Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II

Explore the world’s jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands and cities to discover the remarkable ways animals meet the challenge of living in the wildest places on Earth.

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Season 1.
Planet Earth II - S1

ep 7:

ep 6: Cities

ep 5: Grasslands

ep 4: Mountains

ep 3: Deserts

ep 2: Jungles

ep 1: Islands

Season 0.
Planet Earth II - S0

ep 9: Diaries:--

ep 8: Diaries: Jungles

ep 7: Diaries: Mountains

ep 6: Diaries: Cities

ep 5: Diaries: Grasslands

ep 4: Diaries Episode 4

ep 3: Playlists: Part 3: Canyonlands

A selection of acoustic music chosen by Radio 1's Huw Stephens, set to Planet Earth II aerial footage of the canyonlands of Utah.

ep 2: Playlists: Part 2: Jungles

A selection of new and classic reggae and dub, chosen by 1Xtra's David Rodigan, set to Planet Earth II footage of the jungles of Costa Rica and Australia.

ep 1: Playlsts: Part 1 The Mix

A selection of new electronic music, chosen by Radio 1's Benji B, set to Planet Earth II aerial and drone footage from across the series.