phoebe and Denny think that Kyle and Ash are up to no good. Matt goes on a retreat for his drinking problem.

ep 63: Episode 6183

Kat tries to find out what Kyle's up to. Leah and Nate manage to get through to Matt about his drinking. Kyle insists that he has to do the new job for Gunno.

ep 62: Episode 6182

Billie finds out that she was wrong to testify against Ash. Evie and Josh look for Matt, but hes not ready to help himself. Chris is missing Spencer and takes it out on Irene and Maddy.

ep 61: Episode 6181

Ash tries to persuade Billie to stay in Summer Bay. Josh and Evie search for Matt whos done a runner.Maddy persuades Roo to go to the city to be with Alf in hospital.

ep 60: Episode 6180

Spencer says his goodbyes before leaving the Bay for good. Matt disappears.

ep 59: Episode 6179

The teens put on an ANZAC Day dawn service for Alf and the Summer Bay residents. Kat decides its time to tell Nate what she really wants.

ep 58: Episode 6178

Phoebe and Kyle fail to get along post break up. Alf is deeply affected by seeing a fellow veteran pass away. Ash gears up to do the job for Gunno, only to have Kyle take his place.

ep 57: Episode 6177

Jett visits Alf in hospital and meets another war veteran. Maddy decides she can't leave the Bay or her adopted family. Ash gets dumped with a bag full of cash.

ep 56: Episode 6176

After a night on the recreated battlefield, Alf collapses. Maddy has to decide whether to move back home with her mum or stay in Summer Bay. Will Ash get involved with Gunno's drug smuggling to save Brax? Leah and Nate confide in each other about residual feelings over the bus crash.

ep 55: Episode 6175

Maddy finally tells her mother that she has cancer. Alf experiences disturbing flashbacks on the Canberra excursion.

ep 54: Episode 6174

Spencer finally comes round to going with Chris to see their father in hospital. Hannah uses an unorthodox method to help Andy with his studies.

ep 53: Episode 6173

Leah is going stir crazy resting up so takes on a Diner shift, but it could be detrimental to her health. Kat and Nate manage to make tenuous peace. Andy does his practical personal training assessment.

ep 52: Episode 6172

Kyle and Phoebe realise they want completely different lives but want to be together. Roo and Marilyn try to help Alf as he struggles with his anger over dismissive ANZAC Day attitudes. Nate doesn't understand why Kat broke up with him. Ash tells Ricky who Gunno is and that he's inside for murder.

ep 51: Episode 6171

Matt continues to drown his sorrows despite the repercussions. John pulls out all the stops to organise a local ANZAC Memorial. Alf finds to his dismay that ANZAC Day is not considered important by the younger generation. Kyle and Ash try to hide Brax's solitary confinement from Ricky.

ep 50: Episode 6170

Leah's struggling being back at home.

ep 49: Episode 6169

Denny freaks out after sleeping with Ash. Matt resurfaces but won't talk to anyone.

ep 48: Episode 6168

Ash and Denny decide to take their relationship to the next level. Just as things heat up between Kat and Nate, Kat pulls away. Hannah is finally able to stand.

ep 47: Episode 6167

Maddy decides she's going to fight her cancer again. Brax gets injured and lands in solitary. Kyle has a surprise for Phoebe.

ep 46: Episode 6166

Leah's awake but Zac feels guilty about giving up on her. Will Maddy turn up to the Colour Run or will it all be for nothing? Brax is attacked while in gaol.

ep 45: Episode 6165

Andy takes a big step in tackling his reading issues. Josh becomes Phoebe's new project. Matt's world unravels without Sasha.

ep 44: Episode 6164

Maddy receives devastating news about her chemotherapy. Andy takes a big step in tackling his reading issues.

ep 43: Episode 6163

Ash tells Brax that he's seeing Denny. Andy's pride may put the gym in jeopardy.

ep 42: Episode 6162

Matt is left heartbroken as Sasha leaves the Bay. Kat's hot and cold behaviour confuses Nate.

ep 41: Episode 6161

Sasha's heartbreaking realization ends her relationship with Matt. Can Zac and VJ find a way to live together without Leah?

ep 40: Episode 6160

Spencer accidentally humiliates Maddy on her return to school. Denny finds moving on harder than she thought.

ep 39: Episode 6159

Kyle and Kat help Phoebe put her demons in the past.

ep 38: Episode 6158

Kat's insecurities get in the way of a relationship with Nate. Andy and Hannah's attempt at being spontaneous turns bad.

ep 37: Episode 6157

Will Ricky’s unraveling push Brax to do something dangerous, Ash’s honesty pushes things forward with Denny and Nate and Kat’s romance heats up.

ep 36: Episode 6156

Ash’s betrayal of Brax enrages Ricky, Sasha takes desperate measures to save her relationship with Matt and Oscar warns Josh to take care of Evelyn.

ep 35: Episode 6155

Ricky is told she can visit Brax, Matt breaks up with Sasha and Denny kisses Ash.

ep 34: Episode 6154

Evie and Josh take their relationship to the next level, and Sasha is thinking of transferring to a Uni closer to home so she can be with Matt

ep 33: Episode 6153

Oscar breaks up with Maddy. Hannah succeeds in lifting her leg on her own. Evelyn tells Josh she's ready to take their relationship to the next level.

ep 32: Episode 6152

Andy and Hannah are more in love than ever. Nate goes out on a date with Kat. Oscar realises he wants to break up with Maddy, but is torn when he realises how much she loves him.

ep 31: Episode 6151

Maddy prepares to return to school and finish Year 12. Kat flirts with Nate. Ryan kidnaps Phoebe.

ep 30: Episode 6150

After spending the night with Matt, Sasha misses her tutorial and may fail her assignment. Ryan attacks Phoebe. Zac agrees to let Maddy come back to school. VJ finds a healthy outlet for his anger over Leah's illness.

ep 29: Episode 6149

Hannah starts to feel some sensation in her legs again. Sasha and Matt decide to spend the night in the Diner. Maddy decides to return to school, despite her illness. VJ lashes out at everyone as he struggles to cope with Leah's absence.

ep 28: Episode 6148

Andy tries to force Hannah to talk to him about their break up - will she listen? Oscar is worried Maddy is pushing herself too much.

ep 27: Episode 6147

Police find the duffle bag of money at Angelo's. Spencer takes his planning of the fundraiser a bit too far. Phoebe's stalker breaks into her room.

ep 26: Episode 6146

Brax's lawyer hopes they can beat his murder charge by discrediting Sam as a witness. Sophie serves Nate with divorce papers. Spencer and Evie come up with the perfect idea for Maddy's fundraiser.

ep 25: Episode 6145

Matt and Sasha make up and decide to continue their long distance relationship. Brax attends court to learn his fate.

ep 24: Episode 6144

Spencer decides to organise a fundraiser for teenagers with cancer. John finds the perfect romantic gesture he can give to Marilyn. Zac goes to the city to make their family work whether VJ likes it or not. Sasha returns to the Bay early to surprise Matt.

ep 23: Episode 6143

John is overjoyed by the offer on the house but Marilyn and Jett don't want to move. Spencer is upset about Oscar and Maddy becoming an item. Nate considers whether he should divorce Sophie.

ep 22: Episode 6142

Marilyn is devastated when they receive an offer on the house. Brax puts his affairs in order in preparation for his trial. Hannah tries to reignite the intimacy in their relationship but Andy pushes her away.

ep 21: Episode 6141

Zac frantically searches for VJ. Kat and Kyle confront Phoebe's stalker. Maddy confesses her love to Oscar. Brax learns his sentence will be reduced if he pleads guilty.

ep 20: Episode 6140

Phoebe gets an AVO against her stalker but it proves to be no help. John decides to sell the house. VJ considers leaving the bay. Oscar and Maddy share a moment.

ep 19: Episode 6139

Hannah resolves to take charge of her life and push herself toward recovery. VJ's relationship with Zac is increasingly strained in Leah's absence. Phoebe learns she has a stalker.

ep 18: Episode 6138

Brax decides to plead guilty so he can get a lighter sentence. Matt farewells Sasha as she leaves for Uni. Andy tells Hannah he can't keep fighting her battles for her.

ep 17: Episode 6137

Sasha and Matt worry about distance affecting their relationship. Alf returns from the city and shuts down the protest. Brax considers pleading guilty to a crime he didn't commit to reduce gaol time.

ep 16: Episode 6136

Josh and Evelyn's protest escalates. Maddy is finally returning Oscar's affections but he resists her. Brax becomes increasingly distant after learning his trial is only two weeks away.

ep 15: Episode 6135

Chris and John are furious when Josh paints a mural for Evelyn on the Surf Club wall. Kat has CCTV footage that proves Brax broke his bail. Maddy prepares for her first chemotherapy session.

ep 14: Episode 6134

Sasha is angry when she finds out that Matt has decided to go back to school. Chris sets his heart on becoming a lifesaver, much to John's chagrin. Zac blows up at Irene when she tries to help him.

ep 13: Episode 6133

There is a mysterious fan of Phoebe's lurking around the Braxton house. Matt gets punched in the face when he tries to reach out to a struggling VJ. Ash and Brax attempt to get a confession from Sam.

ep 12: Episode 6132

A mysterious boy heads to the Diner looking for Phoebe. Kyle learns that he may never be able to sing again. Denny puts her feelings about Andy aside for Hannah's sake.

ep 11: Episode 6131

Maddy returns to Summer Bay. Andy forces Nate to let him bring Hannah home early. Denny learns she'll be sharing a house with Andy. Ash and Brax plan to get out of town without Kat finding out.

ep 10: Episode 6130

Maddy finally decides it's time to return to Summer Bay. Irene is terrified of losing Leah. In the wake of the catastrophic news about Leah, the community gathers to support Zac and VJ.

ep 9: Episode 6129

Sasha receives an offer for her first choice of university, while Matt fails to get any offers. Zac and VJ learn some devastating news about Leah's prognosis.

ep 8: Episode 6128

Evelyn finally learns that Hannah may never be able to walk again. Brax and Ash resolve to get to a confession from Sam. Jett is devastated that John is considering selling the house.

ep 7: Episode 6127

Will Brax take the fall for a murder? John decides that living next to the Braxtons is too dangerous. Hannah finally tells Denny that she may never walk again.

ep 6: Episode 6126

Brax slips into smug criminal mode at being questioned over Dean's murder but the smugness fades when he's presented with the fact his fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Ricky plays the role of the deluded girlfriend, slapping Ash and blaming him for everything, and Ash offers to take the fall. Oscar grows increasingly frustrated as Maddy refuses to face up to how much trouble she's in, despite doing a runner from a restaurant and having to sell her violin so they don't sleep rough. Phoebe stupidly refuses to do anything about Neive, despite her pictures being plastered all over the papers and Chris committing grand theft in an attempt to keep it quiet.

ep 5: Episode 6125

Covering for VJ, Jett takes the blame and seemingly everlasting chores-punishment for their wild beach quad ride. While comatose Kyle still fights for his life, Devlin and Grant eagerly post a compromising video of high Phoebe on Internet. Darryl is arrested as suspect for the murder of Ash's nemesis Dean.

ep 4: Episode 6124

Roo is furious that Oscar has gone looking for Maddy without her but Alf convinces her that Maddy is more willing to listen to a friend than an authority figure. Roo and Spencer pool their resources to provide Oscar with clues and he finds Maddy playing her violin in a rotunda; the scared girl still isn't ready to go home and Oscar insists on sticking with her. With mother Leah comatose in the city, VJ is being a brat towards de facto stepfather Zac and ends up dragging a reluctant Jett into stealing the surf club's buggy. He then selfishly abandons it at the caravan park and when Jett tries to return it he is caught by Alf and Roo.

ep 3: Episode 6123

Andy is doing his best to worm his way back into Hannah's life, banning her family from seeing her in hospital and hypocritically judging Nate and Sophie for the accident. Fortunately for Nate, no-one else seems to see the accident was his fault and John and Hannah are quick to absolve him of blame. Spencer jealously blasts Oscar on learning of Maddy's disappearance but when he speaks to Maddy on the phone and she asks about Oscar, he abruptly changes tack and decides Oscar is the only person who can find her, so Oscar is soon on his way to the city with only Maddy's scrapbook to guide him.

ep 2: Episode 6122

As soon as worried VJ makes Alf realize Leah is missing, Nate is informed and starts a successful crash site search, but her her prospects remain uncertain and VJ snaps at Zac as if an intruder, whose arrival wrecked his family. Kyle survived surgery, but must be kept in induced coma indefinitely. Darryl almost turns on Nate after overhearing Sophie admitting she caused him starting the crash series, but now she realize their marriage is over and turn herself in to the police. After helping Ash returning Phoebe and Matt home, Andy sends Josh home and devotes himself exclusively to ex Hannah, who is operated to remove metal from her spine.

ep 1: Episode 6121

After crashing into Palmer's bus, driver Darryl is unharmed, passenger Josh only has a mild head wound, which he soon forgets about as Evie eagerly makes up. Nate finds most bus passengers out of real danger, so he and the ambulance which arrives shortly after with Alf's local emergency team can concentrate on seriously wounded Hannah and Kyle, who is pinned down by piercing metal, a nightmare as freeing him will almost instantly liberate poisoned blood. Even Sophie is too stunned to cause any more trouble on the way to hospital, nobody notices Leah was left behind unconscious, having been thrown out of the bus. At the concert, Andi and Ash have great trouble breaking free and find drugged Phoebe feasting with Grant, whom Devlin pretends to have acted behind her back, while he whispers to her there's enough video recordings for a juicy scandal.

Season 27.
Home and Away - S27

ep 235: Episode 6120

A hysterical Sophie causes a multivehicle accident. Who will survive?

ep 234: Episode 6119

Maddy runs away from Summer Bay before her first chemotherapy session.

ep 233: Episode 6118

As Kyle organises a group of Summer Bay residents to come and support Phoebe's launch, Neive drugs Phoebe and leaves her with her assistant.

ep 232: Episode 6117

Ricky and Brax learn the sex of the baby! Oscar stands by Maddy as she has surgery to protect her fertility. Spencer is less than impressed when Chris turns up in the Bay to check on him.

ep 231: Episode 6116

Maddy breaks down after finding out the consequences of chemotherapy. There's trouble in paradise for Hannah and Andy. Ash struggles to find direction after failing to find his sister. Neive is making ominous phone calls about her plan for Phoebe's launch.

ep 230: Episode 6115

Sparks fly between Ash and Denny. Marilyn goes in to fight for Jett after reading his report card. A distressed Maddy lashes out at Oscar.

ep 229: Episode 6114

Josh dumps a devastated Evelyn before their first date. Hannah rekindles things with Andy.

ep 228: Episode 6113

Police find Dean's dead body out in the desert and recover a shovel Brax held at the crime scene.

ep 227: Episode 6112

Matt tells Sasha he wants them to live together. Maddy is warned to start chemotherapy soon.

ep 226: Episode 6111

Maddy's nightmares come true when she is rocked by a bombshell. Phoebe ditches Neive and her dreams of becoming a star. Ricky is angry when she learns that Brax put himself in danger to retrieve Ash's crime money.

ep 225: Episode 6110

Phoebe's dream of music success turns into a nightmare with Neive. Brax puts his life in danger by following a criminal into the desert. Marilyn and John clash over the best way of telling Jett that he's a whole year older than they all thought.

ep 224: Episode 6109

A surprise appears on Jett's new birth certificate. Denny lies to Andy about how Hannah feels about him. Phoebe's song hits the radio.

ep 223: Episode 6108

Brax and Ash discover the address of Billie's dangerous boyfriend, Dean. Will Nate find Sophie before something terrible happens?

ep 222: Episode 6107

Leah has good news for Matt about his plans to apply for university.

ep 221: Episode 6106

Maddy receives some devastating news about her baby. Nate is forced to phone a psychiatrist for Sophie.

ep 220: Episode 6105

Ash and Brax hit the road for a risky adventure. A completely unhinged Sophie sets her caravan alight. Josh finds out that Maddy has been lying to him about her baby's paternity.

ep 219: Episode 6104

Ricky gives Brax an ultimatum: he must choose between his family or his mate. Sophie's deranged behaviour makes Nate worried for his life. Neive orders Kyle to dump Phoebe so she can pursue her dreams. Matt decides to expand his horizons.

ep 218: Episode 6103

Chris scores his dream job, but will he take it?

ep 217: Episode 6102

Jett struggles to see Marilyn as his mother. Denny tries to make Oscar see that he has a responsibility to Maddy's baby if he is the father.

ep 216: Episode 6101

Marilyn's rocked when she realises Jett sees her as his mother. Oscars stunned when Maddy reveals a bombshell.

ep 215: Episode 6100

Phoebe chooses to go along with Nieve's idea for her career, but at what cost?

ep 214: Episode 6099

Brax reassures Ricky of his feelings. Ash reveals he wants to ramp up the search for his sister. Kyle's unimpressed with Phoebe the Pop Princess. Jett feels guilty when John offers to pay for a maths tutor.

ep 213: Episode 6098

Sophie has a meltdown when Nate makes it clear he's never coming back. Josh is relieved when Andy promises to support him and the baby. Despite Roo's concern, stubborn Maddy puts off having an ultrasound.

ep 212: Episode 6097

When Leah refuses to engage the idea of TAFE, VJ sneaks out. Spencer feels betrayed when he learns Maddy's pregnant.

ep 211: Episode 6096

Sasha admits the damage has been done to Matt. Evelyn's attempt at friendship doesn't cut it with Josh.

ep 210: Episode 6095

Andy overcomes his embarrassment and accepts Hannah's help. John remains determined to be there for Jett.

ep 209: Episode 6094

Phoebe's offered a recording contract but will Kyle get in her way? Nate realises Sophie needs to work through her issues without him.

ep 208: Episode 6093

Sophie spirals when Nate finally tells her their marriage over. Oscar feels sidelined by Maddy's new connection to Josh. Ash and Ricky join forces to help Brax.

ep 207: Episode 6092

Brax reveals to Ricky what really happened in prison. Jett warns Marilyn and John to let him choose his own path. Despite their fears about becoming parents, Maddy and Josh vow to stick together. Leah's forced to ask for Zac's help when VJ insists on quitting school.

ep 206: Episode 6091

The boys trip away ends in disaster when Spencer punches Matt and VJ gets a tattoo.

ep 205: Episode 6090

Brax's secret life in prison threatens to boil over. Girls night proves cathartic for Evie and Denny

ep 204: Episode 6089

Spencer agrees to a night away on the boat, unaware Matt's also on board. Matt avoids spending time with Sasha.

ep 203: Episode 6088

Nate is guilt-tripped into staying with Sophie. Marilyn and John patch things up despite his lack of handyman skills.

ep 202: Episode 6087

Ricky realises Brax needs Ash in his life. Sophie turns to pills when she witnesses Nate's betrayal. Andy messes up with Hannah again. Marilyn fails to make things up to John.

ep 201: Episode 6086

Brax gets rough with Kyle, shocking everyone except Ash. Marilyn tires of John's get-rich-quick schemes. Phoebe and Kyle realise Ash isn't so bad after all.

ep 200: Episode 6085

Maddy collapses. Matt realises he needs to let his dad go in order to save him. Zac has a breakthrough with VJ. It's Movie Night VS Open Mike Night - and Phoebe and Jett are playing dirty to win.

ep 199: Episode 6084

Evelyn freaks out when things move too fast with Josh. Sasha gives Matt an ultimatum.

ep 198: Episode 6083

Maddy takes control of her life and decides to go back to school. VJ's guilt-ridden about what happened to Nate.

ep 197: Episode 6082

Spencer bravely confronts his internet predator. Brax fires Maddy from the gym. Nate confesses to Hannah he wants out of his marriage.

ep 196: Episode 6081

An embarrassed Spencer refuses to tell his side of the story. Ricky's wary when a handsome stranger blows into town looking for Brax. The tension between Sophie and Hannah escalates. John's delighted when Jett calls him Dad.

ep 195: Episode 6080

Gray causes trouble between Matt and Sasha. Phoebe gets a big career opportunity.

ep 194: Episode 6079

Ricky helps Denny find a way to honour Casey's memory. Spencer's internet girlfriend isn't what she seems.

ep 193: Episode 6078

Brax rescues Nate and VJ, but it does nothing to dull the pain of losing Casey. Denny takes the first step to moving on from Casey. Josh's artistic efforts draw Evelyn back in.

ep 192: Episode 6077

Andy discovers Maddy's betrayal. Josh's jealously derails his fledgling friendship with Evelyn. Nate injures himself attempting to rescue VJ.

ep 191: Episode 6076

Ricky urges Brax to give Andy a chance at running the gym. Leah's worry escalates when VJ remains missing. Maddy cooks the books - but will her guilt give her away? Marilyn's humiliated when John's botched CD goes public.

ep 190: Episode 6075

After a night of drinking with his father, will Matt miss his first HSC exam?

ep 189: Episode 6074

Nate chooses between Hannah and Sophie. When Tyson fakes an injury, Leah's duty to her son and her job is put to the test.

ep 188: Episode 6073

Brax finds an engagement ring Casey intended to give Denny. Chris helps Spencer take the perfect selfie. Nate and Hannah share an intimate moment - will Sophie find out?

ep 187: Episode 6072

Maddy goes on a self-destructive rampage. Will Marilyn change her last name? Clearing up Casey's room threatens to tip Brax back over the edge. Phoebe and Kyle end up in bed.

ep 186: Episode 6071

Will Josh's lie save Andy from a murder charge? Maddy hits rock bottom when her tangled web of lies unravel. Phoebe drifts further away from Kyle. Marilyn debates taking John's last name.

ep 185: Episode 6070

Tyson continues to taunt VJ. Nate and Sophie's BBQ is ruined when Sophie burns herself.

ep 184: Episode 6069

Matt is punched in the face by a mysterious man. Evelyn tries to reach out to Josh.

ep 183: Episode 6068

Sophie surprises Nate by telling him to invite Hannah to their BBQ. Tyson starts taunting VJ again. Brax is released as the hunt for Jake's killer continues.

ep 182: Episode 6067

Brax is arrested for the murder of Jake Pirovic. Andy admits to Kyle that he killed Jake. Maddy steals Roo's credit card and Shandi tells Chris that its over between them.

ep 181: Episode 6066

Marilyn and John finally tie the knot! Ricky finally tells Brax that hes going to be a father. Andy commits murder to keep Braxs family together. Maddy disgraces herself at the wedding.

ep 180: Episode 6065

Spencer attempts to steal Shandi away from Chris. VJ struggles to accept Leah and Zac's new romance.

ep 179: Episode 6064

Nate goes to great lengths to prove Hannah's no threat to Sophie. Will John's accident force the wedding to be cancelled?

ep 178: Episode 6063

As the wedding plans are made, John accidentally puts his foot in it with Roo. Sophie interrupts Nate and Hannah in an intimate moment. Will Brax kill Jake?

ep 177: Episode 6062

Denny decides it's time to start moving on. Evelyn admits to Oscar she still loves Josh. Andy and Brax have Jake cornered - but will they get out alive?

ep 176: Episode 6061

Brax leaves Ricky to pursue Jake without saying goodbye. Evelyn refuses to forgive Josh for sleeping with Maddy. Spencer may spoil Sasha's plan to hide Matt at Irene's house. Leah is forced to step in when she sees VJ punch another student.

ep 175: Episode 6060

Nate confesses his feelings for Hannah. Matt's end of year film humiliates VJ.

ep 174: Episode 6059

Matt captures some compromising footage of Leah and Zac kissing and considers what to do with it. Marilyn and John's elopement becomes bigger than Ben Hur.

ep 173: Episode 6058

Marilyn and John's elopement becomes the worst-kept secret in Summer Bay. Sophie is suspected of stealing pills. Plans are in motion to go after Jake.

ep 172: Episode 6057

Marilyn and John consider cancelling the wedding to elope. A final warning from Jake is left at the funeral. An old face returns to the Bay. Evie reaches boiling point with Maddy at the wake

ep 171: Episode 6056

Emotions are high as the funeral begins

ep 170: Episode 6055

Chris impresses Shandi. Roo pushes Leah to put her heart on the line with Zac.

ep 169: Episode 6054

Nate's rejection may send Sophie over the edge. Shandi's misdirected anger scares Marilyn.

ep 168: Episode 6053

Nate and Sophie's relationship may be beyond repair

ep 167: Episode 6052

Jake's plot to kill Brax ends in tragedy.

ep 166: Episode 6051

Oscar tries to win Maddy's heart despite her feelings for Josh. Matt saves the formal when Sasha's musical act falls through. Evelyn's angry when Josh doesn't show up for the formal - will Spencer pick up the pieces? Has Zac and Leah's chance for love together passed them by?

ep 165: Episode 6050

Casey makes Denny's heart melt with a romantic gesture. Jake reveals his shocking plan to Andy.

ep 164: Episode 6049

Shandi's return drives a wedge between John and Marilyn. Matt reveals his demons to Sasha.

ep 163: Episode 6048

Why is Josh refusing to go to the formal with Evelyn? Hannah attempts to submit to Sophie's demand that she stay away from Nate. Marilyn plays peacemaker for Shandi and John.

ep 162: Episode 6047

Andy convinces Brax and Casey that he's turned over a new leaf. Sophie tells Hannah to stay away from her man. Sasha worries as Matt decides to drop out of the HSC.

ep 161: Episode 6046

Evelyn is on high alert as Maddy zones in on a vulnerable Josh. Jake Pirovic has a plan to eliminate Brax but needs Andy's help. Leah's bumbling school girl act confuses Zac.

ep 160: Episode 6045

Matt promises Sasha they'll raise the money for the Year 12 formal in time. John may be forced to choose between his daughter and his fiancée.

ep 159: Episode 6044

Sophie and Nate try to put the past behind them. Chris turns Irene's kitchen into a D.I.Y. disaster.

ep 158: Episode 6043

Maddy seizes a chance to win Josh back. Sophie reveals Nate's philandering past. Josh and Brax bond over the General.

ep 157: Episode 6042

Andy's feud with Brax brings him closer to Jake. Maddy declares war on Evelyn. Is Oscar still hiding his eating disorder?

ep 156: Episode 6041

Andys bad choices bring Braxs old enemy back to Summer Bay. Phoebe chooses her career over her relationship - but does Kyle trust her? Marilyns attempts to win Shandi over backfire.

ep 155: Episode 6040

Johns little lie backfires after Marilyn runs into Shandi. Casey could be considering marriage.

ep 154: Episode 6039

A terrified Evelyn tells Josh shes not ready to sleep with him. Phoebe pushes Kyles buttons but may go too far

ep 153: Episode 6038

Will friendships be forged or punches be thrown when Ricky and Sophie force Brax and Nate into a double date? Evelyn considers going to the next level with Josh. Spencer wonders whether its finally his chance to rekindle things with Maddy.

ep 152: Episode 6037

Oscar is rescued from the bush but struggles to admit he has a problem. Brax puts pressure on Ricky, while Nate and Sophie fall into old habits. Leahs undeniable feelings for Zac thrust her into action.

ep 151: Episode 6036

Andy may be finally ready to turn over a new leaf. Marilyns at the end of her tether as John avoids talking to Jett about his feelings. Will anyone find Oscar before its too late?

ep 150: Episode 6035

Oscar risks injury with his endless gym sessions. The ladies begin their Bridal Boot Camp.

ep 149: Episode 6034

Trying for a baby creates arguments between Ricky and Brax. Sasha is in danger of failing the HSC.

ep 148: Episode 6033

Ricky is worried she'll never get pregnant. Leah caves on Zac's request to move in. Nate is scared, but may be sabotaging his relationship with Sophie. Sasha comes clean about the poem.

ep 147: Episode 6032

Andy returns but he's not welcome. John struggles to mend bridges with Shandi. Nate may be getting cold feet about Sophie already.

ep 146: Episode 6031

Shandi shows up in town early and John isn't prepared. Andy's dodgy dealers kidnap Josh and Evelyn!

ep 145: Episode 6030

Casey and Denny's relationship is put to the test. Sophie plays matchmaker with Leah and Zac.

ep 144: Episode 6029

Why is Oscar turning into a gym junkie? Phoebe refuses to return her precious music equipment. Matt's poem is still causing grief for Sasha.

ep 143: Episode 6028

Kyle is sick of being kept out of the loop by Brax. Maddy creates problems for Oscar at Community Service. Sasha and Matt get competitive.

ep 142: Episode 6027

Hiding from the drug dealers threats creates tension between Evelyn and Hannah. Brax pays Andy's debt only to have Andy do a runner!

ep 141: Episode 6026

Andy's drug dealings have put him in hospital and Josh in danger. Maddy starts work at the gym and Roo's frustrated. Marilyn creates drama for her own wedding.

ep 140: Episode 6025

Chris has more than friendly intentions when he asks Denny to hang out. Maddy spirals out of control.

ep 139: Episode 6024

Sophie and Leah turn over a new leaf. John's refusal to invite guests to the wedding makes Marilyn fear the worst.

ep 138: Episode 6023

Matt jeopardises Sasha's entire HSC with a short-sighted attempt to help. Sophie turns Nate against Leah. Jett has a surprise visitor.

ep 137: Episode 6022

Evelyn watches on as Maddy tramples on Oscar's heart. Andy worries that things are going to turn ugly with his suppliers. Matt comes up with a risky plan to help Sasha improve her English marks.

ep 136: Episode 6021

With a protective Evelyn watching on, will Maddy take things to the next level with Oscar? Phoebe and Casey clash over their new houseguest. Hannah rekindles the flame with Andy.

ep 135: Episode 6020

Nate warns Leah to stay out of his relationship with Sophie. Marilyn desperately tries to repair her broken friendship with Roo.

ep 134: Episode 6019

Denny wonders where Casey's loyalty lies. Sasha watches on as Sophie plays Matt like a fiddle.

ep 133: Episode 6018

Brax puts his future with Ricky before his family. Roo's overbearing wedding planning pushes Marilyn too far. Matt's shocked at the identity of his new housemate.

ep 132: Episode 6017

Connie holds Heath's future in the balance. A fiery Phoebe shows she is more than ready to take on Cheryl.

ep 131: Episode 6016

Will Josh finally tell Maddy about his passionate kiss with Evelyn? Hannah rules with her heart, not her head, when it comes to Andy. Is Heath leaving Summer Bay for good?

ep 130: Episode 6015

Marilyn and John finally set the wedding date. Maddy ignores Spencer's warning about Evelyn and Josh.

ep 129: Episode 6014

Phoebe's love for Kyle and his family makes Casey realise what's important.

ep 128: Episode 6013

Heath wins custody of Harley but loses Darcy when Connie learns about his city plans. Nate's impressed with Sophie's commitment to staying clean, but is concerned about living together. Denny gives Casey an ultimatum.

ep 127: Episode 6012

As Sasha plans an exciting future, Matt's self-worth issues rise to the surface. With Heath's fathering skills under the spotlight, Darcy's grandmother decides to play hardball. Sophie worries she may be pregnant.

ep 126: Episode 6011

Will Heath break the law to keep his family together? When Hannah gets the wrong impression, Andy lets Zac take the fall. John and Marilyn bicker over living arrangements.

ep 125: Episode 6010

Kyle gets suspicious as Phoebe begins sneaking around behind his back. John and Marilyn's future together is on shaky ground.

ep 124: Episode 6009

After receiving some bad news, will Maddy go back to her old ways? Roo and Alf fight it out over her trip to Peru.

ep 123: Episode 6008

Casey is impressed by Denny's independence while old issues resurface for Ricky and Brax. Maddy's resolution to get her life on track hits a road block when Ms Taylor delivers some unwelcome news.

ep 122: Episode 6007

Chris reveals that he was the one who told the police about Andy. Darcy's cagey behaviour concerns Nate - will he report Heath to family services? Denny and Casey get serious.

ep 121: Episode 6006

The Macguire family are rocked by Andy's behaviour and Zac's decision to leave the house. Meanwhile, Heath continues to panic about Darcy's disappearance.

ep 120: Episode 6005

Josh despairs at his brother. Ashamed after messing about, Darcy hides her injury from Heath. Nate races against the clock to discover the cause of Roo's illness.

ep 119: Episode 6004

Trust issues may prove too deep for Sophie and Nate. As Alf maintains a bedside vigil, it's clear that time is running out for Roo. Chris makes a worrying discovery about the Barretts. After a bag of marijuana is found under the Barrett caravan

ep 118: Episode 6003

Will the curse of the Braxton surname ruin Phoebe's dream of moving out? Ricky returns to the bay and Zac's advice gets Oscar in trouble. Sasha and Irene's feud intensifies.

ep 117: Episode 6002

Wanting a moment alone with Casey, Denny gets creative. Kyle's lie about his criminal history may backfire on his rent application. Zac and Andy clash over how Oscar should deal with his first day of community service.

ep 116: Episode 6001

Nate tells Alf to prepare for the worst as Roo's condition deteriorates. Casey hides his relationship with Denny from Brax. Sasha asks Irene for her old job back.

ep 115: Episode 6000

Even after being spotted on the beach by Chris, Casey and Denny struggle to keep their hands off each other. Alf maintains a vigil by Roo's bedside as her condition worsens.

ep 114: Episode 5999

Sasha apologises to Irene, but misjudges how angry she is. Matt begs Kyle to reinstate him before Sasha finds out that he lost his job before he had even started.

ep 113: Episode 5998

A moment's indiscretion could prove costly for Matt and Sasha when Irene catches them kissing in the Diner. Josh and Evelyn kiss at the bus stop just as Marilyn's tour goes by.

ep 112: Episode 5997

Nate wakes to find his phone switched to silent and blames Sophie. He then rushes to the hospital where he is greeted by angry faces and an unconscious Roo.

ep 111: Episode 5996

Andy makes Hannah realise how stifling her relationship rules are. Nate switches his phone to silent when on a date with Sophie and misses an urgent call from the hospital.

ep 110: Episode 5995

Kyle convinces Phoebe that a garage sale is not the best way to deal with her issues. After avoiding Alf's questions about her trip overseas, Roo collapses.

ep 109: Episode 5994

Roo arrives back in town and cramps Marilyn and John's style. Chris worries that Casey will seek physical revenge, but he is more interested in winning over Denny.

ep 108: Episode 5993

Despite her own feelings for him, Evelyn encourages Josh and Maddy to sort things out with one another. John moves in with Marilyn at Alf's place on a trial basis.

ep 107: Episode 5992

Hannah hijacks Nate and Sophie's date by asking Nate for advice about Oscar. Despite this and other distractions, Nate and Sophie spend the night together.

ep 106: Episode 5991

With a view to getting back together, Nate takes Sophie on a date. Unsure at first, Brax eventually sees Heath is committed to applying for custody of Darcy and supports him.

ep 105: Episode 5990

As Darcy's crush grows, Jett offers to walk her home. But she bursts into tears after he explains that they are just friends, which leads to Heath getting the wrong end of the stick.

ep 104: Episode 5989

Ms. Taylor's proposal that she should become school captain thrills Sasha and worries Matt. Marilyn lays down some daunting laws as he and John move in together on a trial basis.

ep 103: Episode 5988

As Phoebe threatens to call the cops over her father's behaviour, Kyle and Casey manage to get her to cool down. Oscar's self portrait reveals he has very low self esteem.

ep 102: Episode 5987

Phoebe pushes Kyle to identify their attacker, forcing him to reveal it was her father. Denny's feelings for Casey grow, making things difficult between her and Chris.

ep 101: Episode 5986

Josh and Evelyn help each other out in a self-portrait assignment. Evelyn's feelings for him grow deeper and she is faced with a problem when Spencer confronts her at the pier.

ep 100: Episode 5985

Sasha finds Matt sleeping on the floor at school and encourages him to ask Leah for help. The study group provides Spencer with some extra, unwelcome, homework.

ep 99: Episode 5984

Nate's past catches up with him as Sophie makes her situation clear. Buried feelings ride to the surface, blurring Nate's judgement, and he may be about to make a big mistake.

ep 98: Episode 5983

Sophie refuses to leave Nate alone and begs for forgiveness. Heath finds out that Bianca applied for a transfer meaning that it is crunch time for and Harley.

ep 97: Episode 5982

Oscar's meeting with psychologist puts him in good spirits, but when Hannah suggests he should return to school he takes a turn for the worst.

ep 96: Episode 5981

John, Marilyn, Alf and Brax are concerned that Jett has gone missing so they head down to the shore to look for him. They find that Alf's boat has also gone.

ep 95: Episode 5980

Marilyn has a surprise in store for John when she puts on a lavish spread and proposes. Sasha offers to tutor Josh. Upset by John and Marilyn's arguing, Jett takes Alf's boat out.

ep 94: Episode 5979

Evie is desperate to help Oscar but, confused by the verdict, he pushes her away. She goes to Spencer to offload her worries. Marilyn is livid when John refers to her as his wife.

ep 93: Episode 5978

Nate's ex-wife, Sophie, appears in the Bay. Nate confronts her and she admits that she still loves him. Casey lies to Denny about his feelings for her. Oscar receives his sentence.

ep 92: Episode 5977

Bianca faces an impossible decision. Chris' jealousy could mean the end of his relationship with Denny. Nate receives an unexpected visitor.

ep 91: Episode 5976

The attack on the Braxton house continues, leaving Kyle's life hanging in the balance. Zac struggles to rebuild his life. Casey admits his true feelings about Denny.

ep 90: Episode 5975

Matt makes a romantic gesture in the hope of winning Sasha back, while a new love triangle could be emerging in the bay. Marilyn takes John and Jett's fight into her own hands.

ep 89: Episode 5974

Josh's insecurities could ruin his chances at school. Matt and Sasha could be over already, while Chris and Denny get back on track. Spencer and Evelyn's romance heats up. John's attempts to punish Jett go awry.

ep 88: Episode 5973

Bianca's support causes Heath to miss her more than ever. Maddy's party causes problems with Josh. A romance could be in the air for Evelyn and Spencer.

ep 87: Episode 5972

Sensing the danger at the Braxtons, Bianca makes Heath a generous offer. Kyle's heartfelt appeal helps Phoebe make an impossible decision. Zac faces the damage his drinking has caused the family.

ep 86: Episode 5971

Did Andy shoot at the Braxton house? Kyle makes a heartbreaking request for Phoebe's safety. Hannah takes control of her life.

ep 85: Episode 5970

Spencer visits Evelyn following the public revelation of Oscar's crime. Marilyn toughens up with Jett. Mark admits to Kyle that he owes the Braxtons an apology.

ep 84: Episode 5969

Maddy enlists Josh to help plan a dance at school. Heath visits Bianca to tell her that he wants a divorce after which Bianca reveals to Leah that she has applied for a transfer away from Summer Bay.

ep 83: Episode 5968

Oscar apologises to Tamara as she says her goodbyes. With Sasha having decided to publish, Oscar makes a formal statement to the police.

ep 82: Episode 5967

A furious Phoebe reveals that she has asked her father to leave town, but Kyle urges her to reconsider.

ep 81: Episode 5966

Mark organises a police raid at the Braxtons to try to scare Phoebe away from Kyle. After Maddy makes amends with Alf, Josh tries to get Andy to sort things out with Casey.

ep 80: Episode 5965

Phoebe overhears Kyle telling her father that no amount of money will change his feelings for her. Andy reluctantly approaches Casey to get his job back at the gym.

ep 79: Episode 5964

Alf catches Maddy and Josh kissing when they should be at school. John finally decides to take off his wedding ring, then is distraught when he loses it.

ep 78: Episode 5963

Chris tries to outshine Casey on a surfboard in front of Denny, a stunt that ends in humiliation. Heath admits that he is missing Bianca.

ep 77: Episode 5962

Zac's anger at Oscar for driving the car diminishes as he realises that his nephew was trying to protect him. Tamara reveals that her injury may cause her to go blind.

ep 76: Episode 5961

After hearing that Tamara has an injury that could cause her to go blind, Oscar's guilt makes him confess to Zac that he was driving the car.

ep 75: Episode 5960

Heath arrives back from Jess's funeral with Harley, telling Irene that he could not abandon the child. John questions whether it is time to remove his wedding ring.

ep 74: Episode 5959

Jett believes that money problems are behind John's reluctance to let him go to camp, but the truth is that it will be the first time that they have been apart since Gina died.

ep 73: Episode 5958

Casey confronts Cheryl about who his real father is. After Chris's tactics alienate her, Denny bonds with Casey over their mutual family issues.

ep 72: Episode 5957

Casey is discharged from hospital, but struggles to comprehend that he is really a Barrett. Tamara has a flashback in which she recalls that it was Zac's car that hit her.

ep 71: Episode 5956

Heath struggles to mourn Jess and also stick to his decision to give Harley up.

ep 70: Episode 5955

Jett is unimpressed by John's birthday present. Josh struggles to decide whether or not he should move back to Mangrove River. Heath gets some shocking news - Jess has died.

ep 69: Episode 5954

The news that Josh and Casey are brothers continues to cause tension for both the Barrett and Braxton families. Chris assures Denny that he is no longer afraid of commitment.

ep 68: Episode 5953

Chris makes elaborate plans to woo Denny, who is back in Summer Bay. Zac and Oscar visit Tamara in hospital. A tattoo removal leaves Casey on the brink of blood poisoning.

ep 67: Episode 5952

Darcy and Harley are found in the National Park. Oscar and Zac both fear that they may have been involved in Tamara's accident. Casey returns home in a terrible state.

ep 66: Episode 5951

Heath and Bianca are beside themselves as Summer Bay searches for Darcy and baby Harley. Alf discovers the hit-and-run victim and rushes her to hospital.

ep 65: Episode 5950

Darcy and Harley go missing. Oscar panics and drives off after hitting someone while attempting to get a drunken Zac home. Marilyn has a surprise for John.

ep 64: Episode 5949

Marilyn rushes off just before Gina's memorial. Darcy realises that Harley is causing problems between Heath and Bianca. Chris apologises to Tamara. Zac promises to reform.

ep 63: Episode 5948

Ricky finally chooses between Nate and Brax. Who will she pick though?

ep 62: Episode 5947

Casey decides to leave Summer Bay for a while. Nate lays his heart on the line during a lunch date with Ricky, but all she can think about is Brax.

ep 61: Episode 5946

Casey reacts with shock and anger to the revelation that he is a Barrett. Phoebe tries to get Kyle to sack her. Sasha wants an assurance from Matt before visiting her father.

ep 60: Episode 5945

Marilyn notices that Oscar is smitten with Maddy. Josh overhears Brax trying to bribe Andy to keep quiet about Casey's paternity. Nate continues to hope for a reunion with Ricky.

ep 59: Episode 5944

Nate fusses around Leah rather than face issues in his own life. Sasha steps in to help a homeless Matt. Phoebe's first shift as a waitress at Angelo's is a disaster.

ep 58: Episode 5943

Bianca accuses Heath of double standards. Phoebe takes over Chris's plan to drum up custom for the Diner. Hannah warns Zac to sort himself out or butt out of the twins' lives.

ep 57: Episode 5942

Ricky's revelation brings matters between herself and Brax to a head. Things are no better between Zac and Evie. Heath punches Zac for sleeping with Bianca.

ep 56: Episode 5941

Marilyn resigns from the Diner. Sasha tries to get Matt to open up, but he just wants to fool around. Ricky tells Brax about her pregnancy and miscarriage.

ep 55: Episode 5940

Sasha helps Matt to consider what is best for his little sister. Jett berates John for not volunteering to be an organ donor. Cheryl has some stern words for Bianca.

ep 54: Episode 5939

Hannah is furious with Andy. Bianca finds baby Harley a constant reminder of Heath's betrayal and Rocco's death. Matt turns up at the Diner, begging Sasha for help.

ep 53: Episode 5938

Evie is angry that Zac is dodging his responsibilities. Nate has to swallow his jealousy in order to treat Brax. Andy breaks into the hospital safe to steal Brax's baby photo.

ep 52: Episode 5937

John and Marilyn clash over her becoming a liver donor for Leah. Evie distributes the stolen exam papers to her classmates. Brax and Casey arrive back from London.

ep 51: Episode 5936

Chris finds a way to assuage his conscience. Alf is driven crazy by Marilyn's fussing. Ricky is anxious to speak to Nate, but he is busy trying to save Leah.

ep 50: Episode 5935

Nate fears that Leah may need a liver transplant. A drunken Zac lets slip that he slept with Bianca. Evie decides to teach Zac a lesson. Kyle receives a surprise visitor.

ep 49: Episode 5934

Brax pours his heart out to Ricky. Bianca and Heath decide to try again. As Nate races against the clock to save Leah, Alf collapses at sea. Zac seeks solace in alcohol.

ep 48: Episode 5933

Unaware that Brax is in a critical condition in hospital, Casey pursues his new romance. Leah and Alf collapse after trying Chris' new risotto.

ep 47: Episode 5932

In London, while Heath & Bianca have a heart-to-heart, Brax's attempts to get Ricky back result in a nasty traffic accident. Casey begins a holiday romance with a local girl.

ep 46: Episode 5931

Brax, Heath and Casey arrive in London, but will they be able to get through to Ricky and Bianca? Back at the bay Kyle tells a devastated Tamara that he is going to Melbourne to win Phoebe.

ep 45: Episode 5930

Spencer sees Sasha giving Matt a friendly hug to say goodbye and draws the wrong conclusions. Kyle blows his top when he is left to run the restaurant and the gym single-handedly.

ep 44: Episode 5929

Brax advises Casey to stay away from Josh and Andy, which only makes Casey suspicious. Having moved in with John, Marilyn puts her stamp on the place.

ep 43: Episode 5928

Brax matches the baby in the picture with a photo found in his family album and questions Cheryl. She reveals that Johnny Barrett is Casey's father, but swears Brax to secrecy.

ep 42: Episode 5927

Ricky catches Bianca in bed with Zac. Josh and Andy cannot agree what to do with their father's ashes and belongings. Among his effects is a photograph of an unknown baby.

ep 41: Episode 5926

Zac tries to pretend that he is fine with Hannah and Andy's relationship. Nate tells Ricky about Jess's illness. One thing leads to another for Zac and Bianca.

ep 40: Episode 5925

John asks Marilyn to move in with him. After she gets some positive news herself, Ricky has some advice for Bianca. Jess faints, but asks Nate not to examine her.

ep 39: Episode 5924

Zac confronts Hannah about her relationship with Andy. Jett persuades Kyle to play a gig to raise money for Gina's memorial.

ep 38: Episode 5923

Realising the wisdom behind the Braxtons' words, Andy heads to the city to support his brother, standing up Hannah in the process.

ep 37: Episode 5922

Bianca wonders how her relationship with Heath can survive as he dotes on his new son. Brax and Casey try to help Josh and Andy come to terms with their grief.

ep 36: Episode 5921

Heath is forced to call on Nate for help with Jess. Sasha and Spencer's break up seems to be amicable, until Chris offers them some advice.

ep 35: Episode 5920

After hearing Sasha and Matt arguing over their kiss, Jett sees an opportunity to blackmail his way on to the student council. Jess goes into labour.

ep 34: Episode 5919

Hannah keeps her relationship with Andy a secret from Zac, but not from the twins. Tamara faces up to being school captain, but gets little support from her deputy, Matt.

ep 33: Episode 5918

Brax has to deal with Ricky's decision to move on. Hannah is spending more and more time with Andy. Hannah concedes to the twins' wishes and allows Denny to move in.

ep 32: Episode 5917

Brax wakes up a free man and reconnects with his brothers' lives. Ricky is elated that she is in the running for a dream job in London, but is sent into a tailspin by Brax.

ep 31: Episode 5916

Bianca questions why Jess remains in the Bay, knowing all the pain she is causing. Irene repays Chris by setting him up on a date with Tamara, but it backfires spectacularly.

ep 30: Episode 5915

The truth is difficult to swallow for Phoebe. Chris tries to save Irene's night from being a washout. Roo gives Phoebe a shoulder to cry on and opens up about her own fears.

ep 29: Episode 5914

Annoyed that he has to cover for Casey, Andy decides to skip work and hang out with Hannah instead. Adam refuses to help Brax as it would mean more time in jail for him.

ep 28: Episode 5913

Ricky is upset to discover that Casey plans to approach Adam to help Brax in his appeal. Zac and Hannah hit the rocks after she discovers he knew about Denny moving in.

ep 27: Episode 5912

Bianca is devastated to learn that Jess is pregnant with Heath's baby. Josh tries to derail Sasha's campaign to become school captain.

ep 26: Episode 5911

How will Bianca deal with Heath's news? A confused Marilyn worries that John is about to propose. Their crossed wires lead to embarrassment at the diner.

ep 25: Episode 5910

Casey has a plan to reduce Brax's sentence. In the midst of all the discussion about the appeal, Heath gets an unexpected visitor, as well as a massive shock.

ep 24: Episode 5909

To thank Irene for all her kindness, Chris and Spencer plan to set her up with her dream man, and enlist a reluctant John to assist in their plot.

ep 23: Episode 5908

Sasha enlists Tamara's help in running for school captain. Roo asks John to talk to Harvey for her. Leah persuades Evelyn to reconsider her feelings toward Denny.

ep 22: Episode 5907

Oscar tries to bring Evelyn and Denny closer together. Darcy's first day at school offers an inkling of what Summer Bay is in for.

ep 21: Episode 5906

Ricky and Nate want to stay cocooned in their love bubble after getting together, but how long can they protect their relationship from prying eyes?

ep 20: Episode 5905

Phoebe shoots down Kyle's attempts to apologise, but he tries another tack by sending her a song. Roo and Harvey come to terms with the end of their relationship.

ep 19: Episode 5904

Kyle's latest attempt to woo Phoebe involves inviting her over so that they can write music together. Sasha decides she wants to run for school captain and asks Spencer for help.

ep 18: Episode 5903

The twins decide whether they want to meet their sister. Harvey has taken off again, so Sasha and Maddy arrange a girls' night to take Roo's mind off things.

ep 17: Episode 5902

The revelation of Brax's transfer leaves Ricky with nowhere to go. Bianca's memory starts to return, but is she pushing herself too hard by trying to go back to school?

ep 16: Episode 5901

Bianca's memory problems threaten to cause real harm when a fire breaks out after she forgets about her cooking. Jett's discovery leads him to blackmail.

ep 15: Episode 5900

Harvey arrives back to ask Roo out for dinner and claims he is a changed man. Roo is ecstatic - has she got Harvey back? John finally agrees to release Jett from his servitude.

ep 14: Episode 5899

Hannah and Zac track down the mystery girl who was at the funeral and they learn her name, as well as a massive secret. John's punishment of Jett worsens.

ep 13: Episode 5898

A funeral rocks the Bay, as one inhabitant feels the pressure to deliver a truthful eulogy. Kyle and Phoebe grow closer, but Phoebe is still hurt from Kyle's previous behaviour.

ep 12: Episode 5897

Sasha, Irene, Spencer and Chris are held captive by Sean, who is in need of medical help and believes Irene is a doctor. Chris then attacks Sean, knocking him unconscious.

ep 11: Episode 5896

Casey rescues Andy from an ugly predicament, but Sean continues to apply pressure, Kyle tries to buy Sean off, while Harvey continues to struggle with his identity.

ep 10: Episode 5895

The man looking for Andy turns out to be Sean Green, a character from Andy's unsavoury past who is seeking revenge. Roo fears that she may have pushed Harvey too far.

ep 9: Episode 5894

VJ and Jett hand out flyers about a party at Irene's house. Andy approaches Casey for a job and is offered a position at the gym. The party is a huge success until Irene turns up.

ep 8: Episode 5893

Tensions are rising in the MacGuire household after the twins discover that Zac slept with Hannah. Oscar tries to pick a fight with Matt and hits Zac when he intervenes.

ep 7: Episode 5892

Heath is devastated to discover that Bianca has lost her short-term memory, although a glimmer of hope emerges. Ricky decides that it must be time to move on.

ep 6: Episode 5891

Ricky loses the baby. Chris and Leah clash over how the diner is run. Kyle and Tamara are surprised to discover that Phoebe is still in town.

ep 5: Episode 5890

Spencer is angry about the fiasco of his date, but Chris thinks it hilarious. John and Marilyn find themselves drawn into the argument. Ricky is rushed to hospital.

ep 4: Episode 5889

Josh wants Andy back in his life, but Maddy is not sure whether she can forgive and forget so easily. Spencer's romantic evening with Sasha goes seriously wrong.

ep 3: Episode 5888

Judgement day arrives for Montgomery as both Heath and Leah discover the truth about the bomb. Heath is ready to take the law into his own hands, but John and Andy restrain him.

ep 2: Episode 5887

Zac, Hannah, Tamara and Casey face a desperate race against time to rescue Kyle and the twins. Alf persuades Harvey to open up. Montgomery tries to pump Heath for information.

ep 1: Episode 5886

The search for survivors begins in the aftermath of the explosion and the race is on to rescue the wounded. Roo tries to figure out why Harvey is so distant.

Season 26.
Home and Away - S26

ep 225: Episode 5885

Brax prepares to be transferred. Casey sees Phoebe trying to seduce Kyle. Ethan lies in wait for Oscar and Evie at the festival.

ep 224: Episode 5884

Ms Montgomery purchases a bomb and plants the explosive device in Bianca's laptop bag. Ricky is kept in hospital. Maddy and Josh take their relationship to the next level.

ep 223: Episode 5883

Ms Montgomery grovels to Bianca and Heath in a bid to get her job back. Kyle's old band-mate Phoebe arrives in the Bay for the music festival. Ricky is rushed to hospital.

ep 222: Episode 5882

John reluctantly helps out with the music festival. The Braxton brothers learn that Brax has broken up with Ricky. Irene tries to persuade Nate to stay in the Bay.

ep 221: Episode 5881

Ricky decides to talk to Brax, but is shocked by his reaction. Kyle and Tamara grow closer as they plan the music festival. Nate receives a potentially life-changing phone call.

ep 220: Episode 5880

Nate tries to get Ricky to make a decision. Maddy reports Andy to the police. Jett tries to advise Marilyn and John. Roo realises that she needs to adjust to life without Harvey.

ep 219: Episode 5879

Matt comes on to Evelyn too strongly. At a party on the beach, Josh punches Andy for spiking Maddy's drink. Zac reacts badly when Hannah invites Nate home for dinner. Roo is back.

ep 218: Episode 5878

Tamara provides Heath with an alibi for the time of the alleged assault. Ms Montgomery is suspended. Matt's attempts to hit on Evelyn lead to a fight with Oscar.

ep 217: Episode 5877

Ricky calls a family meeting. Ms Montgomery goes on the offensive. Chris's fears about starting work at the diner prove to be unwarranted.

ep 216: Episode 5876

Ricky decides to talk to Brax, but is shocked by his reaction. Kyle and Tamara grow closer as they plan the music festival. Nate receives a potentially life-changing phone call.

ep 215: Episode 5875

After Ricky faints, Nate persuades her to take a pregnancy test. Jett asks Alf to try to get Marilyn and John to spend more time together.

ep 214: Episode 5874

The twins have their first day at their new school. Josh is annoyed by what he perceives as Maddy's charity. Kyle reveals his suspicions to Brax about Nate's interest in Ricky.

ep 213: Episode 5873

Bianca reassures April that even if life is not perfect her love for Dex is and the ceremony goes ahead. Tamara and Casey face the fact that they are at the end of the road.

ep 212: Episode 5872

His shirt is ruined, the cake is wrong and the florists cancel, but as the big day arrives, Dex is cool as a cucumber - until he sees April struggling to hold it together.

ep 211: Episode 5871

Sasha faces an uncertain future when Sid tells her that she cannot stay in the Bay alone. Bianca arrives at the high school to find the place completely trashed.

ep 210: Episode 5870

Unaware of Casey and Tamara's decision, April railroads them into serving as best man and maid of honour. April also gets some good news from Paris.

ep 209: Episode 5869

With Dex and April unable to agree on a best man or a maid of honour, Dex assumes control of the wedding preparations. After Chris intervenes, Sasha and Spencer get together again.

ep 208: Episode 5868

Chris is heartbroken over Indi and fails to recognise that Spencer is also feeling lovelorn. Ethan apologises to the children, but forgiveness seems a long way off.

ep 207: Episode 5867

Ricky helps Nate to treat Andy, who has been stabbed and is in terrible pain. Bianca tries to talk to Matt about the fire, but he remains evasive.

ep 206: Episode 5866

As Bianca tries to integrate the new pupils at the school, a deliberately started fire undermines her work. Out of jail and carrying an injury, Andy arrives back in the Bay.

ep 205: Episode 5865

Dex decides not to hold April back. John discovers Nina in his house and arranges to take her back to her boarding school, but after he falls asleep she runs away with Jett.

ep 204: Episode 5864

As Dex searches for Star Wars wedding costumes online he sees a message from April's Dad detailing his offer to allow her to study in Paris. Nina shows up to visit Jett.

ep 203: Episode 5863

When April's father hears of her forthcoming marriage, he makes her an offer that could change everything. Having decided to go travelling Indi looks into possible destinations.

ep 202: Episode 5862

While escaping the Lodge, Spencer collapses and is rushed to hospital. Evie worries about turning over the evidence she has collected against Murray to the police.

ep 201: Episode 5861

As Evie tries to get an injured Spencer away from the cult, Oscar senses that his twin is in trouble. Bianca makes an enemy of Ms Montgomery when she stands up for Casey.

ep 200: Episode 5860

Indi's imminent departure prompts Dex and April to bring forward their wedding. After getting a beating from Murray's disciples, Spencer realises he has to leave the cult.

ep 199: Episode 5859

Haunted by dreams of Romeo, Indi decides to split up with Chris and make a new start away from the Bay. As his exams approach, Heath's confidence hits rock bottom.

ep 198: Episode 5858

After confering with Sasha, Chris decides to return to the cult and try to persuade Spencer to leave. Ricky has to come between Kyle and Casey as tension between them mounts.

ep 197: Episode 5857

As he helps him recover, Nate tells Josh that he needs to sort things out with Maddy, which he does and they reconcile. Kyle gets fed up of Nate's presence and quits Angelo's.

ep 196: Episode 5856

The search is on for Josh, who could die if he is not found. Bianca and Zac have a battle on their hands to integrate the unruly Mangrove River kids.

ep 195: Episode 5855

John and Marilyn plan their first date. Maddy blames Roo for her split with Josh. Roo receives devastating news. Dex tutors Heath. Bianca challenges Ms Montgomery's methods.

ep 194: Episode 5854

Roo worries that Maddy's relationship with Josh is getting her into trouble. Indi confronts Robyn about her lies. Jett advises John to tell Marilyn how he feels about her.

ep 193: Episode 5853

The Mangrove River principal causes trouble for Bianca and Heath.

ep 192: Episode 5852

The Braxton brothers meet to discuss reopening Angelo's, and Spencer turns up at Sanctuary Lodge.

ep 191: Episode 5851

After Ricky helps Josh recuperate she comes home to a house without Brax for the first time.

ep 190: Episode 5850

ep 189: Episode 5849

ep 188: Episode 5848

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ep 187: Episode 5847

ep 186: Episode 5846

ep 185: Episode 5845

ep 184: Episode 5844

ep 183: Episode 5843

ep 182: Episode 5842

ep 181: Episode 5841

ep 180: Episode 5840

ep 179: Episode 5839

ep 178: Episode 5838

ep 177: Episode 5837

ep 176: Episode 5836

ep 175: Episode 5835

ep 174: Episode 5834

ep 173: Episode 5833

ep 172: Episode 5832

ep 171: Episode 5831

ep 170: Episode 5830

ep 169: Episode 5829

ep 168: Episode 5828

ep 167: Episode 5827

ep 166: Episode 5826

ep 165: Episode 5825

ep 164: Episode 5824

ep 163: Episode 5823

ep 162: Episode 5822

ep 161: Episode 5821

ep 160: Episode 5820

ep 159: Episode 5819

ep 158: Episode 5818

ep 157: Episode 5817

ep 156: Episode 5816

ep 155: Episode 5815

ep 154: Episode 5814

ep 153: Episode 5813

ep 152: Episode 5812

ep 151: Episode 5811

ep 150: Episode 5810

ep 149: Episode 5809

ep 148: Episode 5808

ep 147: Episode 5807

ep 146: Episode 5806

ep 145: Episode 5805

ep 144: Episode 5804

ep 143: Episode 5803

Tamara realises that she is still in love with Casey, but her feelings for Kyle are also still there. Harvey looks for a way to try and make things right with Sally and Pippa. Bianca finds it hard to get Heath excited about making wedding plans.

ep 142: Episode 5802

Casey and Maddy's friendship becomes more and more destructive. Tamara has to deal with her returning memories. Alf comes up with a new plan for Pippa.

ep 141: Episode 5801

Ricky and Brax attempt to make Casey see his drinking is a major issue. Roo is concerned about Casey and Maddy's friendship. Sally's worrried that she's pushed Roo and Harvey out of their home. April and Dex practice conflict resolution techniques to deal with Bradley's dislike of April.

ep 140: Episode 5800

ep 139: Episode 5799

ep 138: Episode 5798

ep 137: Episode 5797

ep 136: Episode 5796

Heath is upset Bianca went to the Principal's dinner with Zac. Off the back of Spencer's rejection, Sasha contemplates returning to Broken Hill.

ep 135: Episode 5795

Pippa finds out about her illness, Heath refuses to take Bianca to a work function, and Zac treads some dangerous ground.

ep 134: Episode 5794

ep 133: Episode 5793

ep 132: Episode 5792

ep 131: Episode 5791

ep 130: Episode 5790

ep 129: Episode 5789

ep 128: Episode 5788

ep 127: Episode 5787

ep 126: Episode 5786

ep 125: Episode 5785

ep 124: Episode 5784

ep 123: Episode 5783

ep 122: Episode 5782

ep 121: Episode 5781

ep 120: Episode 5780

ep 119: Episode 5779

ep 118: Episode 5778

ep 117: Episode 5777

ep 116: Episode 5776

Tamara wants to be with Kyle but he feels guilty for betraying his brother. Casey's friends are worried by his behaviour. Marilyn attempts to avoid John and forget about the feelings she has for him.

ep 115: Episode 5775

Marilyn thinks about whether she and John are becoming too close. Casey is finding it hard to cope with Tamara's condition. Heath finds it hard to fill Brax's shoes. Kyle attempts to get Tamara to stay in town.

ep 114: Episode 5774

Dex wants to ask April to marry him, against his family's wishes. Sid and April are worried about Casey.

ep 113: Episode 5773

Natalie and Zac's problems affect Leah. Things don't go to plan after Jett introduces VJ and Nina.

ep 112: Episode 5772

ep 111: Episode 5771

ep 110: Episode 5770

ep 109: Episode 5769

ep 108: Episode 5768

ep 107: Episode 5767

ep 106: Episode 5766

ep 105: Episode 5765

ep 104: Epidode 5764

ep 103: Episode 5763

ep 102: Episode 5762

ep 101: Episode 5761

ep 100: Episode 5760

ep 99: Episode 5759

ep 98: Episode 5758

ep 97: Episode 5757

ep 96: Episode 5756

ep 95: Episode 5755

ep 94: Episode 5754

ep 93: Episode 5753

ep 92: Episode 5752

ep 91: Episode 5751

ep 90: Episode 5750

ep 89: Episode 5749

ep 88: Episode 5748

ep 87: Episode 5747

ep 86: Episode 5746

ep 85: Episode 5745

ep 84: Episode 5744

ep 83: Episode 5743

ep 82: Episode 5742

ep 81: Episode 5741

ep 80: Episode 5740

ep 79: Episode 5739

ep 78: Episode 5738

ep 77: Episode 5737

ep 76: Episode 5736

ep 75: Episode 5735

ep 74: Episode 5734

ep 73: Episode 5733

ep 72: Episode 5732

ep 71: Episode 5731

ep 70: Episode 5730

ep 69: Episode 5729

ep 68: Episode 5728

ep 67: Episode 5727

ep 66: Episode 5726

ep 65: Episode 5725

ep 64: Episode 5724

ep 63: Episode 5723

ep 62: Episode 5722

ep 61: Episode 5721

ep 60: Episode 5720

ep 59: Episode 5719

ep 58: Episode 5718

ep 57: Episode 5717

ep 56: Episode 5716

ep 55: Episode 5715

ep 54: Episode 5714

ep 53: Episode 5713

ep 52: Episode 5712

ep 51: Episode 5711

ep 50: Episode 5710

ep 49: Episode 5709

ep 48: Episode 5708

ep 47: Episode 5707

ep 46: Episode 5706

ep 45: Episode 5705

ep 44: Episode 5704

ep 43: Episode 5703

ep 42: Episode 5702

ep 41: Episode 5701

ep 40: Episode 5700

ep 39: Episode 5699

ep 38: Episode 5698

ep 37: Episode 5697

ep 36: Episode 5696

ep 35: Episode 5695

ep 34: Episode 5694

ep 33: Episode 5693

ep 32: Episode 5692

ep 31: Episode 5691

ep 30: Episode 5690

ep 29: Episode 5689

ep 28: Episode 5688

ep 27: Episode 5687

ep 26: Episode 5686

ep 25: Episode 5685

ep 24: Episode 5684

ep 23: Episode 5683

ep 22: Episode 5682

ep 21: Episode 5681

ep 20: Episode 5680

ep 19: Episode 5679

ep 18: Episode 5678

ep 17: Episode 5677

ep 16: Episode 5676

ep 15: Episode 5675

ep 14: Episode 5674

ep 13: Episode 5673

ep 12: Episode 5672

ep 11: Episode 5671

ep 10: Episode 5670

ep 9: Episode 5669

ep 8: Episode 5668

ep 7: Episode 5667

ep 6: Episode 5666

ep 5: Episode 5665

ep 4: Episode 5664

ep 3: Episode 5663

ep 2: Episode 5662

ep 1: Episode 5661

Season 25.
Home and Away - S25

ep 255: Episode 5689

ep 254: Episode 5690

ep 253: Episode 5688

ep 252: Episode 5687

ep 251: Episode 5686

ep 250: Episode 5685

ep 249: Episode 5684

ep 248: Episode 5683

ep 247: Episode 5682

ep 246: Episode 5681

ep 245: Episode 5680

ep 244: Episode 5679

ep 243: Episode 5678

ep 242: Episode 5677

ep 241: Episode 5676

ep 240: Episode 5675

ep 239: Episode 5674

ep 238: Episode 5673

ep 237: Episode 5672

ep 236: Episode 5671

ep 235: Episode 5670

ep 234: Episode 5669

ep 233: Episode 5668

ep 232: Episode 5667

ep 231: Episode 5666

ep 230: Episode 5665

ep 229: Episode 5664

ep 228: Episode 5663

ep 227: Episode 5662

ep 226: Episode 5661

ep 225: Episode 5660

ep 224: Episode 5659

ep 223: Episode 5658

ep 222: Episode 5657

ep 221: Episode 5656

ep 220: Episode 5655

ep 219: Episode 5654

ep 218: Episode 5653

ep 217: Episode 5652

ep 216: Episode 5651

ep 215: Episode 5650

ep 214: Episode 5649

ep 213: Episode 5648

ep 212: Episode 5647

ep 211: Episode 5646

ep 210: Episode 5645

ep 209: Episode 5644

ep 208: Episode 5643

ep 207: Episode 5642

ep 206: Episode 5641

ep 205: Episode 5640

ep 204: Episode 5639

ep 203: Episode 5638

ep 202: Episode 5637

ep 201: Episode 5636

ep 200: Episode 5635

ep 199: Episode 5634

ep 198: Episode 5633

ep 197: Episode 5632

ep 196: Episode 5631

ep 195: Episode 5630

ep 194: Episode 5629

ep 193: Episode 5628

ep 192: Episode 5627

ep 191: Episode 5626

ep 190: Episode 5625

ep 189: Episode 5624

ep 188: Episode 5623

ep 187: Episode 5622

ep 186: Episode 5621

ep 185: Episode 5620

ep 184: Episode 5619

ep 183: Episode 5618

ep 182: Episode 5617

ep 181: Episode 5616

ep 180: Episode 5615

ep 179: Episode 5614

ep 178: Episode 5613

ep 177: Episode 5612

ep 176: Episode 5611

ep 175: Episode 5610

ep 174: Episode 5609

ep 173: Episode 5608

ep 172: Episode 5607

ep 171: Episode 5606

ep 170: Episode 5605

ep 169: Episode 5604

ep 168: Episode 5603

ep 167: Episode 5602

ep 166: Episode 5601

ep 165: Episode 5600

ep 164: Episode 5599

ep 163: Episode 5598

ep 162: Episode 5597

ep 161: Episode 5596

ep 160: Episode 5595

ep 159: Episode 5594

ep 158: Episode 5593

ep 157: Episode 5592

ep 156: Episode 5591

ep 155: Episode 5590

ep 154: Episode 5589

ep 153: Episode 5588

ep 152: Episode 5587

ep 151: Episode 5586

ep 150: Episode 5585

ep 149: Episode 5584

ep 148: Episode 5583

ep 147: Episode 5582

ep 146: Episode 5581

ep 145: Episode 5580

ep 144: Episode 5579

ep 143: Episode 5578

ep 142: Episode 5577

ep 141: Episode 5576

ep 140: Episode 5575

ep 139: Episode 5574

ep 138: Episode 5573

ep 137: Episode 5572

ep 136: Episode 5571

ep 135: Episode 5570

ep 134: Episode 5569

ep 133: Episode 5568

ep 132: Episode 5567

ep 131: Episode 5566

ep 130: Episode 5565

ep 129: Episode 5564

ep 128: Episode 5563

ep 127: Episode 5562

ep 126: Episode 5561

ep 125: Episode 5560

ep 124: Episode 5559

ep 123: Episode 5558

ep 122: Episode 5557

ep 121: Episode 5556

ep 120: Episode 5555

ep 119: Episode 5554

ep 118: Episode 5553

ep 117: Episode 5552

ep 116: Episode 5551

ep 115: Episode 5550

ep 114: Episode 5549

ep 113: Episode 5548

ep 112: Episode 5547

ep 111: Episode 5546

ep 110: Episode 5545

ep 109: Episode 5544

ep 108: Episode 5543

ep 107: Episode 5542

ep 106: Episode 5541

ep 105: Episode 5540

ep 104: Episode 5539

ep 103: Episode 5538

ep 102: Episode 5537

ep 101: Episode 5536

ep 100: Episode 5535

ep 99: Episode 5534

ep 98: Episode 5533

ep 97: Episode 5532

ep 96: Episode 5531

ep 95: Episode 5530

ep 94: Episode 5529

ep 93: Episode 5528

ep 92: Episode 5527

ep 91: Episode 5526

ep 90: Episode 5525

ep 89: Episode 5524

ep 88: Episode 5523

Dex tries to improve his physique as April and Lottie vie for his affections. Xavier suspects that Jett is responsible for Colleen's burglary, and Casey takes it a step too far with Mr Townsend.

ep 87: Episode 5522

The doctors deliver some bad news to Romeo, which forces him to reassesses his future. Jett targets Colleen as Gina tries to protect him, and Bianca takes in Heath's fatherhood joy.

ep 86: Episode 5521

Romeo is at risk of losing a leg after his knee injury, Indi becomes distracted on her date with Logan, and Heath makes it clear that he wants to be a part of his baby's life.

ep 85: Episode 5520

(Double Episode) Tension rises between Casey and his teacher. Romeo injures his knee, leaving his surfing career in doubt. Indi finds herself in further debt when she buys a dress she can't afford, putting further strain on her and Romeo's marriage.

ep 84: Episode 5519

(Double Episode) Tension rises between Casey and his teacher. Romeo injures his knee, leaving his surfing career in doubt. Indi finds herself in further debt when she buys a dress she can't afford, putting further strain on her and Romeo's marriage.

ep 83: Episode 5518

Sasha shuts Xavier out of her life after their break-up. Casey encounters conflict with one of his teachers. Meanwhile, an old familiar face, Hayley, returns to Summer Bay.

ep 82: Episode 5517

Liam and Bianca make a big decision about their relationship. Gina promises to keep an eye on a new student who's causing trouble, Jett. And Harvey realises he can't keep shutting people out.

ep 81: Episode 5516

Harvey pushes Roo away after learning that she knows about Ben's death. Dex tells April he can't be with someone he doesn't trust. VJ is attacked by new student, bad boy Jett James.

ep 80: Episode 5515

Indi doesn't know what to think when she sees Romeo and Ruby together. Sasha sneaks out after being grounded by Sid. And John is after revenge on Harvey and puts the press onto Harvey's election rigging. Harvey, Mel and Lottie's tragic past is revealed. Meanwhile, April fights to win Dex's attention back from Lottie.

ep 79: Episode 5514

(Double Episode)Indi doesn't know what to think when she sees Romeo and Ruby together. Sasha sneaks out after being grounded by Sid. And John is after revenge on Harvey and puts the press onto Harvey's election rigging. Harvey, Mel and Lottie's tragic past is revealed. Meanwhile, April fights to win Dex's attention back from Lottie.

ep 78: Episode 5513

Romeo feels as though Indi is gold-digging, Xavier realises Sasha will not disagree with him, and Ruby drives Casey to meet Henri.

ep 77: Episode 5512

Brax confronts Hayley about Charlie's death, April tries to get Heath to drop the invasive DNA test, and Casey decides that he wants to get in contact with Henri.

ep 76: Episode 5511

Heath's legal action brings Hayley back to the Bay. John snaps, putting his school run at risk. Meanwhile, Leah tries to clear the air with Brax.

ep 75: Episode 5510

Gina and Roo try to reconcile John and Harvey, Lottie invites Dex over for dinner, and a drunken Leah makes a move on Brax while feeling lonely.

ep 74: Episode 5509

John and Sid join forces to convince Sasha and Xavier to take it slow. John questions Harvey about the validity of his involvement in the EcoPark.

ep 73: Episode 5508

Indi and Romeo both look to others for comfort, Gina learns of Casey and Henri's relationship, and Brax tells Henri to leave Summer Bay for good.

ep 72: Episode 5507

Casey and Henri are caught kissing; Heath takes legal action against Liam and Bianca, who are leaving the Bay with his unborn baby; and Leah joins an online dating site.

ep 71: Episode 5506

April is jealous of Dex and Lottie, Bianca and Liam prepare to leave the Bay, and Heath and Bianca share a moment.

ep 70: Episode 5505

Roo, Harvey and Lottie spend time together, and Dex tries to turn chess skills into cash. Heath keeps pursuing Bianca, which rattles Liam's nerves.

ep 69: Episode 5504

Bianca breaks plans with Liam and bonds with Darcy, and Heath blows Henri and Casey's secret. Meanwhile, Roo, Irene and Leah have some single ladies' time.

ep 68: Episode 5503

ep 67: Episode 5502

Casey and Henri are caught kissing; Heath takes legal action against Liam and Bianca, who are leaving the Bay with his unborn baby; and Leah joins an online dating site.

ep 66: Episode 5501

April is jealous of Dex and Lottie, Bianca and Liam prepare to leave the Bay, and Heath and Bianca share a moment.

ep 65: Episode 5500

ep 64: Episode 5499

(Double Episode) Bianca breaks plans with Liam and bonds with Darcy, and Heath blows Henri and Casey's secret. Meanwhile, Roo, Irene and Leah have some single ladies' time. Roo, Harvey and Lottie spend time together, and Dex tries to turn chess skills into cash. Heath keeps pursuing Bianca, which rattles Liam's nerves.

ep 63: Episode 5498

Sasha discovers Felix may not need her, Henri chooses between her career and Casey, and Dex gets some 'bad boy' coaching.

ep 62: Episode 5497

Everyone learns of Sasha's plans to move, and Ruby is angry at Brax's interference in her case.

ep 61: Episode 5496

Ruby is in trouble, and Brax seeks to intervene. Logan tries his luck again with Indi, and Harvey meets his daughter, Lottie.

ep 60: Episode 5495

The outcome of Sasha's trial is revealed. Meanwhile Harvey's ex-wife Melissa shows up.

ep 59: Episode 5494

Sasha's rattled at her trial and Ruby's dismayed when Romeo skips the championship.

ep 58: Episode 5493

April sees Casey and Henri kissing and Colleen encourages Dex to get back together with April. Meanwhile Irene and Eddie part ways.

ep 57: Episode 5492

Brax distances himself from Leah and VJ. Meanwhile, Heath and Liam fight and Liam discovers Eddie ripped off his lyrics.

ep 56: Episode 5491

Brax and VJ's relationship puts Elijah on the outer. Harvey and Roo's second first date goes awry. John and Gina negotiate moving in again.

ep 55: Episode 5490

Brax and VJ embark on a project together. John and Gina give their marriage another go. Ruby runs into the arms of a untrustworthy surfer.

ep 54: Episode 5489

Brax is thrust back into Leah's life. Meanwhile Roo and Marilyn attempt an intervention to encourage John to be a better housemate and VJ gets into trouble with the Police

ep 53: Episode 5488

Irene notices the tension between and Bianca and April. Meanwhile, Casey and Henri share a kiss.

ep 52: Episode 5487

Sid reports Margaret to the Police. Meanwhile Xavier catches Sasha as she's preparing to run away.

ep 51: Episode 5486

Sasha is caught breaking into Stu's house, and Sid confronts Margaret about her poisoning Alan.

ep 50: Episode 5485

Sid suspects Alan Henderson's wife is trying to poison him, and Sasha is caught retrieving a message that implicates her.

ep 49: Episode 5484

Romeo puts a boundary between him and Ruby. Meanwhile, Xavier and Sasha try to bring John and Gina together.

ep 48: Episode 5483

Henri resumes as Casey's tutor and Roo and Marilyn meddle in John and Gina's situation.

ep 47: Episode 5482

Brax realises Leah has feelings for him and Sid tries to wake Brax up to the danger that he's in.

ep 46: Episode 5481

Heath's quest for revenge endangers Bianca, Brax is confronted by memories of Charlie and leaves the hospital, and Roo tells Harvey she wants more time.

ep 45: Episode 5480

Brax fights despite his head injury, Xavier and Ruby have a fun night in, and Romeo ruins his romantic evening with Indi. Meanwhile, Harvey forces Roo to admit her feelings for him.

ep 44: Episode 5479

Ruby pulls out of the surf competition at the last minute, Roo lies about a date she has to Harvey, and Brax is knocked out at Angelo's.

ep 43: Episode 5478

Henri decides she can no longer tutor Casey, and Irene invites Eddie to her birthday dinner..

ep 42: Episode 5477

Sasha reveals who has been bullying her, and Sid is offered his old job back.

ep 41: Episode 5476

Sasha remains tight-lipped about her bully, and John moves out without telling Gina.

ep 40: Episode 5475

John reveals his connection with Brax to Gina and moves out. Roo flirts with a tradie to get under Harvey's skin. And will the Walker family will move for Sid's new job?

ep 39: Episode 5474

Indi decides to trust Romeo and let him surf with Ruby, and Gina sees John accept money from Brax.

ep 38: Episode 5473

Tyler tracks down Casey and chases him while brandishing a knife. Indi becomes jealous and angry when Romeo admits that Ruby joined him surfing. Then, Brax apologises to Leah for his recent behaviour.

ep 37: Episode 5472

April and Henri find out about Heath's deceitful two-timing behaviour. There's speculation about a romance between Irene and Eddie, and Tyler returns and steals a knife.

ep 36: Episode 5471

Tension builds as both April and Henri want a romantic getaway with Heath. Roo becomes competitive fundraising for Alf as she tries to outshine Harvey. And Irene decides to get a singing coach.

ep 35: Episode 5470

Xavier proves his worth in a real-life incident. Gina discovers John's come into money without telling her. Elijah and Leah make amends, and Roo tells Harvey she isn't jealous of him.

ep 34: Episode 5469

Brax pays John back for his stolen car. April's plan to lure Heath into a family dinner backfires.

ep 33: Episode 5468

Heath discovers Tyler's bag of money. Indi says she'll support Romeo's dream of pursuing a career as a professional surfer. Drama arises when April invites Heath to dinner, pretending it'll just be them.

ep 32: Episode 5467

Harvey tries to trick Roo into going on a date, and Romeo wants to keep surfing despite Indi's objections.

ep 31: Episode 5466

Xavier resolves to stick the academy out. Meanwhile, a shocking truth is revealed in Summer Bay.

ep 30: Episode 5465

Roo prepares her pitch, only to find out Harvey lied and Romeo decides to join the Surf Comp circuit. Meanwhile, Sasha is finding it hard to deal with the drama her family is being put through.

ep 29: Episode 5464

The Walker house is searched by Police, Romeo's past comes back to haunt him, and Ruby tries to forgive Brax after seeing him with another woman.

ep 28: Episode 5463

April and Heath make an official decision about their relationship, Liam helps Irene with her music, and Ruby catches Brax in the arms of another woman.

ep 27: Episode 5462

Brax warns Tyler not to bring down Casey with his reckless behaviour and April is forced to think about the sacrifices she makes for Heath.

ep 26: Episode 5461

John tries to retrieve some of the money he lost back from Dennis, Harvey makes Roo reapply for the position she quit, and Tyler causes more trouble for Casey.

ep 25: Episode 5460

Casey is furious after Tyler lands a job at the caravan park. Gina learns the truth about John's lost investment, and Dex and Xavier are suspects in Stu's murder.

ep 24: Episode 5459

The investigation into Stu's murder leads the police to Dex and Xavier. Irene attempts to get on with her life and has a go at karaoke.

ep 23: Episode 5458

ep 22: Episode 5457

Roo takes a tough love approach with Ruby. April and Dex start to rebuild their friendship, and Brax signs up for a dangerous cage fight.

ep 21: Episode 5456

Struggling to cope with the aftermath of Charlie's death, Ruby continues to push everyone away. Romeo is reluctant to continue his career path in sales, and John pressures Dennis to return his investment.

ep 20: Episode 5455

Irene suffers from pains in her legs, Ruby finds herself on a downward spiral, and John loses big when the resort is shut down.

ep 19: Episode 5454

Casey's friend from juvey arrives in Summer Bay, Ruby receives boxes of Charlie's processions, and Leah receives a gift from Charlie. Meanwhile, Roo is offered a job by Harvey.

ep 18: Episode 5453

Elijah finally confesses his feelings to Leah, April can't get a straight answer from Heath, and Brax finds a way to pay back Leah.

ep 17: Episode 5452

In a Valentine's Day special, Liam and Bianca's big day has finally arrived. But as the ceremony nears, Bianca's feelings for Heath continue to loom. Will she make it to her wedding, or will Liam be left alone at the altar? Meanwhile, the body which was found at the caravan park is identified, and Sid is questioned by police.

ep 16: Episode 5451

Bianca and Liam's wedding is interrupted by a paparazzo, Xavier is confused about where he stands with Sasha, and everyone is shocked when a body is found at the caravan park.

ep 15: Episode 5450

Romeo is suspicious of Dennis and John, and Alf and Roo manage to get Irene out into the world.

ep 14: Episode 5449

Dex struggles with his decision not to pursue medicine and Alf makes a last minute effort for the election.

ep 13: Episode 5448

ep 12: Episode 5447

Leah tries to help Brax out of debt, Bianca slips up at her Hen's night and Romeo throws Liam a Buck's party.

ep 11: Episode 5446

April fears she's losing Heath, Brax continues to fight Geoffrey King for ownership of Angelo's, and Xavier attempts to make amends with Sasha.

ep 10: Episode 5445

ep 9: Episode 5444

Alan propositions Sid in regards to the assault charges, Sasha attempts to strike a deal with Stu and Romeo is tentative about his new career.

ep 8: Episode 5443

Brax is questioned over some stolen goods, and he makes a desperate decision to prevent losing Angelo's.

ep 7: Episode 5442

Heath gets caught up in a dodgy deal with Geoffrey King, Brax fears he's he's going to lose Angelo's and April wants to keep seeing Heath in secret.

ep 6: Episode 5441

ep 5: Episode 5440

ep 4: Episode 5439

ep 3: Episode 5438

ep 2: Episode 5437

ep 1: Episode 5436

Charlie is found unconscious after being shot and Sid is confronted by Alan, Stu's father.

Season 24.

ep 220: Episode 5435

Sid is arrested after taking justice into his own hands, Heath turns to April for comfort, and a familiar face surprises everyone when they return to Summer Bay.

ep 219: Episode 5434

Casey is home from juvenile detention, Dex finds out about April's plan for the formal, and Sid takes justice into his own hands, getting him into big trouble.

ep 218: Episode 5433

Dex helps Dallas find a new place to live and Miles says goodbye to Summer Bay.

ep 217: Episode 5432

Romeo reveals to Indi that he lent Mink money, Liam surprises Bianca when he asks her to marry him, and Miles makes the decision to move away from Summer Bay.

ep 216: Episode 5431

Miles finds out Elijah is in love with Leah. Heath won't give up his his bad boy ways. Sid and Roo have a romantic dinner.

ep 215: Episode 5430

Dex sees a different side to Dallas. Sid gets carried away and becomes too rough when he warns Stu to stay away from Sasha. Miles realises Elijah is still in love with Leah.

ep 214: Episode 5429

Mink reveals to Romeo that she can never surf again, Alf realises that his campaign for council needs a lot of work, and Sasha is shocked when Stu becomes physically abusive.

ep 213: Episode 5428

Romeo believes Mink has a drinking problem, Alf decides to run against Harvey for Council, and criminal Geoffrey King has his eye set on Summer Bay.

ep 212: Episode 5427

Dex is upset that April is going to the school formal with Xavier, Heath tries to help Brax sell Angelo's, and Liam discovers the truth about his accident.

ep 211: Episode 5426

April gets another invite to the school formal. Bianca wants Liam to buy a family car, and Marilyn tries to put a positive spin on a tarot card reading.

ep 210: Episode 5425

Leah and Miles turn to Elijah after their break-up. Brax makes the ultimate sacrifice for Charlie. Dex asks April to his formal.

ep 209: Episode 5424

Miles and Leah consider their future together. Roo gets a mystery date invite. John finds himself booted from council, and Ruby feels that it's over between her and Casey.

ep 208: Episode 5423

Sasha falls ill from an infected tattoo, Leah hides from Miles, and John is asked to step down from the council.

ep 207: Episode 5422

Mink asks Romeo for a loan, Sasha is grounded, and Roo is upset when she sees Sid on a date.

ep 206: Episode 5421

Romeo's sister, Mink, arrives in Summer Bay. April can't trust Dex and tells him their relationship is over. Liam is released from hospital and moves back in with Bianca.

ep 205: Episode 5420

April isn't ready to forgive Dex, Indi impresses on the first day of her internship, and Harvey blackmails John.

ep 204: Episode 5419

Stu holds Xavier's V8 ransom. April and Dex get ready to take their relationship to the next level, and Romeo's surf school gets a spike in business as schoolies chicks roll into town.

ep 203: Episode 5418

Charlie gives Brax an ultimatum, Xavier and John try to sell the V8, and Sasha decides to end things with Stu.

ep 202: Episode 5417

Bianca lies to Liam about the accident. Charlie and Brax try to work out their relationship. Miles and Leah head off on a road trip to find VJ.

ep 201: Episode 5416

Liam wakes from his coma and remembers the accident. Charlie is under investigation for missing evidence. VJ runs away.

ep 200: Episode 5415

Roo is torn between Harvey and Sid. VJ is not coping with Leah and Miles'break-up. The town rally around Irene to show their support.

ep 199: Episode 5414

ep 198: Episode 5413

Charlie struggles with her breach of ethics. Irene struggles to return to work. Stu lashes out at Sasha.

ep 197: Episode 5412

Charlie conspires with Brax to steal evidence. April unknowingly upsets Dex. Sasha goes out on a limb to surprise Stu.

ep 196: Episode 5411

Brax is in hot water over the armed robbery. The kids are having trouble with their HSC preparations, and Leah struggles post-break-up with Miles.

ep 195: Episode 5410

Miles wonders whether he's made the right move, Brax is linked to the armed robbery. Romeo gives Alf an ultimatum with the Blaxland - it's him or Harvey.

ep 194: Episode 5409

Indi gets an internship with Dennis, and Harvey offers to buy the Blaxland.

ep 193: Episode 5408

Sid discovers April stole his prescription pad, and Sasha feels like a stranger.

ep 192: Episode 5407

Charlie investigates an armed robbery and points the finger at Brax and the River Boys. April collapses at the school assembly.

ep 191: Episode 5406

April is awarded dux of the school, Sid takes the matter of the stolen prescription pad to the police, and Charlie is jealous of Brax's lawyer, Hayley.

ep 190: Episode 5405

Sasha and Stu’s relationship goes up a notch when Stu admits he loves Sasha. Sasha is over the moon but Indi warns such intense feelings don’t always work out well. When Stu can’t get in contact with Sasha, Xavier has a go at Stu, implying she may have moved on. When Sasha next sees Stu she gets the shock of her life when he slaps her. After being warned away from Harvey by half the town, Roo has avoided Harvey for nearly a full week before he twigs what’s going on. He realises she doesn’t want to become official and speculates her attraction to Sid as the cause. Roo fervently denies it, explaining her concerns before throwing them out the window and committing to Harvey with a big kiss. Having stolen Sid’s prescription pad, April offers to collect Irene’s meds from the chemist – and picks up some ‘study’ drugs for herself. After staying up all night wired on the drugs, April invites herself to Dex’s for dinner in order to sneakily return the prescription pad. It goes to plan, but we get the sense that April is starting to become on edge

ep 189: Episode 5404

Following the revelation that Gypsy slept with Liam, Mark flips out and confronts Liam at Angelos – a fiery scene witnessed by an unimpressed Bianca. Gypsy is forced to question what she wants and decides to break up with Mark. An exhausted Irene, in need of peace and quiet following another round of chemo, finally asks Gypsy to return home with Lilly. After saying goodbye to Liam, Gypsy leaves some parting advice for Bianca – "Liam isn’t over you". April is studying hard for her exams, annoyed that Dex seems to be breezing through it. At the hospital during Irene’s chemo session, April meets a student who quietly suggests there’s a drug that could help her study. April goes to Heath for the drug but he quickly says no, not about to sell drugs to Bianca’s sister. In an act of desperation April pretends to be interested in spending quality time with Dex in order to steal Sid’s prescription pad… to get the drugs. Roo is trying to avoid Harvey, uncertain after being warned away from him by half the town. But when he brings her yet another bouquet of flowers, she agrees to have coffee with him.

ep 188: Episode 5403

As soon as the media get wind of Brax and Charlie’s relationship the whole town knows and Charlie is left to deal with the fall out. Charlie wonders if it’s worth staying away from Brax now and just as they’re about to reunite in his car Charlie discovers Hayley’s earring in the seat, left over from her romp with Brax the night before – shattering any hope of a reconciliation between the pair. Miles convinces Leah to join him on a beach picnic to take her mind off things, but once underway it’s soon clear Leah isn’t having a good time. Later, when confronted, Leah reveals she blames Miles for forcing her to go ahead with the pregnancy. Gypsy’s plans to patch things up with Mark with a fancy home-cooked dinner go awry when Lily reveals Gypsy’s one night stand with Liam.

ep 187: Episode 5402

Charlie is jealous of Brax and Hayley, Leah is uncomfortable with Miles' decision to stay, and Heath makes good with the neighbours.

ep 186: Episode 5401

ep 185: Episode 5400

Dex is worried about Sasha's rebellious ways, Sid warns Roo about Harvey, and Ruby and Casey reunite.

ep 184: Episode 5399

Dex is worried about his lack of intimacy with April, and Leah gives Miles an ultimatum.

ep 183: Episode 5398

Casey puts himself in danger out of fear. Charlie and Bianca make a pact together. Meanwhile, Leah and Miles

ep 182: Episode 5397

ep 181: Episode 5396

ep 180: Episode 5395

Harvey doublecrosses Romeo, Sid lays down the rules for Sasha, and Dex wants to take his relationship with April to the next level.

ep 179: Episode 5394

Sid warns Stu to stay away from Sasha, Romeo confronts Harvey for not pulling his weight, and Roo and Harvey's romance begins to blossom.

ep 178: Episode 5393

Casey turns himself in to the police. Sasha meets Stu and is not off to a good start when she wags her first day of school.

ep 177: Episode 5392

Casey's on the run, Leah shuts Miles out, and things between Gypsy and Liam heat up.

ep 176: Episode 5391

Gypsy persuades Liam to play a gig at Angelo's, and Irene struggles to cope with her chemotherapy.

ep 175: Episode 5390

ep 174: Episode 5389

April gets an idea to thwart the school's demolition, Sasha reconsiders her attitude towards Sid, and Romeo loses faith in the future of his business.

ep 173: Episode 5388

The police close in on the arsonist, Sid and Harvey vie for Roo's attention, and Romeo struggles with his new business arrangement.

ep 172: Episode 5387

Charlie is devastated when she is suspended from the force, while Heath struggles in his new father role. Casey decides he wants to get his HSC, and Roo succumbs to Harvey's persistence.

ep 171: Episode 5386

Gypsy feels vulnerable when she is stood up by Mark, Harvey pursues Roo, and panic arises when Charlie is kidnapped.

ep 170: Episode 5385

Harvey, Romeo and Alf form a business deal. Felix is found and Sid fights to keep the siblings together. Roo gives up on Sid and decides to go on a date with Harvey.

ep 169: Episode 5384

The students organise a petition to save Summer Bay High. Sasha is hiding Felix at the school grounds. Sasha steals money from the Diner for her and Felix, only to discover he's missing when she returns.

ep 168: Episode 5383

Summer Bay High is closed down. Brax discovers who is responsible for the fire at Jake's. Gypsy and Bianca bond over drinks at Angelo's.

ep 167: Episode 5382

Irene discovers the real reason behind Gypsy's return. Casey is concerned that Brax is planning a revenge attack. The shooter is arrested as a fire is ignited at Jake's headquarters.

ep 166: Episode 5381

As the bay is still recovering from the catastrophic storm, Brax is determined to seek revenge on Hammer. Charlie warns Ruby to stay away from the Braxtons. Irene has surgery. Bianca and Heath bond over caring for Darcy.

ep 165: Episode 5380

Gypsy and Lily arrive in Summer Bay to support Irene. Charlie confides in Bianca about her affair with Brax. Charlie and Brax's lives are threatened by Hammer.

ep 164: Episode 5379

Bianca makes a decision about her relationship and breaks up with Liam. Tegan is involved in a horrific car accident. Darcy goes missing.

ep 163: Episode 5378

The storm causes the school roof to collapse, trapping Bianca and Heath. Leah's pregnancy is at risk.

ep 162: Episode 5377

Harvey's boat sinks in the storm. Alf and Romeo go on a rescue mission to search for Harvey's charter. Romeo and Harvey find themselves in a life threatening situation.

ep 161: Episode 5376

A severe storm is approaching Summer Bay. Leah learns of Irene's diagnosis. John's health is at risk. Sasha reunites with her brother Felix. Romeo battles with a career decision.

ep 160: Episode 5375

Casey gets himself into trouble at school and is expelled. Sasha meets up with Roo, and Alf and Romeo decide to take the law into their own hands.

ep 159: Episode 5374

Xavier makes a decision to come home. Sasha doesn't feel like she's at home.

ep 158: Episode 5373

Sid meets his long lost daughter. The River Boys cause trouble when they strike back at Jake's gang.

ep 157: Episode 5372

Liam finds himself a job, and the gangs face off on the beach.

ep 156: Episode 5371

Liam and Bianca's relationship comes to a halt. Jake's gang and the River Boys go to war.

ep 155: Episode 5370

Liam wants to know why Bianca has ended things between them. Roo attempts to be there for Sid. Marilyn's bridal appointment doesn't go to plan.

ep 154: Episode 5369

Indi and Romeo move back into the Farm House. Sid breaks the news about Sascha to the family. Bianca talks to a counsellor.

ep 153: Episode 5368

Indi and Romeo are facing financial struggles. Gina makes a decision about Xavier. Sid receives some shocking news.

ep 152: Episode 5367

The Braxtons are set for a gang war. Xavier struggles with life on the farm. Charlie makes a confession about her relationship with Brax to Inspector Joyce.

ep 151: Episode 5366

Heath is released. Hammer's gang want revenge. Gina finds it hard to deal with Xavier's departure. Charlie comes to an important decision about her relationship with Brax.

ep 150: Episode 5365

Brax discovers the truth about Darcy. Kelly leaves Summer Bay. Miles and Leah take their relationship to the next level.

ep 149: Episode 5364

Bianca admits she needs help. Kelly struggles to find her place after Dean's arrest. Casey discovers Brax is being lied to about Darcy.

ep 148: Episode 5363

Dex worries that his parents are looking to reconcile. Roo's attempt to help Alf results in a surprise decision. Liam and Bianca's relationship takes a turn for the worse.

ep 147: Episode 5362

Sid struggles to deal with Jody's presence. Miles makes a life-changing decision, and Alf gets bad news from the council.

ep 146: Episode 5361

Leah and Miles find it impossible to keep their news secret. Brax learns learns some life changing news. Sid and Roo's romantic get-together is interrupted by a surprise visitor.

ep 145: Episode 5360

Leah makes a decision about a secret she's been hiding, Brax ends up in hospital, and Charlie discovers a secret about Brax.

ep 144: Episode 5359

Dex tells his mum not to come to stay. Charlie warns Ruby to stay clear of the Braxton house. Jake's out on bail and looking for Brax. Leah reveals her secret to Roo and Miles.

ep 143: Episode 5358

Whilst Roo bonds with the Walker clan, Dex invites his mum, Sids ex-wife, to stay at the farm. Romeo and Harvey face off. Leah anxiously awaits the result of a pregnancy test.

ep 142: Episode 5357

Liam hunts down Bianca's attacker and Bianca considers counselling. Marilyn and Roo reconcile. Romeo is devastated to find the boat vandalised, and is determined to find who's responsible.

ep 141: Episode 5356

Bianca comes face to face with her attacker. Kelly discovers Dean's plan to sell her share of the farm. Alf hits on a plan to mend Marilyn and Roo's fractured relationship.

ep 140: Episode 5355

Bianca begins to open up to Liam and remembers a key clue to finding her attacker. Kelly's brother Dean arrives to try and convince her to sign over her share of the farm.

ep 139: Episode 5354

Bianca's having trouble dealing with her rape. Liam tries in vain to get his life back on track. Kelly invites her brother Dean to come and stay in Summer Bay.

ep 138: Episode 5353

Indi and Roo try to reconcile their differences. Sid and Roo's relationship starts to look positive. Marilyn predicts her future lies with Elijah.

ep 137: Episode 5352

Charlie and Brax finally come to a conclusion about their relationship. Heath is busted with Jake's drugs. Sid and Roo's romantic cruise goes awry.

ep 136: Episode 5351

Tegan forces Brax to hide Jake's drugs. Marilyn predicts that rocky times are ahead for Sid and Roo's relationship. Charlie reconsiders her relationship with Brax - will she end up with a broken heart?

ep 135: Episode 5350

Heath is released on bail. Charlie comes to a realisation about Brax. Roo patches things up with Sid and moves back into the Summer Bay House.

ep 134: Episode 5349

Roo battles with the reality of her relationship with Sid. Romeo has a new business idea. Xavier and Kelly come clean on their new relationship.

ep 133: Episode 5348

Liam and Bianca confront their problems. Roo confronts Alf about her concerns. Xavier and Kelly's relationship blossoms.

ep 132: Episode 5347

Charlie and Brax deal with the fallout of their exposure. Casey struggles with the truth about Brax. Liam is put in a difficult situation.

ep 131: Episode 5346

Heath is arrested following the drug raid. Ruby discovers Charlie's secret. Roo is concerned Alf is avoiding her because of Sid.

ep 130: Episode 5345

Tegan gives Brax a stern warning. Roo tries to mend things with Indi. Alf comes to a decision about the Blaxland.

ep 129: Episode 5344

The DNA results come back - will Heath be cleared? Alf struggles to find some direction. Inspector Joyce puts the pressure on Charlie.

ep 128: Episode 5343

Alf organises a welcome home lunch which ends in disaster. Liam returns to Summer Bay. Xavier and Kelly make a decision about their relationship.

ep 127: Episode 5342

Laura leaves Summer Bay and takes Roo's money with her. Kelly moves into Gina's house. Dex tries to mend the bridges with Xavier.

ep 126: Episode 5341

Alf returns to a distraught Summer Bay. Xavier asks Kelly if she'll stay with him. Heath is accused of attacking Bianca.

ep 125: Episode 5340

Xavier meets a new girl. Marilyn struggles to come to terms with Roo and Sid. Bianca is attacked at the B&S ball.

ep 124: Episode 5339

Bianca tries to contact Liam. Roo and Marilyn form a truce. Brax has to choose between his old and new life.

ep 123: Episode 5338

Morag grills Brax. Xavier and John's father-son relationship is tested. Heath questions Brax's leadership.

ep 122: Episode 5337

Xavier's anger ends up causing disastrous results. Marilyn finds out the truth. Sid and Roo take a huge step in their relationship.

ep 121: Episode 5336

Dex and April are confronted by Xavier. Sid and Roo enjoy their first proper date. Indi isn't happy with Sid seeing Roo.

ep 120: Episode 5335

Dex and Sid talk about their disastrous love lives. Roo and Sid end up hooking up. Elijah and Laura come to a decision about their future together.

ep 119: Episode 5334

Marilyn attempts to move on with her life following her break up with Sid. Xavier learns the truth about Dex and April.

ep 118: Episode 5333

Roo learns about Sid and Marilyn breaking up. Indi and Romeo end up moving in with Roo. April finishes things between herself and Xavier.

ep 117: Episode 5332

Tegan ends up finding out the truth about Brax and Charlie. Sid finally cools things off with Marilyn.

ep 116: Episode 5331

Casey becomes Ruby and Charlie'sa new house mate. Tegan shows up in town to quiz Brax.

ep 115: Episode 5330

Elijah finds his future finally being decided. Ruby attempts to fight for Casey's future as he makes a decision of his own.

ep 114: Episode 5329

Bianca is scared of Heath. Casey decides to drop out of school. Dex and April can not decide what to do about Xavier.

ep 1: Episode 5216

Season 23.

ep 220: Episode 5215

Bianca and Vittorio's wedding day arrives - will a previously reluctant Bianca go through with it? Joanna wants April to come back to Europe with her. Nicole makes a shock announcement. Robertson makes his arrest.

ep 219: Episode 5214

ep 218: Episode 5213

ep 217: Episode 5212

ep 216: Episode 5211

ep 215: Episode 5210

ep 214: Episode 5209

ep 213: Episode 5208

ep 212: Episode 5207

ep 211: Episode 5206

ep 210: Episode 5205

ep 209: Episode 5204

ep 208: Episode 5203

ep 207: Episode 5202

ep 206: Episode 5201

ep 205: Episode 5200

ep 204: Episode 5199

ep 203: Episode 5198

ep 202: Episode 5197

ep 201: Episode 5196

ep 200: Episode 5195

ep 199: Episode 5194

ep 198: Episode 5193

ep 197: Episode 5192

ep 196: Episode 5191

ep 195: Episode 5190

ep 194: Episode 5189

ep 193: Episode 5188

ep 192: Episode 5187

ep 191: Episode 5186

ep 190: Episode 5185

ep 189: Episode 5184

ep 188: Episode 5183

ep 187: Episode 5182

ep 186: Episode 5181

ep 185: Episode 5180

ep 184: Episode 5179

ep 183: Episode 5178

ep 182: Episode 5177

ep 181: Episode 5176

ep 180: Episode 5175

ep 179: Episode 5174

ep 178: Episode 5173

ep 177: Episode 5172

ep 176: Episode 5171

ep 175: Episode 5170

ep 174: Episode 5169

ep 173: Episode 5168

ep 172: Episode 5167

ep 171: Episode 5166

ep 170: Episode 5165

ep 169: Episode 5164

ep 168: Episode 5163

ep 167: Episode 5162

ep 166: Episode 5161

ep 165: Episode 5160

ep 164: Episode 5159

ep 163: Episode 5158

ep 162: Episode 5157

ep 161: Episode 5156

ep 160: Episode 5155

ep 159: Episode 5154

ep 158: Episode 5153

ep 157: Episode 5152

ep 156: Episode 5151

ep 155: Episode 5150

ep 154: Episode 5149

ep 153: Episode 5148

ep 152: Episode 5147

ep 151: Episode 5146

ep 150: Episode 5145

ep 149: Episode 5144

ep 148: Episode 5143

ep 147: Episode 5142

ep 146: Episode 5141

ep 145: Episode 5140

ep 144: Episode 5139

ep 143: Episode 5138

ep 142: Episode 5137

ep 141: Episode 5136

ep 140: Episode 5135

ep 139: Episode 5134

ep 138: Episode 5133

ep 137: Episode 5132

ep 136: Episode 5131

ep 135: Episode 5130

ep 134: Episode 5129

ep 133: Episode 5128

ep 132: Episode 5127

ep 131: Episode 5126

ep 130: Episode 5125

ep 129: Episode 5124

ep 128: Episode 5123

ep 127: Episode 5122

ep 126: Episode 5121

ep 125: Episode 5120

ep 124: Episode 5119

ep 123: Episode 5118

ep 122: Episode 5117

ep 121: Episode 5116

ep 120: Episode 5115

ep 119: Episode 5114

ep 118: Episode 5113

ep 117: Episode 5112

ep 116: Episode 5111

ep 115: Episode 5110

ep 114: Episode 5109

ep 113: Episode 5108

ep 112: Episode 5107

ep 111: Episode 5106

ep 110: Episode 5105

ep 109: Episode 5104

ep 108: Episode 5103

ep 107: Episode 5102

ep 106: Episode 5101

ep 105: Episode 5100

ep 104: Episode 5099

ep 103: Episode 5098

ep 102: Episode 5097

ep 101: Episode 5096

ep 100: Episode 5095

ep 99: Episode 5094

ep 98: Episode 5093

ep 97: Episode 5092

ep 96: Episode 5091

ep 95: Episode 5090

ep 94: Episode 5089

ep 93: Episode 5088

ep 92: Episode 5087

ep 91: Episode 5086

ep 90: Episode 5085

ep 89: Episode 5084

ep 88: Episode 5083

ep 87: Episode 5082

ep 86: Episode 5081

ep 85: Episode 5080

ep 84: Episode 5079

ep 83: Episode 5078

ep 82: Episode 5077

ep 81: Episode 5076

ep 80: Episode 5075

ep 79: Episode 5074

ep 78: Episode 5073

ep 77: Episode 5072

ep 76: Episode 5071

ep 75: Episode 5070

ep 74: Episode 5069

ep 73: Episode 5068

ep 72: Episode 5067

ep 71: Episode 5066

ep 70: Episode 5065

ep 69: Episode 5064

ep 68: Episode 5063

ep 67: Episode 5062

ep 66: Episode 5061

ep 65: Episode 5060

ep 64: Episode 5059

ep 63: Episode 5058

ep 62: Episode 5057

ep 61: Episode 5056

ep 60: Episode 5055

ep 59: Episode 5054

ep 58: Episode 5053

ep 57: Episode 5052

ep 56: Episode 5051

ep 55: Episode 5050

ep 54: Episode 5049

ep 53: Episode 5048

ep 52: Episode 5047

ep 51: Episode 5046

ep 50: Episode 5045

ep 49: Episode 5044

ep 48: Episode 5043

ep 47: Episode 5042

ep 46: Episode 5041

ep 45: Episode 5040

ep 44: Episode 5039

Romeo quits the play leaving Annie devastated, Angelo is convinced Charlie is seeing Michael so tries befriending him and Elijah reveals something to Miles that would stir Leah's life up if she found out.

ep 43: Episode 5038

Angelo is suspicious over Charlie seeing someone else, Romeo and Annie get to caught up in their roles and Nicole is shocked when Britt takes credit for some of her designs.

ep 42: Episode 5037

Nicole gets side-tracked when she goes to confront Britt, Gina or Xavier won't back down over their decision with John Palmer and Justin and Aden become reacquainted.

ep 41: Episode 5036

Alf welcomes Marilyn back with open arms and invites her to move in, Gina boots Xavier out and the mystery over Justin continues.

ep 40: Episode 5035

Xavier asks Marilyn if he can move into the farmhouse, Charlie hides her therapy sessions away from Angelo and Marilyn Fisher returns to the bay only to be met by a bloodied man on the way.

ep 39: Episode 5034

Nicole becomes more upset with her internship, Miles tells Leah that Elijah also likes her and Xavier tells John to keep away from his mother.

ep 38: Episode 5033

Liam moves out of the farmhouse, Annie and Romeo both get parts in the school play and Xavier catches Gina and John in a compromising position.

ep 37: Episode 5032

Nicole starts her new exciting internship, Leah finds out the truth from Elijah and Romeo and Annie audition for the school play.

ep 36: Episode 5031

Martha tries to be friends with Liam, Charlie gets counselling and Leah and Elijah end up stuck in a caravan together.

ep 35: Episode 5030

Tony starts his new job, Liam brushes Martha off and Elijah struggles with his feelings towards Leah.

ep 34: Episode 5029

Martha becomes distant from Liam, Annie can't stop thinking about Romeo and Charlie and Angelo try been friends.

ep 33: Episode 5028

Annie returns as Mink departs, Angelo and Charlie work through their differences and Aden's pleased that Nicole's taking control of her life.

ep 32: Episode 5027

Tony has difficulty trying to find a job, Mink discovers that Xavier has told people of her past and Elijah tells Miles that he doesn't want Leah to know that he has feelings for her.

ep 31: Episode 5026

Leah struggles to move on with Elijah, Mink leaves the Bay and Nicole starts to become obsessed with her course.

ep 30: Episode 5025

Charlie and Angelo grow further apart as Nicole and Aden grow closer. Leah can no longer deny her feelings for Elijah. Miles and Aden stake out the caravan park.

ep 29: Episode 5024

Mile's thinks he knows the graffiti artist, Romeo confesses everything to Xavier, Mink leaves the Bay and Leah tries to deny her feelings towards Elijah.

ep 28: Episode 5023

Xavier overhears a dark secret shared between Mink and Romeo, and also asks Ruby out. Liam receives some good news.

ep 27: Episode 5022

Tony faces Rachel's wrath when he decides to sell the gym, Martha tells Liam she's pregnant and Adam and Nicole struggle to spend any quality time together.

ep 26: Episode 5021

Tony tells Palmer to get out of the gym, Ruby considers getting back with Xavier and Charlie tries to keep away from Angelo.

ep 25: Episode 5020

Aden gets two job offers, Charlie and Angelo break up and Elijah offers Leah a private Jiu-Jitsu lesson.

ep 24: Episode 5019

Charlie starts to wish she hadn't stopped seeing her counsellor, as Angelo tells her she has commitment issues, she also helps Martha help Leah with her panic attack.

ep 23: Episode 5018

Mink apologises to Ruby and Xavier. The diner reopens, Leah has a panic attack and Martha clings onto her friendship with Liam.

ep 22: Episode 5017

Liam doesn't understand Martha's strange behavior towards him. Miles fatigue nearly causes an accident. Mink reveals she kissed Xavier in front of Ruby.

ep 21: Episode 5016

Nicole comes to terms with returning to school as a mature student and Romeo has a choice to make.

ep 20: Episode 5015

Rabbit's premonitions take a very dark turn for Miles. Aden comes clean to Nicole about his feelings for her and Liam and Martha are caught in a compromising position by Colleen.

ep 19: Episode 5014

John's role in the attack is finally revealed and he has to make it up to Leah and Hazem. Tony discovers why the gym is losing clients. Leah is forced to make a tough decision and Nicole notices that Aden's been distant.

ep 18: Episode 5013

Alf offers Irene a job at the surf club. Mink causes more havoc for Xavier and Romeo and Leah finally visits Hazem.

ep 17: Episode 5012

Ruby tries moving on from her failed relationship with Geoff. Mink causes more trouble for Xavier and Angelo can't understand why Charlie won't move in.

ep 16: Episode 5011

After spending the night with Martha, Liam moves in with her. Charlie tells Angelo that she doesn't want to move in with him. Tony considers selling the rest of the gym to Palmer.

ep 15: Episode 5010

After a talk with Reverend Elijah, Geoff farewells Summer Bay to become a missionary. Martha invites Liam to live with her on the farm. Miles helps Leah deal with her agoraphobia.

ep 14: Episode 5009

Xavier learns the truth about what happened to Romeo's step-father. Geoff lashes out and then breaks Ruby's heart. Leah reaches rock bottom.

ep 13: Episode 5008

Mink shocks Xavier by revealing a family secret. Angelo is left reeling when Charlie suggests that maybe they shouldn't move in together. Leah is forced to admit that she has a real problem.

ep 12: Episode 5007

Nicole's worried that she's scared Aden off. Tony and Irene try to get through to Alf. Liam tells Aden he's moving out of the house.

ep 11: Episode 5006

Nicole leaves Aden reeling when she tells him that she loves him. Miles has had enough of Alf's attitude. Angelo suggests that he and Charlie should move in together.

ep 10: Episode 5005

Angelo's promotion causes tension. Geoff struggles to deal with the fall-out of the riot. Xavier tries to make amends to Charlie for what Hugo did

ep 9: Episode 5004

Alf begins to withdraw from the Summer Bay community, resigning as Surf Club president. Nicole gets bad news about Uni, whilst Aden scores a new job. Charlie fears Angelo will have to leave town.

ep 8: Episode 5003

Residents are interviewed for a news story as Leah and Alf struggle to deal with the impact of the riot. Will Summer Bay ever be the same again? Nicole finds out about Liam's drug relapse.

ep 7: Episode 5002

As fire rages in the diner, Geoff is badly injured when he tries to protect Ruby. Rabbit tells Miles about her secret. Mink can't help rubbing people up the wrong way.

ep 6: Episode 5001

Romeo's sister makes waves in Summer Bay. Liam comes down hard after taking drugs. Racial tensions explode on a hot Australia Day.

ep 5: Episode 5000

Romeo and Xavier's plan for a good deed backfires leaving them with a lot of explaining. Temptation becomes too much for Liam. Aden confides in Geoff about his feelings for Nicole. Ruby furiously attacks Palmer over his treatment of the refugees.

ep 4: Episode 4999

Aden is on a high following his kiss with Nicole, but she is unsure about where they stand. Liam begs Nicole to forgive him for cheating on her.

ep 3: Episode 4998

Summer Bay struggles to cope with the events of the past few days. After a few drunken nights on the beach, Miles is woken by a little girl. After learning she's staying at the Caravan Park, could the two become friends?

ep 2: Episode 4997

Hugo and Charlie work together to take Suzy down. Will Hugo seize his chance to escape? Angelo continues his pursuit despite being wounded - will he finally catch his man?

ep 1: Episode 4996

In the 2010 season return, Hugo holds Charlie captive on his boat. But just as he is about to toss her overboard, she grabs her gun. With Suzy appearing in the distance, who will survive the tense standoff?

Season 22.

ep 225: Episode 4995

The Christmas party sees tears, anger, and carol singing. Martha's life is put in danger. Charlie finally unmasks the mastermind behind the people smuggling racket.

ep 224: Episode 4994

Miles gets too drunk, leading his life into a tailspin. Derrick escapes from been held in police custody and Hugo's lastest actions dissapoint everyone.

ep 223: Episode 4993

Aden confides his deepest secret to Nicole. Leah inadvertently sends Miles into a spin. Liam's tempted by drugs, and help comes from a surprising quarter.

ep 222: Episode 4992

Nicole breaks up with Liam. Ruby and Geoff finally consummate their relationship. Aden leaves town unexpectedly and he isn't alone!

ep 221: Episode 4991

Just as it seems he's about to learn who killed Lou, Angelo is suspended from the force. Aden is struggling with his feelings for Nicole and gets advice from a surprising person. Tony finds his new business partner hard work.

ep 220: Episode 4990

The mystery at Donna's house deepens. Angelo's obsession with Hugo reaches fever pitch. Martha is stunned by Hugo's decision to break up with her. John makes Tony a proposition about the gym.

ep 219: Episode 4989

Martha waits for Hugo to propose - only to receive a massive shock. Tony's gym is trashed. Geoff interrupts a mystery intruder at Donna's house.

ep 218: Episode 4988

Nicole deals with Liam's declaration that he loves her. Aden, Nicole and Miles go to the Year 12 Formal. Suzy comes back into Hugo's life.

ep 217: Episode 4987

The truth about Riley Radcliffe comes out. Aden is blackmailed into going to the formal. Nicole's reluctance to sleep with Liam causes problems between them.

ep 216: Episode 4986

Miles responds to Ian's blackmail attempt. Romeo is frustrated he can't find work. Romeo's hatred of John Palmer may be linked to something in his past.

ep 215: Episode 4985

Ian makes Miles an offer. Xavier opens up about why he dislikes John. Tony struggles to keep the gym afloat.

ep 214: Episode 4984

Hugo tries to convince Martha he's doing the right thing. Xavier juggles two girls. Gina tries to get Xavier to accept John.

ep 213: Episode 4983

Martha and Hugo play happy families. Donna DeBono arrives at Irene's place. Charlie and Angelo have to reopen the investigation into Lou DeBono's death

ep 212: Episode 4982

Nicole and Liam reach an impasse in their relationship. Geoff and Ruby try to find the right moment to sleep together. Miles troubles are complicated.

ep 211: Episode 4981

Miles deals with the aftermath of the assault. Nicole and Aden mend their differences. Liam tries to surprise Nicole - and fails.

ep 210: Episode 4980

Rachel discovers that Tony has been hiding something from her. Ruby and Geoff get an unwelcome housemate. Miles tries to deal with VJ's bullies and gets more than he bargained for.

ep 209: Episode 4979

Ruby has a massive health scare. Miles nearly has a car accident and the culprit surprises everyone. Aden acts in haste and has to eat humble pie.

ep 208: Episode 4978

Angelo makes a major breakthrough on the asylum seekers case. Leah tries to ease Miles' blue mood. Aden gets a new flatmate.

ep 207: Episode 4977

Hugo tries to salvage his relationship with Martha. Suzy brokers a deal with Hugo. Xavier discovers who Gina is dating.

ep 206: Episode 4976

Suzy causes mayhem between Martha and Hugo. Gina and Xavier try to come to terms with Hugo's lies. Angelo's closing in on the man who attacked the Austin boys.

ep 205: Episode 4975

Geoff's concern for Ruby's health causes trouble in their relationship. John tries to get Gina back. A mystery person turns up from Hugo's past. Angelo discovers a clue from the salvage boat.

ep 204: Episode 4974

Liam's treatment of Romeo causes a massive fight between Aden and Nicole. Romeo's response to being on drugs hints at darkness in his past. Gina and John's relationship develops, to Tony's consternation. Miles discovers Kirsty has left him.

ep 203: Episode 4973

Kirsty makes a final decision about her future in the Bay. Romeo and Xavier decide to use Liam's place for a party - with disastrous consequences. Miles finally makes a breakthrough with Kirsty.

ep 202: Episode 4972

Shelley Sutherland returns to Summer Bay. Kirsty returns from the hospital, but can't connect with Miles. Hugo and Martha argue over Bambang.

ep 201: Episode 4971

Martha forms an attachment to Bambang, unaware Angelo plans on using him as bait to bring down the people smuggling ring. Geoff and Ruby decide to go public about their new relationship. Xavier has a rebound relationship.

ep 200: Episode 4970

Ruby and Geoff finally get together. Election Day has arrived in Summer Bay. Romeo and Xavier make an unexpected discovery.

ep 199: Episode 4969

Nicole can't handle Liam breaking up with her. Ruby is diagnosed with diabetes. Aden discovers Palmer isn't telling the truth.

ep 198: Episode 4968

Miles is worried about Kirsty's state of mind. Annie considers going to Japan. Liam distracts Nicole from study.

ep 197: Episode 4967

Hugo is dealing with the discovery of the bodies. Kirsty doesn't deal with losing her baby. Jai and Romeo are still fighting about Annie.

ep 196: Episode 4966

Kirsty is sick and the cause is unknown. Hugo' schooner is cut loose and the search leads to a horrific discovery. Tony accepts Rachel's return to work.

ep 195: Episode 4965

Aden and Liam call a truce. Tony and Rachel struggle to find a balance between work and parenting. Kirsty and Miles take Harry for a tumultuous day.

ep 194: Episode 4964

Miles is concerned by Jai's continuing bad moods. Romeo has a big decision to make and someone will get hurt by it. Rachel's return to work causes unforseen problems.

ep 193: Episode 4963

Robertson lays murder charges. Leah confronts her feelings. Romeo issues Annie a challenge.

ep 192: Episode 4962

A surprise arrest is made over Grant's murder. Xavier feels he's lost everything. Martha and John square off in a public debate.

ep 191: Episode 4961

Robertson busts Charlie's alibi over Grant's death. Nicole is publically serenaded by Liam. Geoff gets an idea that Aden has feelings for Nicole.

ep 190: Episode 4960

Tony is having trouble dealing with Rachel's request to go back to work. Liam and Nicole go on a pseudo-date. Aden and Geoff argue over the trawler. Sparks fly when Gina meets John Palmer.

ep 189: Episode 4959

Rachel returns from being away with a plan for the future. Annie is convinced Romeo is her secret admirer. Annie and Jai must compete to leave Summer Bay.

ep 188: Episode 4958

Hugo turns up the pressure on Ruby about her alibi. Romeo can't deny his growing feelings for Annie. Leah and Robertson go on a date.

ep 187: Episode 4957

Charlie refuses to believe Angelo's allegations about Hugo. Martha's past comes back to haunt her. Ross arrives in town to meet with Charlie for a mysterious reason.

ep 186: Episode 4956

Angelo reveals to Charlie the real reason behind his return to Summer Bay. Nicole and Liam's fling becomes more than a one night stand. Xavier asks Geoff to stay away from Ruby.

ep 185: Episode 4955

Tony tries to get Rachel to see she has a problem. Miles and Kirsty still don't know what to do about their future. Things heat up for Nicole and Liam.

ep 184: Episode 4954

Annie finds herself dreaming about Romeo. Charlie uncovers the truth about Angelo. Rachel struggles with motherhood.

ep 183: Episode 4953

Xavier struggles with Gina becoming the new Principal. Charlie is distressed about Angelo but Ruby comes up with a plan to help her.

ep 182: Episode 4952

Gina prepares for her job interview. Hugo and John Palmer clash over the schooner plans. Nicole is unexpectedly charmed by Liam.

ep 181: Episode 4951

Hugo and Martha battle with Palmer. Hugo receives more hate mail over his proposal. Miles and Kirsty reach an impasse over marriage. Romeo continues to pursue Annie.

ep 180: Episode 4950

Robertson believes he might have cracked Grant's murder case. Baby Harry and his parents aren't sleeping and try a geographical cure. Fate sees to it that Romeo and Annie keep getting thrown together.

ep 179: Episode 4949

Robertson drives a wedge between Charlie and Angelo. Leah's asked out on a date. Life's becoming complicated for Annie, Jai and Romeo.

ep 178: Episode 4948

Miles reveals that Kirsty's pregnant. Against her better judgment, Nicole agrees to meet with Liam. Tony tries to fill the void in Gina's life, now that she won't be looking after Brendan.

ep 177: Episode 4947

A death threat hangs over Hugo. Xavier has a bad day and ends up in hospital. Its a roller coaster of a day for Gina.

ep 176: Episode 4946

Gina's not happy to learn of Brendan and Ruby's budding friendship. Are Aden and Geoff slowly becoming mates? Xavier and Ruby's relationship is at a crossroads.

ep 175: Episode 4945

Hugo and Martha meet Brendan's girlfriend. Palmer's battle against Hugo goes up a notch. Miles is not happy to discover Liam has moved to Summer Bay. Romeo helps Jai get his confidence back.

ep 174: Episode 4944

Liam gets a hostile reception when he returns to the Bay. Charlie becomes convinced Robertson has it in for her. Robertson strikes sparks with Leah.

ep 173: Episode 4943

Summer Bay deals with the shock of Grant's murder. A new detective makes waves when he arrives in town. Aden starts to suspect Geoff has feelings for Ruby.

ep 172: Episode 4942

Nicole finds out the whole town know about her and Sid. Ruby is terrified to find Grant back in town. Alf makes a grisly discovery.

ep 171: Episode 4941

Miles confronts Sid about Nicole. Charlie tells Morag and Angelo about what happened with Grant. Ruby moves back in with Irene.

ep 170: Episode 4940

Romeo settles into the Bay. Tony's understanding about Rachel and Andy reaches breaking point. Nicole goes to extreme lengths to get to Sid.

ep 169: Episode 4939

Romeo Smith arrives in Summer Bay, Geoff struggles to work alongside Aden on the trawler and Tony's trying to make more time to spend with Rachel and Harry.

ep 168: Episode 4938

Geoff wants Aden to come and work on the trawler with him, Charlie kidnaps Grant and wants a confession.

ep 167: Episode 4937

Charlie meets another of Grant's victims, as Ruby questions whether she believes one or the other. Hugo clashes with John Palmer over his new attraction.

ep 166: Episode 4936

Hugo plans a new dive attraction, Nicole pursues Sid and Charlie looks for evidence against Grant.

ep 165: Episode 4935

Geoff makes a huge decision, Xavier and Ruby may think their in a better place, but not for too long. Charlie decides Grant has to pay.

ep 164: Episode 4934

Annie tells Jai how things are going to be, Brendan is full of surprises and Aden takes a huge leap forwards.

ep 163: Episode 4933

Annie ends up losing another boyfriend, Indi's injuries are worse then she thought and Grant comes between Ruby and Charlie.

ep 162: Episode 4932

Charlie confronts her worst nightmare, Indi has a serious accident and Ruby goes undercover.

ep 161: Episode 4931

Jai throws Annie and Dexter's relationship into turmoil, Kirsty and Mile's clash over Kirsty's pregnancy and Nicole kisses Sid.

ep 160: Episode 4930

Jai finds out about Annie and Dexter, Kirsty tells Miles that shes's pregnant and the relationship between Tony and Rachel breaks down.

ep 159: Episode 4929

Gina receives a visit from a mysterious man, Kirsty's keeping a secret from Miles and when Angelo tries to trap Hugo, it ends up in disaster.

ep 158: Episode 4928

Angelo reveals his true intended target, Brendan's thrown a 21st by Hugo & Martha and Xavier thinks that Geoff is who Ruby is attracted to, not him.

ep 157: Episode 4927

Aden gets a new housemate, Nicole's feelings for Sid grow and Ruby tries to make contact with her father.

ep 156: Episode 4926

Ruby and Geoff return home. Ross comes to a decision about his future. Nicole continues to feel attracted to Sid.

ep 155: Episode 4925

Ross faces a harsh reality. Ruby deals with Charlie and Xavier. Annie and Dexter finally get on the same page.

ep 154: Episode 4924

Miles and Kirsty reach an understanding. Ross tries to find out why Charlie is withdrawing from him. Ruby looks for answers from Aunty Michelle.

ep 153: Episode 4923

Miles is picking up the slack from Kirsty being at Uni. Nicole and Indigo continue fighting. Aden sinks to a new low after Belles death.

ep 152: Episode 4922

Rachel and Tony continue to search for baby Harry. Hugo saves Aden from being arrested. Nicole and Indigos concern for Aden grows.

ep 151: Episode 4921

Rachel and Tony struggle with baby Harry's disappearance. Hugo is arrested by Angelo. Aden agrees to work on the illegal abalone racket.

ep 150: Episode 4920

Baby Harry goes missing on Marthas watch. Hugo has a very fishy problem to solve. Geoff and Ruby leave town together.

ep 149: Episode 4919

Ruby makes a momentous decision and leaves home. Tony confronts Rex and is surprised by the outcome. Angelo gets a tip off.

ep 148: Episode 4918

As Aden struggles to cope, Nicole is surprised when Sid helps her out. And Ruby is deeply shocked by Charlie's secret.

ep 147: Episode 4917

Its a sad day in Summer Bay as Belles final farewells are revealed, but a gift to Nicole upsets Aden.

ep 146: Episode 4916

Aden is trying to be strong, but hes alarmed at how fast Belle's condition appears to be deteriorating. Amanda tries to take control, but it is all too late?

ep 145: Episode 4915

Belle reveals she has even less time than we thought. Angelo calls off the investigation of Hugo - or does he? Miles tries to reach out to Kirsty.

ep 144: Episode 4914

Kristy's first day at university ends in a big fight with Miles. Charlie reveals further secrets to Angelo. Rachel is threatened by Jane.

ep 143: Episode 4913

Tony starts to worry about Rachel's mental health. Hugo and Martha's relationship continues to develop. Charlie's deep secret is revealed.

ep 142: Episode 4912

Angelo breaks up with Charlie. Nicole keeps self-destructing. And Ruby and Xavier get busted.

ep 141: Episode 4911

Aden and Belle arrive home to break the news about her illness. And Indi and Dex are making waves in Summer Bay.

ep 140: Episode 4910

Kirsty doubts her ability to be a schoolteacher. Dexter and Indigo try and make friends in the Bay. And Nicole is having trouble dealing with Belles secret.

ep 139: Episode 4909

As Rachel faces her malpractice suit, a new family arrive in town, but the kids are not pleased about their move from the city to Summer Bay.

ep 138: Episode 4908

Charlie's world is beginning to fall apart. Rachel struggles with pressure of motherhood. Martha defends her relationship with Hugo.

ep 137: Episode 4907

After the truth comes out, Aden struggles to decide whether he can marry Belle. Meanwhile, Charlie is unable to tell Morag and Ross about her relationship with Angelo.

ep 136: Episode 4906

Belle tries to hold her lie together until after the wedding. But can Nicole keep Belles secret from Aden?

ep 135: Episode 4905

Rachel has an emergency, but where is Tony? Aden makes a strange request of Nicole. And Belle reveals a secret that will change peoples lives forever.

ep 134: Episode 4904

As the preparation for Belle's hens night are underway, Belle receives some unexpected news. Meanwhile, the boys railroad Aden into having a bucks night out.

ep 133: Episode 4903

As Hugo's life hangs in the balance, Trey is at large and Charlie calls in reinforcements from the city to try to help find him.

ep 132: Episode 4902

The bus continues its horror drive to its seemingly inevitable demise. Back in the bay, Charlie and Angelo learn of the bomb on the bus and Trey goes on the run.

ep 131: Episode 4901

As the bus jam packed with kids seems doomed, Trey turns up unexpectedly in Summer Bay. Meanwhile, the rescue team finally locate Jai, but he is seriously injured.

ep 130: Episode 4900

Martha is saddened by Colleen's reaction to her and Hugo. The desperate search begins for Jai and Annie. Trey prepares to unleash his explosive revenge.

ep 129: Episode 4899

Martha and Hugo's relationship comes up against some unexpected opposition. Miles finds out Kirsty has been lying to him. Jai and Annie get lost on the trek, and what is Trey planning?

ep 128: Episode 4898

Kirsty seems to have doubts about having a baby with Miles. Charlie is reluctant to commit to Angelo. Angelo's pursuit of Hugo heats up.

ep 127: Episode 4897

Belle can't bring herself to tell Aden that she's dying. Angelo breaks up with May. A tragic incident acts as a wakeup call for Rachel, whilst a mystery patient causes Angelo to be suspicious of Hugo.

ep 126: Episode 4896

Aden accepts Belle's marriage proposal, but what secret is she hiding? Meanwhile, Irene decides to wind up the fishing business.

ep 125: Episode 4895

Aden finds out how serious Clint is, and ends up in hospital. Kirsty continues to hide her feelings from Miles. Nicole reconsiders Trey going on the trek.

ep 124: Episode 4894

Aden struggles over Clint's demand to throw the match. Geoff's attitude to Claudia changes after seeing how Lachie treats her. Trey's step father tries to get Trey back on the trek.

ep 123: Episode 4893

Jai and Xavier try to cover their tracks. Martha and Hugo confront their feelings for each other. Geoff discovers Lachie is taking out his frustration on Claudia.

ep 122: Episode 4892

Jai and Xavier's foolishness has dire consequences. Martha struggles with her feelings for Hugo. Angelo and Charlie finally get to the bottom of their complicated relationship.

ep 121: Episode 4891

Xavier and Jai make a dangerous discovery on the farm. Irene discovers the business is in serious trouble. Angelo investigates an abalone racket, with Hugo becoming the prime suspect.

ep 120: Episode 4890

Tensions between Xavier, Hugo and Angelo reach breaking point. A soft porn magazine disrupts an entire family. Is Kirsty serious about having a baby with Miles?

ep 119: Episode 4889

Geoff throws Claudia out after her shocking admission. Rachel hosts a baby shower. Kirsty has an important decision to make.

ep 118: Episode 4888

While Lachie wrestles with the possibility of being paralysed, Claudia stuns Geoff. Trey's public apology to Nicole is sabotaged. Belle makes a mysterious visit to hospital.

ep 117: Episode 4887

Ruby discovers that Charlie slept with Angelo, again! Aden finds out what Clint wants him to do to get the ring back. Lachie's threat to put Geoff in hospital backfires.

ep 116: Episode 4886

Ruby is ready to take the next step in her relationship with Xavier. Jai gets tipsy at the party and his loose lips sees Annie break up with him. Charlie pays Angelo a late night visit.

ep 115: Episode 4885

Aden resorts to desperate measures. Tony gives his blessing to Hugo and Martha. Ruby tells Charlie about her plans to sleep with Xavier.

ep 114: Episode 4884

Kirsty is annoyed at Miles telling people they are thinking of having a baby. Claudia seems to be having doubts about her and Geoff. Hugo and Martha can't fight their attraction to one another.

ep 113: Episode 4883

Charlie is jealous of Angelo's relationship with May. Trey tries to apologise to Nicole. Lachie comes between Geoff and Claudia as he makes a shocking claim.

ep 112: Episode 4882

Nicole finds out about the sex tape. Aden's in trouble when he finds himself unemployed. The mystery of Lou's murder is solved.

ep 111: Episode 4881

Jai tells Xavier about the sex tape. Aden decides to propose to Belle. Irene starts to think Donna may have had a hand in Lou's death.

ep 110: Episode 4880

Geoff struggles with the onset of fatherhood. Irene discovers who was setting her up. Jai is shocked to discover a sex tape of Nicole.

ep 109: Episode 4879

With Ruby and Xavier preparing to take their relationship to the next level, Annie is feeling awkward around Jai. Donna causes Irene to miss Lou's funeral. Trey sinks to a new low to prove himself.

ep 108: Episode 4878

Martha tries desperately to put a stop to her affair with Hugo. A defiant Nicole allows Trey to spend the night in her bed. Annie is shocked to discover her kissing scenes in Jai's short film.

ep 107: Episode 4877

As doctors struggle to save Rachel's baby, Tony holds Angelo's life in his hands - will Rachel ever be able to forgive him? Martha and Hugo give in to temptation.

ep 106: Episode 4876

Rachel is taken to emergency as the life of her child is threatened. What is Tony's plan with Angelo? Due to her growing feelings, Martha continues pushing Hugo away and out of her life.

ep 105: Episode 4875

Nicole struggles with life after Roman, and moves in with Miles. Kirsty and Jai hate the thought of Trey hanging around the house. Tony's burgeoning friendship with Angelo shocks Martha.

ep 104: Episode 4874

Roman reveals all and says his good-byes. Irene has to make a decision about her drinking. Rachel is beginning to doubt Tony's commitment to their baby.

ep 103: Episode 4873

Roman is shot and Xavier's life is threatened. Charlie closes in on Gardy. Annie and Irene's relationship is deeply fractured.

ep 102: Episode 4872

Annie is shocked by what Irene does when she's released from prison. Charlie mounts a search to find Roman before Gardy hurts or kills him. Roman and Gardy face off in a final showdown.

ep 101: Episode 4871

Miles' family is threatened, and Roman's life is in danger, when Gardy realises he's been doublecrossed. Nicole and Trey take their relationship to a new level.

ep 100: Episode 4870

Ruby and Xavier figure out the truth about Hugo and Martha. Geoff comes back and delivers Claudia an ultimatum. Tony may have a secret agenda with Angelo. Roman confesses to Miles about Gardy - and puts Miles in danger.

ep 99: Episode 4869

Hugo returns and Martha has to deal with her feelings for him. Angelo discovers a clue which could help Irene. Aden admits he still has feelings for Belle.

ep 98: Episode 4868

Tony starts being friendly with Angelo, to everyone's surprise. The old attraction between Aden and Belle re-emerges. Ruby starts to think Martha might have the hots for Hugo.

ep 97: Episode 4867

Roman rescues Nicole and Trey from Gardy. Claudia considers terminating the baby. Irene admits to Belle she's been drinking again.

ep 96: Episode 4866

Gardy's dangerous side becomes more apparent. Nicole and Trey's relationship heats up - but with unexpected consequences. Geoff and Claudia tell Annie about the baby.

ep 95: Episode 4865

Belle finds comfort in Aden's arms. Claudia takes a pregnancy test - with positive results. Roman is forced to choose a mate over his own daughter.

ep 94: Episode 4864

Irene protests her innocence after learning Lou was shot. Rachel worries that Tony is being consumed by his hatred for Angelo. Liam takes up drugs again with life threatening consequences for Aden.

ep 93: Episode 4863

Aden questions Liam's trustworthiness. Irene is going off the rails fast. The mystery of what happened to Lou is revealed.

ep 92: Episode 4862

Roman is trapped in the nightmare that is Gardy. Trey reveals his vulnerability. Someone is supplying Irene with alcohol - but who? Miles is left stranded in shark-infested waters.

ep 91: Episode 4861

Hugo runs from his feelings for Martha. To save the Bay, Alf, Miles and Hugo embark on a shark hunt. Gardy returns to the Bay with devastating results for Roman.

ep 90: Episode 4860

Hugo makes a startling admission to Martha. Claudia has news that will change Geoff's life. Liam pulls off a sting that wins over Belle.

ep 89: Episode 4859

Is Irene strong enough to resist temptation? Angelo's vendetta against Hugo escalates. Martha struggles to deal with her hatred of Angelo.

ep 88: Episode 4858

Irene is tempted to continue drinking in prison. Angelo threatens Hugo's livelihood. Charlie is forced to take sides.

ep 87: Episode 4857

Roman's nightmare ends, but is Nicole's just beginning? Jai realises Trey's secret is why he's been so horrible to Nicole. Liam thinks he and Belle would make a great couple.

ep 86: Episode 4856

Roman is forced into dangerous exploits to help him see again. Belle is in turmoil when Liam wants to start a relationship. Gardy hits on Nicole, while Trey is avoiding her.

ep 85: Episode 4855

Irene is accused of Lou's murder. Roman starts to fall under Gardy's spell. Hugo avoids getting close to Martha.

ep 84: Episode 4854

Hugo finds out John Palmer started the shark rumour, leading to a massive brawl. Trey freaks out when Ruby sees him topless. Roman wants to confess his crimes but Gardy persuades him not to.

ep 83: Episode 4853

An old friend of Roman's reveals a dark secret from Roman's past. Doubts are raised about Hugo's shark story. Nicole's attraction towards Trey increases.

ep 82: Episode 4852

Charlie helps Tony deal with his anger over Angelo. Angelo's treatment of Irene and Belle causes him suffer hostility from the town. Aden tries to distract himself from Belle by playing football.

ep 81: Episode 4851

Aden can't help being jealous of Liam. Rachel is shocked by the results of Irene's blood tests. Angelo charges both Irene and Belle with assault.

ep 80: Episode 4850

Roman takes the first step in dealing with his trauma. Belle gets out of rehab and returns to the Bay. Angelo rescues a missing boat and makes a shocking discovery.

ep 79: Episode 4849

Martha finds the strength to confront Angelo. Roman is plagued by nightmares and dreams. Hugo fabricates a shark attack story - but why?

ep 78: Episode 4848

Angelo's return to the Bay is met with hostility - Martha is gutted to learn the killer of her husband is back. Xavier worries about the safety of his brother.

ep 77: Episode 4847

Shark attack rumours hit the Bay. Hugo grows uneasy as he realises how much Martha depends on him. Is there romance brewing for Nicole and Trey?

ep 76: Episode 4846

After a visit from Aden, Belle finds the courage to leave rehab. Geoff comes to a decision about his relationship with Claudia. Miles and VJ make a gruesome discovery.

ep 75: Episode 4845

Brendan gets covered in blood, but did it happen by accident or was it on purpose? Kirsty doesn't want to deal with a proposal and a divorce on the same day. Someone is spying on Martha.

ep 74: Episode 4844

Hugo and Brendan's relationship deteriorates, and Brendan is injured. Aden makes a decision about his future with Nicole. Miles makes an effort to get Roman to face facts.

ep 73: Episode 4843

Belle's photos of Liam make their way into the morning paper. Aden becomes homeless. Charlie finally finds someone she can confide in about Joey.

ep 72: Episode 4842

Will Belle fall to temptation and sell her photos of Liam? The fallout from the van fire has everyone talking about Geoff and Claudia. Charlie struggles to get Joey to stay in the Bay.

ep 71: Episode 4841

Joey refuses to forgive Charlie for sleeping with Hugo. Geoff and Claudia's liason almost costs them their lives. Jai fights Trey and finds he's playing with fire.

ep 70: Episode 4840

Geoff sleeps with Claudia. During their fight, Jai and Trey start a fire at the caravan park. Joey discovers Charlie was unfaithful.

ep 69: Episode 4839

Who is Claudia's mystery man? Jai and Trey both agree to a fight. Thanks to Liam, Belle opens up in rehab.

ep 68: Episode 4838

Aden and Nicole struggle with their guilt. Leah discovers that Roman wants to stay single. Belle misses Aden.

ep 67: Episode 4837

Nicole and Aden have sex. Charlie and Hugo's secret is out there. Roman is struggling to look after himself.

ep 66: Episode 4836

Charlie isn't sure about the 'gay' label. Hugo is having trouble opening up to Martha. Charlie kisses Hugo.

ep 65: Episode 4835

Aden breaks up with Belle. Trey drops his accusations against Miles and Kirsty. Pippa helps the Beach House teens reconcile their differences.

ep 64: Episode 4834

Ruby discovers Charlie and Joey's relationship. Miles prepares for his Investigation interview. Pippa's back in the Bay.

ep 63: Episode 4833

Charlie and Joey admit they are in love with each other. Roman ends his relationship with Leah. Xavier confesses to keeping the accident a secret.

ep 62: Episode 4832

Will Belle survive? Hugo learns that Brendan caused the accident. Roman wakes up from his coma and is blind.

ep 61: Episode 4831

Aden finds pills in Belle's purse. Tragedy strikes at Rachel and Tony's wedding. Gina uncovers Xavier and Brendan's secret.

ep 60: Episode 4830

After recent events, Rachel has doubts about the wedding. Geoff is furious when he finds out about Belle. Nicole feels jealous of the new girl on the farm.

ep 59: Episode 4829

Kirsty's problems are multiplying as Miles is faced with assault charges. Belle collapses at the Diner. Annie finds out a shocking secret.

ep 58: Episode 4828

Charlie tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the accident. Kirsty is forced to admit she was with Trey after he's injured. The reality of what has happened hits Xavier hard.

ep 57: Episode 4827

Rachel reveals that Roman could have brain damage. Xavier protects Brendan from being busted. Charlie tells Joey she can't act on her feelings for her.

ep 56: Episode 4826

Brendan runs away whilst in Martha's care. Leah and Roman are involved in a car accident. Belle struggles with her drug withdrawals.

ep 55: Episode 4825

Irene accepts Lou's offer. VJ reacts badly to Leah's new relationship. Kirsty worries about Trey.

ep 54: Episode 4824

Aden struggles with Belle's admission, is their relationship over? Lou has a proposition for Irene. Geoff becomes obsessed with Martha's farm.

ep 53: Episode 4823

Charlie is confused after her kiss with Joey. Belle uses Aden's gift as collateral. Who is Leah hiding in her bedroom?

ep 52: Episode 4822

Charlie saves Joey from a terrifying fate. Kirsty confronts Trey over his accusations. Tensions rise between Hugo and Xavier over Brendan.

ep 51: Episode 4821

Miles and Kirsty reconcile. Charlie is confused by Joey's actions. Trey lies to his parents about his relationship with Kirsty.

ep 50: Episode 4820

Charlie is confused about her feelings for Joey. Kirsty decides to stop tutoring Trey. Things heat up for Leah and Roman.

ep 49: Episode 4819

Miles tells Kirsty about Treys true feelings. Xavier continues to hide his brother from Ruby. Charlie is surprised at her reaction to Joey and Hugo talking.

ep 48: Episode 4818

Brendan has decided to stay in Summer Bay while Gina recovers. Leah is happy that Romans friendship with VJ is growing. Trey sees Kirsty as more than just a tutor.

ep 47: Episode 4817

Irene is undecided about Lou. Belle lies to Aden and tells him she quit. Is this really the end for Geoff and Nicole?

ep 46: Episode 4816

Irene makes a shocking discovery about Lou. Martha reveals that she has bought Annie and Geoff's old farm. After Belle's unprofessional performance at work, she is fired.

ep 45: Episode 4815

Belle starts doctor shopping for pills. Irene finally comes clean to Lou about her past. Joey discovers the root of VJ's bad behaviour.

ep 44: Episode 4814

Belle pops pills as she uncovers an affair. Tony proposes to Rachel. An investigation into her attack leads Joey to make a disastrous admission to her brother.

ep 43: Episode 4813

History repeats itself as Geoff and Nicole find themselves stranded on the island. Trey causes tensions to rise between Kirsty and Miles. Leah goes on a date.

ep 42: Episode 4812

Geoff and Nicole run into a strange man on their romantic getaway. Why is Trey taking an interest in Kirsty? Jack's life insurance causes upset.

ep 41: Episode 4811

Martha believes fate is telling her to be with Jack. Geoff accuses Nicole of flirting with someone else. Xavier tries to hide the reality of his brother Brendan from Ruby.

ep 40: Episode 4810

Charlie tries to persuade Joey to press charges. Irene and Lou go on a date. Devastating news causes Martha to put herself in danger.

ep 39: Episode 4809

Aden discovers Joey's secret. Tony is working through his grief, but is Martha?

ep 38: Episode 4808

Miles and Kirsty's relationship gets worse, whilst Leah and Roman's friendship deepens. Trey causes problems for Geoff and Nicole. Martha struggles to say goodbye to Jack.

ep 37: Episode 4807

Xavier gets busted for his accident and Hugo is annoyed. Friends attempt to reconcile Kirsty & Miles.

ep 36: Episode 4806

Aden & Belle are frustrated that Joey won't go to the police. Lou asks Irene out on a date. Xavier's foolishness causes an accident.

ep 35: Episode 4805

Nicole stumbles upon Belle's secret. And Joey feels the post-trauma effects of her attack.

ep 34: Episode 4804

Miles is reeling from the shock of Kane turning up on his doorstep. The seeds of romance are sown at the speed dating event. Belle is tempted to fall back into her addiction.

ep 33: Episode 4803

Xavier enlists some help to try and win Ruby back. Colleen is doing her bit for the singles of Summer Bay. Kane is furious when he thinks Kirsty has returned to Miles.

ep 32: Episode 4802

Rachel confronts Tony about who he is secretly meeting. Aden is suspicious when Joey suddenly quits her job. Charlie's new found hope for romance doesn't last long.

ep 31: Episode 4801

Aden unknowingly leaves Joey in a dangerous situation. Rachel's worst fears about Tony are realised. Belle has a wake-up call.

ep 30: Episode 4800

Rachel's fears of Tony's betrayal deepen. Aden's oblivious to Belle's problem as he tries to solve Joeys.

ep 29: Episode 4799

Its the anniversary of Dans death and an emotional day for Leah. Rachel fears the worst over Tonys continued distance.

ep 28: Episode 4798

Leah takes urgent steps to reunite Theo and Helen. Melody learns more about her grandmother.

ep 27: Episode 4797

Ruby proves Xavier can depend on her, as Freya leaves him and Summer Bay for good.

ep 26: Episode 4796

Ruby opens a whole can of worms trying to protect Xavier. Belle covers her tracks and exposes Freya.

ep 25: Episode 4795

Melody makes a decision about her future. Aden's good intentions anger Joey. Freya profits from Belle's downward spiral.

ep 24: Episode 4794

Melody has a surprise encounter with her mother. Aden is faced with a moral dilemma. And an unexpected gift helps Martha.

ep 23: Episode 4793

Leah's plans for her parents have an unexpected consequence. Roman feels hes lost Martha's friendship for good. Hugo gives Alf a business proposal.

ep 22: Episode 4792

Its the day of Leah's party and she receives some unexpected news. Meanwhile, Nicole feels the aftermath of her behaviour with Freya.

ep 21: Episode 4791

Freya stops at nothing for Xavier's attention. Xavier's hot list lands him in hot water. Will Leahs birthday turn into a big greek 30th?

ep 20: Episode 4790

Will Roman's confession ruin his friendship with Martha? Rachel is concerned for Tony. And its an eventful first day for Belle... and for Aden.

ep 19: Episode 4789

Xavier succumbs to Freya's games. Hugo drops a bombshell on Martha. And Nicole's dinner party ends in disaster.

ep 18: Episode 4788

Xavier's ex arrives to reclaim her man. Can Ruby compete with worldly temptress Freya? Hugo's attempts to end Xavier and Freya fail.

ep 17: Episode 4787

A new friend helps Melody find her way as Miles continues his desperate search. Is Ruby and Xaviers secret relationship about to receive a blow?

ep 16: Episode 4786

Will Melody survive the city streets? Miles revisits his past and resolves to find Melody no matter what.

ep 15: Episode 4785

Against Charlies wishes, Ruby and Xavier officially become a couple. Meanwhile, Charlie and Miles are hot on Melody's heels.

ep 14: Episode 4784

Ruby's wild side gets Xavier in trouble. Has Miles really uncovered the truth behind Melodys behaviour?

ep 13: Episode 4783

Can Martha and Tony get the closure they crave? Belle closes a chapter on the cancer cluster. Charlies suffers an emotional onslaught when she must charge a friend.

ep 12: Episode 4782

Alf is left broken hearted. Meanwhile, Nicole and Aden are at loggerheads.

ep 11: Episode 4781

A desperate police chase ends in tragedy. Meanwhile, Alf learns the truth about Bridget.

ep 10: Episode 4780

Miles clashes with Melody. Aden's job plans are jeopardised by Nicole. Brian's desperate for his cut of the money.

ep 9: Episode 4779

Aden's surprise by a university offer. Miles sacrifices his happiness for Kirsty.

ep 8: Episode 4778

Xavier and Hugo decide to move to Summer Bay.

ep 7: Episode 4777

Tony finally uncovers the truth. Charlie puts her second plan into motion.

ep 6: Episode 4776

Xavier is back in the Bay and up to his old tricks. Martha finds out what happened on the night of the school formal.

ep 5: Episode 4775

Aden puts his future aside to look after Belle. Charlie has suspicions about Angelo.

ep 4: Episode 4774

Melody faces consequences of her actions. Is Rachel making a deal with the devil?

ep 3: Episode 4773

As the events of the school formal night are pieced together, Melody is pressured to admit the terrible truth.

ep 2: Episode 4772

Summer Bay struggles with the aftermath of the formal disaster.

ep 1: Episode 4771

As fire engulfs the school hall, survivors battle to free those trapped inside. Will Kane survive? Tony makes a horrifying discovery.

Season 21.

ep 210: Episode 4770

ep 209: Episode 4769

ep 208: Episode 4768

ep 207: Episode 4767

ep 206: Episode 4766

ep 205: Episode 4765

ep 204: Episode 4764

ep 203: Episode 4763

ep 202: Episode 4762

ep 201: Episode 4761

ep 200: Episode 4760

ep 199: Episode 4759

ep 198: Episode 4758

ep 197: Episode 4757

ep 196: Episode 4756

ep 195: Episode 4755

ep 194: Episode 4754

ep 193: Episode 4753

ep 192: Episode 4752

ep 191: Episode 4751

ep 190: Episode 4750

ep 189: Episode 4749

ep 188: Episode 4748

ep 187: Episode 4747

ep 186: Episode 4746

ep 185: Episode 4745

ep 184: Episode 4744

ep 183: Episode 4743

ep 182: Episode 4742

ep 181: Episode 4741

ep 180: Episode 4740

ep 179: Episode 4739

ep 178: Episode 4738

ep 177: Episode 4737

ep 176: Episode 4736

ep 175: Episode 4735

ep 174: Episode 4734

ep 173: Episode 4733

ep 172: Episode 4732

Melody finally has a breakthrough with her mother. Then, how far is Kirsty willing to go to get her husband out of jail? Meanwhile, are Aden and Belle kidding themselves?

ep 171: Episode 4731

ep 170: Episode 4730

ep 169: Episode 4729

ep 168: Episode 4728

ep 167: Episode 4727

ep 166: Episode 4726

ep 165: Episode 4725