French political thriller delving deep into the heart of a tension-filled campaign as two spin doctors, formerly allies, are pitted against each other for the first time preparing for a snap election.

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Season 3.

ep 6:

ep 5:

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ep 1:

Season 2.
Spin - S2

ep 6: The Exercise of Power

Juliet, daughter of Simon and Apolline Kapita Vremler, was arrested by anti-terrorism. Robert Palissy does not release to pressure Apolline and prevent it from leaving his article. Benedict Hussan retrieves the accident record before ending his own life, leaving his friend Alain Marjorie into disarray. But he must decide the fate of Bakian.

ep 5: Blackmail

Bakian is closely monitored by the DGSE for high treason against France. To get by, he blackmails Gabrielle Tackichieff with an old personal matter that could hit the government. Ludovic Desmeuze sing with Kapita the record of the car crash of the First Lady: he wants Kapita left France and recover the communication of the Elysee. Apolline Vremler warns Simon Kapita it will release an explosive article about negotiating with terrorists government and the role of Bakian.

ep 4: The Spoon of the Devil

Bakian hand to Libya to negotiate with terrorists, they want several million and the release of one of their leaders. The journalist Vremler Apollonia is also in Libya when a stranger makes contact with it. Alain Marjorie plans to accede to the request of the terrorists, he then asks the advice of his friend Benedict Hussan. It tells him as to all other to beware of Bakian. Simon learns that Gabrielle Kapita Tackichieff Bakian knows better than she had let suppose.

ep 3: Hostages

The president hardly recovering from a malaise that was in a coma for several days. The Elysee keep confidential his state from the beginning, landscaping his schedule. But an unforeseen event risk everything to undermine: a terrorist group kidnaps French citizens in Algeria. Bakian, businessman presented by Philippe Deleuvre Ludovic Desmeuze, offers its services to Gabrielle Tackichieff to serve as negotiator with terrorists. Benoit Hussan prevents Desmeuze Bakian that is dangerous.

ep 2: The War of Nerves

A censure motion is filed by right-wing opposition. The center, including its leader Robert Palissy, then woo sees both sides: by Philippe Deleuvre to support his motion, and Marjorie Alain, trying to save his government. Ludovic Desmeuze meeting Sarfati Rose, wife of Benedict Hussan, to try to get information about Marjorie.

ep 1: The Accident

Marjorie Alain has been president for a year, Anne Simon Kapita Face and withdrew from politics. Marjorie is facing a political scandal that forced him to demand the resignation of his friend Benedict Hussan, Minister of the Interior. But it knows the unstable nature of the First Lady and choked several cases concerning which an accident that claimed the lives of Amaury Desplantes, her publisher and lover. Marjorie called on Simon Kapita, back to Paris, to get out of this impasse, political and personal. Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Philippe Deleuvre recontacted Ludovic Desmeuze to find a way to bring down the government.

Season 1.
Spin - S1

ep 6: Betrayals

The discovery of the bugged hotel room puts Anne's whole campaign in jeopardy. Blackmail, betrayal, last-minute alliances... nothing holds the spin doctors and politicians back in the race for office.

ep 5: The Rally

To have any chance of winning the election, Anne now needs her enemy to back her, but the price of his support may just be too high. Kapita confronts Valentine about her relationship with Desmeuze.

ep 4: The Witness

With the first round of the elections looming, Simon Kapita's wife prepares to reveal the truth about the attack on the president.

ep 3: Aiming for the Centre

News of Anne Visage's affair with the late president goes public, creating a scandal that puts her candidacy in doubt

ep 2: The Candidate

The funeral of the president is scarcely over when the campaign for an early presidential election starts and the potential candidates have to declare themselves. Simon Kapita, still reeling from the betrayal by his former ally Ludovic Desmeuze, sets out to find a candidate who can beat his sworn enemy – Prime Minister Philippe Deleuvre. He locates the perfect contender in the president’s former lover, Anne Visage.

ep 1: The Attack

The French president falls victim to a suicide bomber and is taken to hospital in a critical condition. An investigation ordered by the prime minister gets under way while Simon Kapita, a former communications adviser to the president, returns from the USA to his friend and mentor’s bedside. However, political manoeuvrings soon begin, in readiness for a snap election, Kapita finds himself being courted by his sworn enemy – the prime minister.